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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Greek PM Papandeon 'ready to drop' bailout referendum - with video ~ link ~ Which makes me wonder all the more what really happened a couple of days ago when he announced the referendum and fired all the top military commanders.   Was the bailout referendum a promise to the commanders as he was letting them go, to prevent them from revolting while they were still in office?  Was the referendum also a smoke screen for the real event, the removal of the top officers to prevent a military coup?  Are the global banksters worried that such a coup could be followed across Europe, placing their fortunes, power, and very lives on the line???   Stirling     
Calls for Berlusconi to step down as Italy worries grow ~ link ~ The created European crisis widens.  The globalists intend to create mass crisis and panic in order to get the people of the World to not only accept their New World Order, but to demand it!  Stirling

Six former allies of Silvio Berlusconi in the Italian parliament have urged him to quit after his government failed to agree urgent economic reforms. The rebel MPs wrote an open letter calling for a "new political phase and a new government" to enact reforms agreed with Italy's eurozone partners.

Forget Greece, the basket case: Italy's goose is getting cooked ~ link ~ Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has failed to issue growth measures demanded by the EU ahead of the Group-20 summit. Can Italy’s regime pass economic reforms which can restore investor confidence? Don’t bet on it.

The acronym PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain) seems to have a tinge of prophecy around it, finally. While you have Greece coming out of your ears now, and almost every writer or blogger predicting that Athens will spell the end of the euro-zone as we know it, Italy is now playing spoil-sport. Will Greece and Italy now deal a double-whammy to the great United Currency Concept of Europe?

Italy's 'shock therapy' as Eurozone manufacturing buckles ~ linkIt is unclear whether Mr Berlusconi’s coalition can hold together if he agrees to EU demands for sweeping pension and labour reform. Parliament has already passed a €55bn austerity package intended to balance the budget by 2013.

Northern League leader Umberto Bossi threatened to set off “revolution” if money is taken from pensioners to bail out Rome, a reminder his party began life calling for an independent state of “Padania” in the North. 

Drills, Drills, and More Drills on November 9th (11/9) ~ link ~ Also see: Massive Tsunami Drill Coincides with Continent Killer Asteroids Close Pass on November 9th ~ link ~ Interesting!  Stirling    

DHS Police State: Emergency Alert System Takeover November 9th at 2pm EST - with video ~ link 

Disgruntled Israeli Intelligence Chiefs Try To Stop Attack On Iran ~ link ~ This is what I said that I thought was happening.  They are desperate to stop the insanity of a War with Iran because they know that their nation, Israel, will end up totally destroyed from such a war, and they are right!  Take the time to read all of this article at the link.  Stirling    

The barrage of news concerning preparations for an attack on Iran came as a result of leaks made by disgruntled former Israeli intelligence chiefs who are trying to prevent the attack and remove Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office, according to reports.

The Kuwaiti al-Jarida newspaper reports today that Netanyahu has ordered Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen to conduct an urgent investigation into the leaks, fearful that the blaze of publicity surrounding plans for a military assault could derail the agenda to target Iranian nuclear facilities. “According to the report, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin are those responsible for leaking information to the media regarding an attack on Iran,” reports

Report: Netanyahu ordered Shin Bet to investigate leaks on Iran attack ~ link ~ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen to begin investigating the information recently leaked to the media regarding Israel's preparations for a military offensive against Iran's nuclear facilities, the Kuwaiti al-Jarida newspaper reported Thursday.

According to the report, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan and former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin are those responsible for leaking information to the media regarding an attack on Iran.

IDF holds drill simulating rocket attack on central Israel ~ link ~ Sirens sound throughout central Israel for 90 seconds; drill comes amid mounting speculation that Israeli leaders could be preparing attack on Iran.

Haaretz poll: 80% of Israelis believe Iran strike will lead to war with Hamas and Hezbollah ~ link ~ A large majority of Israeli citizens believe that a military operation in Iran will lead to a regional flare-up with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Hezbollah to the north of Israel in Lebanon, a Haaretz poll revealed Thursday.

According to a Haaretz-Dialog poll, 80% of respondents said they believed an attack on Iran will lead to war with Hamas and Hezbollah. 59% of respondents said they believe that it is highly likely that such a scenario will occur and 21% said that it is fairly likely that it will occur.  Meanwhile, 20% said that the probability of a war is unlikely or entirely improbable. 

US warns flotilla activists not to challenge Gaza blockade ~ link ~ The American Government is 'Israel's bitch'!  Sad!   Stirling     

Washington says US citizens who take part in efforts to deliver material support or other resources to Hamas could face civil, criminal penalties; IDF not expecting violence, but prepared for any scenario.


Iran says united and 'ready for war' with Israel  ~ link ~ Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Thursday responded to reports claiming Israel is planning a military attack against his country, stating Tehran  is "ready for war" with Israel.

We Are On The Edge Of WORLD WAR III - Lyndon LaRouch - with video ~ link ~ If you substitute the words, 'Global Banking Cartel', for the words 'British Empire', what LaRouche says makes sense.  Stirling   

A Warning by Lyndon LaRouche : We Are On the Edge of World War III – A speech by Lyndon LaRouche about the British Empire (Wallstreet and Lombardstreet) and a soon coming WW III! mixed with own Impressions. A serious charge against the banksters and their “evil Empire”! unfortunately this means that more than likely, humanity is about to learn once again some very harsh lessons that only suffering immensely illustrate. WW in this age will mean Billions die and suffer unimaginable horrors. On Saturday morning Lyndon LaRouche discussed the threat of a British-sponsored World War III, stating that the Middle East is the new Balkans; the trigger point has been carefully set up, and as the fuse is burning down on the financial resources to carry out that operation, the time for that operation to be launched, or defeated, is now.This is bad, bad stuff; I pray that cooler heads and that God prevail. As a 2nd front, like the invasion of Sicily which took Germany’s attention off of Kursk; Pakistan can easily cut the US supply lines and perform a pincer movement to cut-off 200K US troops up in that hellhole Afghanistan, a modern day Stalingrad, the grave of the German 6th Army, possibly the grave of the USA.


Chinese state media threatens Military Action in South China Sea ~ link ~ The Global Times, operating under the People's Daily, published an editorial on Oct. 25, saying that on the South China Sea disputes, China just cannot negotiate, but should “kill one to warn a hundred,” if necessary. It also warned those countries to be ready for “sounds of gun shots.”

In recent months, China and Vietnam have had conflicts over oil exploration in the South China Sea. Meanwhile, territorial conflict over a group of islets, islands, and reefs off the coast of Philippines, referred to as the Spratly Islands, has tensed up China’s relations with Philippines.

Major iceberg forming in Antarctica ~ link ~ A rift has formed in the shelf of floating ice in front of the Pine Island Glacier (PIG). The surface crack in the PIG runs for almost 30km (20 miles), is 60m (200ft) deep and is growing every day.

US space agency (Nasa) researchers expect the eventual berg to cover about 880 sq km - an area the size of Berlin. It should break away towards the end of the year or early in 2012. 

Anarchist Vandals taint Occupy Oakland General Strike ~ link ~ The march in support of a call for a general strike in opposition to “economic inequality” was nonviolent. Marchers “attempted to redirect and dissuade” around 60 or 50 so-called anarchists who were “black-garbed with kerchiefs covering their faces.”

The vandalism in Oakland follows an established pattern. On numerous occasions, police have used agents provocateurs to discredit and destroy political movements. In 2009, so-called anarchists attacked banks during the G20 summit in London.
Ireland to close Vatican Embassy following child abuse row ~ link ~ Ireland said Thursday it would close its embassy to the Vatican as part of a shake-up of its missions abroad following a row with the Holy See earlier this year over a child sex abuse scandal. "It is with the greatest regret and reluctance that the government has decided to close Ireland's (embassy) to the Holy See," said a statement from the foreign ministry.

Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore said the move was not connected to the row with the Vatican which was sparked by a July report into a long-running abuse scandal in the diocese of Cloyne, insisting it was aimed at saving money.

Abuse of painkillers reaches 'epidemic' levels in USA ~ link ~ Don't trust Big Pharma with your lives.  Stay away from all pharmaceuticals if at all possible.   Stirling      

Overdoses of pain relievers cause more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined, the report has found. It says sales and prescriptions of the drugs rose sharply in recent years and this was linked to the rise in overdoses.

Former Governor Ventura Talks Paul/Ventura Ticket ~ link ~ Appearing on the Alex Jones Show on Wednesday, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura talked with Alex about the possibility of Ron Paul leaving the Republican Party and joining the Libertarian Party as their presidential candidate and if he would run with the Texas congressman.

On Sunday, Paul told CNN’s “State of the Union” program that he has not ruled out a third party run if he is not nominated by the Republicans to run against Obama in 2012. He was the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in 1988 and ran for the GOP nomination in 2008.

6 Things that Occupy Wall Street has already accomplished ~ link ~ Just 2 months into the Wall Street protests bureaucrats nationwide have already began to crack down and demand an end to the occupation.  Little do they know, this is only the beginning.  The establishment didn’t bat an eye when we demanded an end to their many occupations across the world, so now it’s time for us to pay them the same respect that they gave to us.

Regardless of which form the movement takes from here, there are already several victories that have already been won for the “99%”.  A successful revolution doesn’t seek to create more laws and government action, but is aimed at creating a shift in the public consciousness that will hopefully render the status quo obsolete.  Occupy Wall Street has opened the door to that shift; a door that could very soon become a floodgate if those of us who have been focusing on these issues for years are able to step up our game and rise to the challenge.

No benefit for United States in attacking Iran ~ link ~ There is no manner in which a military action against Iran can serve long term US interests.

True strategic thinking takes into account all facets of a problem, the technological, social, military, diplomatic, historic and so on.  Each of these factors must be weighed for their long term and short term effects and probabilities assigned.  When a disconnect is seen between the desired effects on a sovereign nation and the recommended course of action, then unseen forces must be guiding from behind. 

Israel determined to attack Iran and draw USA into probable WWIII  ~ link 

Israel Ready to 'Stop' Gaza Bound Ships ~ linkThe Israeli navy is preparing to “take any necessary action” to prevent two boats carrying pro-Palestinian activists from reaching Gaza after they set sail from Turkey on Wednesday with the aim of breaking Israel‘s sea blockade of the coastal territory.

The organisers of the Canadian and Irish vessels gave no advance publicity to the mission for fear of Israeli diplomatic pressure to prevent the boats leaving port, or sabotage.

Simple 'real money' solution to the Global Economic Disaster ~ link ~ In 1933 when Germany was totally people-sleeping-in-the-streets broke, the government introduced the Reichmark which was also Real Money like Silver Dollars and Greenbacks - very simply money payed directy to people in exchange for their work:

Work = Money in Reichsmarks, Colonial Scrip, Greenbacks, Silver Dollars, Gold Dinars or New York State's Ithaca_Hours .

They all work!
Real Money took Germany from flat broke in 1933 to the 
most powerful ecconomy in Europe – if not the entire 
depression-wracked west - by 1937. Four years!

Signs of aging halted in the lab ~ link ~ The onset of wrinkles, muscle wasting and cataracts has been delayed and even eliminated in mice, say researchers in the US.

It was done by "flushing out" retired cells that had stopped dividing. They accumulate naturally with age.

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