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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

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World War III A Foregone Conclusion? - video ~ link  
WWIII Will Start If Iran Is Attacked - RT video ~ link
Cain courts War Criminal Globalist Henry Kissinger ~ link ~   Establishment Republican presidential contender Herman Cain asked Rockefeller globalist Henry Kissinger to join his administration, but the aging former Secretary of State turned down the former Kansas City Federal Reserve director.

“Dr. Kissinger turned down my offer to be secretary of state,” Cain told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an interview. “He said he’s perfectly happy doing what he’s doing.”

Fukushima: We are running out of safe food ~ link 

Ron Paul in his own words: "There is a risk I could win" ~ link ~  Not unless you somehow put a stop to the use of computers for voting and vote counting.  Stirling      

After he emerged as a front-runner in the Iowa straw poll, many speculate Ron Paul may be the one who is to replace Barack Obama in the White House next year. The physician, author, initiator of the Campaign For Liberty and Texas Congresmann, Paul presents an unusual figure on the US political scene.

The Republican, who promotes the ideas of limited government, non-interventionismand individual liberties, has distanced himself from Romney, Cain, Perry, Bachmann and Gingrich on practically every issue. Sharp and outspoken he seems to be the one who could bring change to America, for better or for worse. Here are some of his most remarkable quotes:

World War III and the Elite Deception - video ~ link 

The Uptown Pepperoni for your Pizza from Hell - video ~ link ~ A video version of the recent post from a Poet Dog Transmitting.  Good one!  Stirling      

Protesters and police clash during 'day of action' in New York' ~ link ~ Occupy Wall Street’s “Day of Action” continued into the evening Thursday as large numbers of protesters headed from Union Square to Foley Square.  But as of Thursday afternoon, it was still unclear if the protesters would move forward with their plans to occupy the subway.

CBS 2′s Lou Young described the atmosphere inside Foley Square as “peaceful and festive.”  Protesters also told Young that much of the violence and incidents that were highlighted from earlier in the day obscured the message of the movement.

Obama ex-pastor offers sanctuary for Occupy protestors - Calls on churches nationwide to open 'bsements and halls' ~ link ~ Writing in his magazine, Wallis suggested that Thanksgiving is the “perfect occasion” for churches to aid the Occupy movement.

“Open our church basements and parish halls as safe places to sleep — shelter and sanctuary as cold weather descends upon many of our cities,” he wrote.
Gamburtsev 'ghost mountains mystery solved' ~ link 

USA rolling out World War III from Libya to Syria, Iran & Pakistan Next - RT video ~ link ~ From this September.

Turkey urged to take military action against Syria ~ link ~  Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran; if anyone attacks Syria the entire world will be facing Global War/WWIII/Armageddon.  Stirling        

Syria's opposition has urged Turkey to mount a military operation to protect civilians from President Bashar al-Assad's security forces, it was claimed on Thursday, as Russia warned that the fighting in the country was now akin to a "civil war".
Representatives from dissidents groups submitted a formal request to Turkey for troops to be sent across the border to create a haven for civilians and rebels fighting Mr Assad's regime, according to a Turkish newspaper with close links to the government in Ankara. 

84-year-old activist Dorli Rainey on being pepper-sprayed by Seattle cops - video ~ link ~ WOW this is one tough lady!  We need lots more like her.  You should really take the time to watch this!   Stirling      

41% of American say that the 'American Dream' is dead ~ linkIn a somewhat shocking poll conducted by Yahoo! Finance, it has emerged that 41% of Americans believe that the so-called “American Dream” has been lost.

I say this is somewhat shocking because it appears that many Americans are just waking up to this reality.

However, the majority of Americans polled believe that the economy is getting worse. 63% said the American economy is getting worse, while 72% of those over 55 find this to be the case.

Castro warns against attack on Iran ~ link Former Cuban President Fidel Castro says a potential attack by Israel against Iran will lead to a “bloody war with incalculable global consequences.”
In a commentary titled “Genocidal Cynicism” and published in Cuban state-run newspapers, Castro wrote that, given the Islamic Republic's capability, population, and size, any such act of aggression would be ensued by graver repercussions than Tel Aviv's past attacks against Iraq and Syria, AFP reported on Monday.

Castro warned that the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran's nuclear program would “bring the world to the edge of a nuclear war.”

He said Israel, together with the United States and Great Britain, were three parties plotting to wage war against Iran. 

Livni: Netanyahu trying to turn Israel into dark dictatorship ~ link 

Bibi threatens licenses of Israeli media which publish list of wealthiest Israeli politicians ~ link ~ Hitler and Stalin would be proud!  Stirling      

Israel threatens Gaza with new war   ~ link ~ There are four routes to a war with Iran and a General Middle East War: Direct attack on Iran; attack on Syria; all out attack on Gaza and massive loss of civilian lives there; attack on Lebanon.  One or more may be used.  There are powerful forces who see the grave danger to Israel and to the entire planet if a war scenario is followed, and they are actively attempting to de-rail any such war.  However, the other side has put a massive effort over many months to lighting the fuse and they intend to get the job done, and done soon.  The future of mankind depends on the outcome.   Stirling       

Israel's Military Chief of General Staff Benny Gantz has threatened Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip with another large-scale war.

Speaking at a meeting of the Parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday, Gantz said the point at which a military operation would become necessary was "drawing closer."

Earlier this month, a top Israeli military official announced that the Israeli regime has given the green light to the military to prepare for a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli regime launched a three-week onslaught on Gaza at the turn of 2008, killing more than 1,400 Palestinians, most of them women and children. The war also left many homes and parts of Gaza's civil infrastructure in ruins.

19 Things generals can't say in public about the Afghan War ~ link ~ Good one!  Stirling    

80% of 'Green Energy' loans went to Top Obama Donors ~ link ~ Billions ripped off and no one will go to prison!!!   Support the Occupy Movement!   Stirling     

Texas Medical Board tries to destroy doctor who is curing many "incurable" cancers ~ link ~ Check this guy out if you have cancer or know someone who does; also check the history and story of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Machines.   Stirling     

Gerald Celente: 'Get Ready For The Big Crash' - video ~ link ~  

Ten Thousand Massed at Foley Square - Thousands More En Route - with video ~ link 

NYPD overwhelmed by Occupy Wall Street protesters - video ~ link 

Nearly One-Third of American Children Are Poor ~ link ~ This what the criminal global banking class have brought us, in the richest nation on Earth.   Stirling       

The U.S. Census Bureau released figures Thursday that the number of poor children in the country rose by 1 million to its highest level ever. This increase has brought the total percentage of poverty stricken children to just over 32%.
The Census figures are just one more statistic to reinforce that the U.S. is in a full blown depression

The 5 Dollar multi-use personal stove - video ~ link ~ Preparing for rough times does not have to be expensive.  Check this short video out!  Stirling       

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Foreign nations aggravate situations in Syria to justify interference   ~ linkRussian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, said Thursday that foreign sides are trying to aggravate the situation in Syria to justify interference in its internal affairs.

After talks in Moscow within the framework of the Permanent Council of Russia-EU Partnership conference, Lavrov said some foreign sides are escalating tension in Syria to justify their interference in the internal affairs of Syria.

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