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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Occupy Revolution ~ link ~ Keep in mind, that those in control of the World today will do anything and everything to maintain control.   Stirling      
History tells us that it is nearly impossible to know in real time whether some kind of national, grassroots public protest ends up being the beginning of a true revolution against a ruling government system.  This is true for the earliest beginnings of the revolt against the British that produced the successful American Revolution and the creation of the US .  The British at the time surely thought that they could retain power and control.  More recently, the revolts in Egypt , Tunisia and Libya certainly could not be accurately perceived in their earliest stages as likely to topple well established dictatorships wielding incredible and cruel power.  Even now, the rebellious actions in Syria are not widely seen as surely resulting in successful revolution.

My central point is that the Occupy movement in the US offers the possibility of being seen, eventually, as the seed of a successful Second American Revolution, which I and many others believe is desperately needed to fix our corrupt, dysfunctional and unfair government, political and economic system.

What are the main similarities among successful revolutions?

Greek workers protest austerity cuts ~ link ~ But the banksters NEED MORE and you have to do with less, eating is an unnecessary option...NOT!  Stirling     

Greek workers are planning fresh strikes and protests against austerity measures in order to keep pressure on the country's new government.

Workers at the capital's subway, tram, and electric rail network held a four-hour work stoppage, on Monday.
The country's largest trade union, the GSEE, is also planning a strike on December 1, saying that it was planning on a joint strike with Greece's civil servants' union.

A 'flash mob' of 50 tricky teenagers robs 7-Eleven ~ link ~ Why am I linking this story here?  The point that I want to make is that the same tactics and technology that enables 'flash mobs', which can be a peaceful group singing Christmas carols or jerks robbing a convenience store, can be used with considerable success by the Occupy Movement.  I expect to see a lot of this, globally, in the days ahead as fascist repression and bad winter weather (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)  makes the Occupation tent encampments more difficult to sustain.   Stirling   

Latest Occupation Updates ~ link  

Occupy Movement Meets Police State - The Revolution has begun ~ linkThis is a 'good one', take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling   
The global elite see themselves as the deciders and a militarized fascist police force protecting their interests but never underestimate the power of the people, armed with the truth, demanding the change that was never delivered and willing to shut down the machinery of government in the process. 
Soft fascism would become true fascism when civil protestors are arrested, interned and sent to the scores of FEMA camps ~ that were originally built to detain illegal immigrants but were eventuallymeant for civil dissidents and enemies of the state. This would coincide with shutting down the internet which is the main catalyst and provider of information for the OWS movement. See HR 645 report ~ Once a person is arrested and interned in a FEMA camp located on a military base, that person would in all likelihood, under a national emergency, fall under the de facto jurisdiction of the Military: civilian justice and law enforcement including habeas corpus would no longer apply.

A Tail of Two Cops in Cuffs - NYPD: So much to hide ~ link ~ Retired Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, seen above, detained illegally by a corrupt police department he describes as “Wall Street mercenaries”. 

He knows he risks his life by coming out, in uniform, exposing American police as the enemy so many have known them to be for so long. 

University says sorry after students pepper-sprayed - with video ~ link ~ The chancellor of the University of California at Davis apologised to a crowd of more than 1,000 demonstrators for the use of pepper spray by campus police on protesters last week.  "You may not believe anything I say today. It's my responsibility to earn your trust," chancellor Linda Katehi told the crowd on the campus, located outside the state capital Sacramento, drawing scattered boos and jeers.

Here's the Risk: "Occupy Movement" ends up doing the bidding of the global elite ~ link ~ Knowledge is power.  Knowing how the bastards will try to attack you is a type of power.   Stirling     

History shows us it is easy for 'grassroots' campaigns to become co-opted by the very interests they are fighting against.

A 21st-century grassroots movement faces many pitfalls. This was as true back in 1968 as it is today. It could be infiltrated by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, or co-opted by a major party. As the state continues to creep further into our lives, activists can expect that it will use all its resources – not just the violent reaction seen in New York overnight, but also its agents, informants and surveillance packages – in its effort to monitor both sides of any serious social debate. Even bleaker, however, is the possibility that the movement was actually planned and launched by the very establishment activists thought they were waging a battle against in the first place. The larger the movement, the more interested a major party becomes in absorbing it into either the left or the right side of the current two-party paradigm.

The sudden emergence of America's Tea Party movement in 2007 is a good example. Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, its inventor, used it as a springboard to highlight libertarian and constitutional issues during his 2008 campaign. Soon after, it was co-opted by key political and media influencers from the US right wing, associating itself less with a libertarian manifesto, and more with emerging figures within the Republican establishment. Now it is has morphed into nothing more than a block of voters whom the Republican party can rely to strike a deal with during an election cycle.

Labor Must Choose Between Occupy Movement and the Democrats ~ link ~ That should not be a hard choice.  The 'Democrats' long ago sold out to the globalists and shipped most of America's industrial base to Third World nations destroying most union jobs.  Stirling     

Russian news anchor gives Obama the middle finger - video ~ link ~ Nothing a couple hundred million Americans would do if they could.   Stirling      

President John F. Kennedy opposed Israel's power ~ link ~ That was one of the reasons he was murdered.  Stirling      

In the thought provoking book, They Dare to Speak Out by Paul Findley we read on page 114 that during Kennedy’s campaign for president in 1960 he had a meeting with some prominent Jews. Kennedy was very insulted when one of the Jews said they knew Kennedy’s campaign was in financial difficulty and that he and his Jewish friends would “help and help significantly” John Kennedy’s campaign if, as president, Kennedy “would allow them to set the course of Middle East policy over the next four years.” It was this meeting that made JFK want to work for a law that would have the U.S. Treasury pay a set and equal amount for all politicians running for president who secured a to be determined percentage of signatures of people supporting their campaign. He saw this as the only way to prevent the nightmare of today, which has not only the President, but the overwhelming majority of people in Congress bought and paid for by the very powerful Israeli lobby. Israel’s lobby is so strong that hardly any politician will disobey their orders regarding U.S. Middle East foreign policy. And that includes starting wars, such as the war in Iraq, which benefit Israel and harm America and the rest of the world.

In Seymour Hersh’s insightful book, The Samson Option, which addresses Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal, Hersh covers John Kennedy’s fight to stop Israel’s nuclear proliferation. He writes that Kennedy was “fixated” on stopping the Jewish state’s nuclear build up.

Oswald's mother: "This is a frame up" - video ~ link 

The Kennedy Murders and Cover-Ups - video ~ link 

JFK: What we know now that we didn't know then ~ linkWith the advent of the 48th observance of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it may be appropriate to share important findings regarding what we know now about his death that we have not known in the past. Most Americans are not in the position to take on the task that serious research requires.

As a former Marine Corps officer and professor of philosophy who taught logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning for 35 years, it was my privilege to organize a research group consisting of the best qualified individuals to ever study the case in 1992.

Aspartame renamed AminoSweet ~ link ~ Still a killer regardless of the name and spin.   Stirling      


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