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Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are massed in Tahrir Square in what can only be described as Egypt's Second Revolution in less than a year. Deaths are mounting and thousands have been injured, as the people demand that the Armed Forces give up power.  So far the Field Marshal has agreed to hold Presidential elections in June, but this is not what the people are demanding.  One danger is that the Arab Brotherhood will take over and begin killing Christians, if this goes on too long.  Stirling    

Egypt protests and Arab Spring: Live - London Telegraph Newspaper ~ link

Tahrir Square: Police clash with protesters: live coverage - London Guardian newspaper ~ link

Egyptian generals to cede power early ~ link ~ Or so they claim but the people aren't buying it!   Stirling     

Egypt’s military chief announced Tuesday that the embattled armed forces leadership would hand over power to an elected president no later than July 1, 2012 — earlier than previously expected — even as he defiantly defended the military’s handling of mounting opposition protests.

In his first address to the nation since he took power in February, Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi appeared angry, accusing protesters of “insulting” the military despite its efforts to govern the nation during a difficult transitional period. He warned  that “any other efforts aimed at hitting us and destroying our spirits and the trust between the armed forces and the people will not be helpful.”

Egypt's Secret Police renames itself 'Homeland Security' ~ link ~ Copying the top new fascist organization on Earth now, the American Department of Homeland Security.  Stirling    

Egypt’s infamous state security apparatus, notorious for spying on political activists and torturing dissidents, has renamed itself “homeland security,” presumably in homage to its American namesake, which has also been used as a tool of political repression.

As part of the re-branding of dictatorship in Egypt, the same security force implicated in the imprisonment and torture of anti-Mubarak activists is busy reorganizing itself while maintaining intimidation and spying campaigns targeted against parliamentary candidates by bugging phone calls and harassing prominent critics of the ruling military regime’s bloody crackdown on protesters. 

Egypt military pledges to speed up power transfer - with video ~ linkEgypt's military rulers have agreed to speed up presidential elections, a key demand of protesters packing Cairo's Tahrir Square. Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi said on national TV they would happen by July 2012. He said parliamentary elections due next week would go ahead and that a referendum on an immediate transfer of power would be organised if necessary.

It follows days of protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square over the pace of reform. Tens of thousands of people continued to pack Tahrir Square on Tuesday evening. Witnesses said many appeared to reject the military's latest concessions, chanting: "We are not leaving, he (Tantawi) leaves."

Egypt's Field Marshal says military does not want power - with video ~ link ~ Head fox, interrupting chicken dinner, says foxes mean no harm to chickens and will protect the henhouses.   Stirling    

Egypt to hold presidential vote by July 2012, military chief says ~ link A reported 36 protesters were killed in clashes with Egyptian security forces since the latest wave of rallies took to the street this last Friday.

Speaking in a televised address on Egyptian television, the head of the Supreme Military Council of the Armed Forces claimed that the country's ruling military did not "want or aspire to stay in power."

Egyptian protesters struggle to throw off Army rule - with photos ~ link ~ The Armed Forces have ruled Egypt for about six decades.  The current head is an Army Field Marshal, Mubarak was a Air Marshal, his two predecessors were Army Field Marshals.  The people want a real democracy.  That will be bloody to achieve.   Stirling     

Egyptians frustrated with military rule battled police in the streets again today as the generals scrambled to cope with the cabinet's proffered resignation after bloodshed that has jolted plans for Egypt's first free election in decades.

In a stinging verdict on nine months of army control, rights group Amnesty International accused the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) of brutality sometimes exceeding that of former president Hosni Mubarak.

Egypt junta rejects Cabinet resignation ~ link ~ The Egyptian military council has rejected the government's resignation, as clashes between security forces and protesters continue to intensify.

The cabinet's resignation on Monday comes as the number of protester deaths is on the rise, the Associated Press reported.  The latest development also follows the resignation of the country's Culture Minister Emad Abu Ghazi earlier in the day.  The country's Health Ministry says that at least 24 protesters have been killed, while another 1,830 have been injured over the past three days. Medical sources earlier put the death toll at 35.

Egypt protests: New street battles erupt in Tahrir Square ~ link ~ Earlier, an uneasy agreement had been reached between some protesters and the authorities, allowing the demonstrators to remain in the square in return for fighting on its fringes coming to an end. But that ceasefire collapsed on Monday morning as street battles erupted again. On Sunday, several political parties and individual candidates said they were suspending their electoral campaigns after the weekend brought some of the fiercest clashes since February, when Hosni Mubarak was ejected from power. Protesters vowed to stay in Tahrir Square until Egypt's military authorities had been removed. Many said they were ready to die for the revolution, which is now targeting the army generals of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (Scaf), which replaced Mubarak.

Amid calls for a national government of salvation to be set up to face down the junta, the opposition figurehead Mohamed ElBaradei said he was ready to do "whatever it takes" to save Egypt from the deepening crisis. "I think what we've seen today is an excessive use of force, bordering on a slaughterhouse, against innocent civilians exercising their inalienable right to demonstrate," he told the Guardian. The interim authorities said the elections, due to begin on 28 November, would go ahead as planned, and thanked security officers for "self-restraint in dealing with the events". ElBaradei said: "It's yet another indication that Scaf and the current government are failing to govern, and I fully sympathise with the increasing calls coming from different quarters, including Tahrir, for a new government of national salvation that represents all shades of Egyptian society – one with full power. "I will do anything to save the country from falling apart, and what we are seeing right now is the country going down."

Egyptian Military Power Grab ~ link ~ Since military junta power replaced Mubarak, thousands were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, disappeared, and/or denied due process and judicial fairness in military tribunal trials. Mubarak’s gone but nothing changed. In fact, things got worse, including extreme brutality against protesters demanding change. Despite upcoming November parliamentary elections, democracy’s nowhere in sight. Military junta power’s entrenched under the hated emergency law, making political opposition illegal.

Egyptians expect to 'see a lot of bloodshed' - with video ~ link ~Parliamentary elections are set to take place in three rounds, beginning next week. The Freedom and Justice Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, is likely to win the highest percentage of seats of any single party.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists converged on Tahrir Square on Friday to protest what they call an effort by the military to gain permanent power.

Egyptian Islamists divided over protests ~ link ~ Islamist groups in Egypt split on Tuesday over Tahrir Square protests that have seen 33 killed and hundreds injured over continued military rule.

The announcement came after Egyptian Salafist Front announced Monday night that it would join the million-man march in Tahrir Square on Tuesday to protest against the country's ruling military council, urging Egyptians to participate in country-wide protests.

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