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Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland 

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Violence continues in Syria as Condoleeezza Rice promotes unilateral US action   ~ link ~ War whore promoting more war, death and destruction of men, women and children for her true boss, Lucifer!   Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran, a General Middle East War, and the Third World War/Armageddon!    Stirling     

As clashes continue in Homs with opposition forces and pro-Assad forces engaging in what the New York Times calls, “A harrowing sectarian war,” Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice advocates unilateral U.S. action on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Rice says that Bashar al-Assad is bringing his country to the brink of a civil war, although it is arguable that civil war is already exactly what is going on with
heavily armed opposition clashing with government forces and attacks on government compounds and vehicles.

NeoCon sites and pro-Israel Christians still trying to find an excuse to Attack Iran ~ link ~ It is so sad to hear the theological and historical ignorance of these "Christian Zionists".  First off, Christ made a New Covenant" at the Last Supper; the Old Covenant ended with the Death of Christ on the Cross and the ripping of the curtain before the Holy of Holies in the Temple on Good Friday; real Christians don't give alliance to those who deny Christ.  Secondly, about 90% of the Jews in America and in Israel, itself, are NOT descended from the Hebrews of the Old Testament.  They are descended from Kazars, from Turkmenistan and that area, that converted to Talamaic Judaism about 700 AD!  Those that promote so-called "Christian Zionism" are either stupid fools or willing agents of the Antichrist.  Take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link, if you can. Stirling      

The oligarchs need a war really bad. They need a distraction from the bad economy. The occupy movement has now become a thorn in their side. Seeing all those unemployed people with time on thier hands and great number does not bode well with the politicians. The corrupt scandals in the White House are making headlines. Congress being caught doing insider trading has lowered further the approval rating of congress that make them less popular than Fidel Castro. Ron Paul is gaining ground in Iowa and all the so called top tier candidates are floundering. Mit Romney is the next card to fall giving eh Texas congressmen more appeal.

              We have become a war weary nation. We are not please with drone warfare in Pakistan, and Somalia. The wars keep spreading like a cancer in Uganda and in Libya. The Americans are not pleased because we have not consented to these wars. Congress is acting like a potted plants doing nothing to keep a check on the power of the commander and chief. The national discontent among the people is coming to a flash point were the other side fears losing everything. The people do not see a democrat or republican party. We only see the globalist party representing the one percent and not the 99 percent.

US 'to unveil new sanctions on Iran' ~ link ~ The US Government is nothing but a captive government run by globalist/Zionist Front Men/political whores!  Stirling        

The "Free Syria Army" placard-waving protesters are actually machine gun-wielding terrorists ~ link ~ That is what I have been saying for some time now.  Stirling      
The "Free Syria Army" is literally an army of militant extremists, many drawn not from Syria's military ranks, but from the Muslim Brotherhood, carrying heavy weapons back and forth over the Turkish and Lebanese borders, funded, supported, and armed by the United States, Israel, and Turkey. The latest evidence confirming this comes in the form of a report out of the International Institute for Strategic Studies where Senior Fellow for Regional Security at IISS-Middle East Emile Hokayem openly admits Syria's opposition is armed and prepared to drag Syria's violence into even bloodier depths.

This report comes in sharp contrast to the propaganda fed via the corporate-media and the West's foreign ministers on a daily basis, where the violence is portrayed as one-sided, with Syria's President Bashar al-Assad "gunning down" throngs of peaceful, placard waving protesters. Just as in Libya where these so-called "peaceful protesters" turned out to be hordes of genocidal racist Al Qaeda mercenaries, led by big-oil representatives, fighting their cause upon a verified pack of lies, so too is Syria's "pro-democracy" movement which is slowly being revealed as yet another militant brand of extremists long cultivated by Anglo-American intelligence agencies, whose leadership is harbored in London and Washington and their foot soldiers supplied a steady stream of covert military support and overt rhetorical support throughout the compromised corporate media.


Matthews turns on Obama: "I hear stories that you would not believe" - video ~ link ~ Good one!  Stirling    

Police burn protest tents to clear Cairo's Tahrir ~ link ~  In the end, the Muslin Brotherhood will take power and kill Christians, which is what the globalists and Zionists want!   Stirling      

Egyptian soldiers and police set fire to protest tents in Cairo's Tahrir Square and fired tear gas and rubber bullets in a major assault Sunday to drive out thousands demanding that the military rulers quickly transfer power to a civilian government. At least 11 protesters were killed and hundreds were injured.

It was the second day of clashes marking a sharp escalation of tensions on Egypt's streets a week before the first elections since the ouster of longtime authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak in February. The military took over the country, promising a swift transition to civilian rule. But the pro-democracy protesters who led the uprising have grown increasingly angry with the ruling generals, and suspect they are trying to cling to power even after an elected parliament is seated and a new president is voted in.

Occupy Movement gathers steam from nationwide protest cop crackdown - video ~ link 

David Icke talks with Luke Rudhowshi of 'We Are Change New York' at Occupy Wall Street - video ~ link ~ Good one! 

University of California at Davis faculty association calls for Chancellor's resignation after egregious police brutality  ~ link ~ In reaction to the incident, faculty members that are a part of the UC Davis Faculty Association have called for the resignation of the UC Davis Chancellor, Linda P. B. Katehi.

The call includes the demand for a policy change that will end police forcibly removing non-violent student, faculty, staff and community protesters.

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