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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
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Papademos to be new Greek Prime Minister ~ link ~ The Greek political class has selected the leading Rothschild candidate, a former Vice-President of the European Central Bank, for its new leader.  Talk about a F@#* You to the Greek people!   Stirling      
Greece named former European Central Bank vice-president Lucas Papademos on Thursday to head a crisis government, ending a chaotic search for a leader to save the country from default, bankruptcy and an exit from the euro zone.
A sombre Papademos called on Greeks to unite behind him after months of divisive politicking, as he sets about securing a bailout from the European Union that will impose yet more hardship on a nation already suffering soaring unemployment. 

French and Germans explore idea of smaller Euro Zone ~ link 

James Murdoch called "Mafia Boss" in UK Parliament hearing - video ~ link ~ I believe that the Murdoch operation is simply one more Mossad front organization.  They did not act as a news organization, but rather like a spy/criminal organization.   "If the shoe fits, wear it".   Stirling  

10 Questions the MPs did NOT ask Murdoch ~ link ~ When Rupert Murdoch appeared before the parliamentary committee on 19 July 2011, there were ten questions the MPs could have asked, but did not, about the relationship he had with Tony Blair during the run up to the Iraq war, when Murdoch was, according to Blair's former press officer Lance Price, "the third most powerful figure in the Labour government" -- after Blair himself and Gordon Brown.   

Tom Watson, MP, to James Murdoch: "You are the first Mafia boss in history to not know he was running a criminal enterprise" ~ link ~ Love IT!!!  That is the type of comment I would be making if I was a sitting Peer in Parliament and questioning either Murdoch "senior" or "junior".  Which is why they are apt to never make me a Life Peer or allow me to be one of the 92 sitting Hereditary Peers in the House of Lords.    Stirling    
News International boss James Murdoch faced a barrage of accusations today when he was recalled to Parliament to answer questions about the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

MPs sitting on the Culture Media and Sport Committee grilled the company's executive chairman for a second time, spending two-and-a-half hours addressing claims he misled them at an earlier hearing. In an extraordinary session, Mr Murdoch was branded a 'Mafia boss' by MP Tom Watson and was forced to condemn the alleged surveillance of solicitors and a number of public figures.

Wall Street made more profits in 2 years of Obama, than 8 years of Bush - video  ~ link ~ Give poor old Georgie a break, he was doing his best to be a good Front Man puppet for the scummiest bastards on Earth, but Obama is simply better at it.   Stirling     

United Kingdom expects Israeli attack on Iran next month with US logistical support ~ link ~ Wither it comes tomorrow or next month or the following month, such an attack is criminally insane and beyond evil!  Stirling      
A senior Foreign Office official says British government ministers have been told to expect Israeli military action in the wake of the UN watchdog report "as early as Christmas or very early in the new year," the London Daily Mail reported Thursday, Nov. 10.  The ministers were told that Israel would strike Iran's nuclear sites "sooner rather than later" – with "logistical support" from the US.

According to the British paper, which has good military and intelligence ties in London, President Barack Obama would "have to support the Israelis or risk losing Jewish-American support in the next presidential election."

UK Foreign Office: Israel Expected To Attack Iran Next Month ~ link ~ “Since this attack would almost certainly bring forth reprisals from Tehran and its allies, Syria, Hizballah and the Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami, it would almost certainly expand into a wider Middle East conflict, thus also broadening US and West European military intervention,” reports DebkaFile.

War with Iran will be catastrophe - video ~ link 
Will Americans be Conned into War Again by the WMD Mirage? ~ linkIt’s that time again, our government is ready to add yet another country to their growing list of "enemies." Anyone who remembers the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq must get deja vu when hearing some of the most recent threats to come out of Washington, concerning Iran.

Many activists and researchers have seen this coming for a very long time as conquering Iran is an essential task for the West in the creation of their Middle Eastern empire. We have also been tipped off by the numerous times that our government has attempted to instigate conflict with Iran, only to have the whole concept rejected by the world community as well as Americans back home. This rejection has delayed the drive to war, but it certainly hasn’t changed the plan.
How Did Israel Get Its Stronghold On The Entire World?   ~ link ~ There are several answers that are partially correct: Israel is the creation of the Rothschilds and the Rothschild headed Global Banking Cartel is using it to bring about World War III; Israel is doing Satan's work and is setting the stage for the Anti-Christ, Bibi 666 Netanyahu to begin the full scope of the End Times horror; Israel bribes a large percentage of key national politicians; Israel threatens False Flag terrorism and nuclear war against nations to get their leaders to go along with its goals; etc.   Stirling     
The revelation this week of what some world leaders think of Netanyahu was not a surprise to most of us. What remains a mystery, however, is why do these same world leaders kiss up to Israel and support them financially and militarily?
But the question remains, how did Israel get its stronghold on the entire world? One reader suggested in a comment yesterday that;  I think that Israel blackmails nations – that if nations do not do its bidding, they threaten another 911, or something similar. Once I heard Dennis Kucinich say that paying billions a year to Israel is the necessary price we pay for keeping them from lighting the match. It is high time that the politicians come out in public – perhaps today’s EAS test would have been a good time to do it – and spill the beans to the world. If we all knew what Israel holds over us, Israel would NOT be able to get away with what it does. Our leaders need to stop being cowards and stand up to the bully. 
IAEA's "Soviet Nuclear Scientist" NEVER Worked On Weapons ~ link ~ The report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published by a Washington think tank Tuesday repeated the sensational claim previously reported by news media all over the world that a former Soviet nuclear weapons scientist had helped Iran construct a detonation system that could be used for a nuclear weapon.
But it turns out that the foreign expert, who is not named in the IAEA report [.pdf] but was identified in news reports as Vyacheslav Danilenko, is not a nuclear weapons scientist but one of the top specialists in the world in the production of nanodiamonds by explosives.
In fact, Danilenko, a Ukrainian, has worked solely on nanodiamonds from the beginning of his research career and is considered one of the pioneers in the development of nanodiamond technology, as published scientific papers confirm. 
US Senator Joe Lieberman: Military force against Iran must be considered ~ link ~ Once again, another Jewish senator or congressman who puts Israel ahead of America.  Joe, you dirtbag, you are not a dirtbag because you are Jewish but because you seek to use American blood and American money to support the tiny racist foreign nation that you place ahead of America and Americas.  Stirling      
Breaking News: Russia and China agree that Iran should NOT be subject to new sanctions ~ link 
Israel influenced IAEA report on Iran - video ~ link ~ Shocking, absolutely shocking...NOT!   Stirling       
Obama challenger Romney says 'prepare for war against Iran' ~ link ~ This evil but sad and pathetic political whore will say and do anything to get the globalists and Zionists to put him in the White House.   Stirling        

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