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I wish to thank all the readers who posted or emailed me to express their concern over my dog Teddy's passing.  Your kind words mean a lot to me.

This last weekend was the 'weekend from hell'.  I have played poker for 30 years with a group, just nickels and dimes.  Friday was my turn to host the monthly game and I spent much of the day cleaning and preparing for the game and the dinner that we always have.  The game broke up about 9:30 pm (we use to play till near midnight but we are all getting old).  Several people left together and Teddy, who has been on lots of medicine for his heart condition, charged out the door...only no one told me.  I was in the dining room and walked the last guest out.  I could not find Teddy and checked the house, looked in the fenced in backyard, and then realized what had happened.  I searched for him in the neighborhood by foot and by car for a long time.  No Teddy, I could not understand where he had went.  I went to the door several times at night and called for him.  After a night with almost no sleep, at daybreak I again searched by foot and by car.  I went to the local Animal Shelter at 11 am, as soon as they opened and no Teddy there.  I likewise went to the local Human Society, no Teddy.  I continued to search.  At 4:30 pm I went back to the Animal Shelter and no Teddy was to be found, but a officer there said that he had picked up the body of a dog near my house.  They had placed the body in the freezer as it had a collar and rabies vaccine tags.  It was Teddy, he had went only about a block and somehow drowned in a tiny pond behind some houses.  It was too late to bury him Saturday, so after Church on Sunday I buried him in my backyard.  I won't be playing poker with that group anymore.  Teddy was 14 1/2 years old, and a really sweet dog, a good companion and a great and loyal friend/family member.  

When you lose an animal that you love it strikes home the seriousness of the wars and evil that we face everyday on this World.  If a little dog can be so important, how important are someone's kids that are killed in one of countless airstrikes in the bogus "war on terror".  If a little dog can be so important, how important are the millions who have died, lost limbs/eyes/etc in the wars based on lies and false flag operations in the Middle East and North Africa.  God is putting up with a lot from the human race in these times.  Both from the followers of the Evil One who create and profit from all these wars, but also from all of us who do nothing and let this continue on the planet that the Good Lord gave us.

Tim Earl of Stirling     

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