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Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland 

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Veteran's Day 11/11/11

Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink ~ link ~ Good one Henry!  On this Veteran's Day, do take the time to read the entire article at the link, it is a excellent article.  Stirling     

All wars are organized by the Illuminati bankers to collect or incur debt, plunder or profit, and advance their program for "world government" tyranny. They appeal to our patriotism to sucker us in. We are told we are fighting to "preserve freedom" when the opposite is actually the case.

So how should we regard veterans? Certainly a few are heroes, but usually in a bogus cause.

I think we have to regard them as dupes and mercenaries of the bankers. We have all been duped for a very long time. That gives Veteran's Day a tinge of cynicism and pathos.

On Nov. 11, we are mostly commemorating World War Two. While we were losing fathers and sons, Allied and Nazi central bankers were huddled in Basel at the Bank of International Settlements mainly financing the Nazis.

The BIS handed over to the Nazis the national treasure of Czechoslovakia, Holland and Belgium to ensure the war could go on.
This gold, worth $378 million at the time, was the basis of loans to the Nazis and was never returned.
The BIS accepted and stored Nazis plunder -- art, diamonds and precious metals including dental gold and wedding rings from concentration camp inmates. 

The US Federal Reserve, the Banks of England, France, Italy, Japan and the Reichsbank were all members of the BIS. The Nazi Reichsbank had most seats but the BIS President was a Rockefeller factotum
Thomas H. McKittrick (1889-1970).

The New World Order is about replacing the rule of God with the rule of Lucifer. That's why "God" has become a dirty word. War is the principal means by which Lucifer's disciples, the Cabalist (satanist) central bankers, "change the world." 

The mother who lost five sons in WWI ~ link ~ The evil men who organized the Great War (WWI) did not care how many sons and daughters had to die, just so they could make tons of money and reorganize the World to their benefit.  The grandsons and great-grandsons of these same men/families are at work today doing Satan's bidding, killing and looting.  Stirling     

America's Media War on Iran ~ link When Washington goes to war or threatens it, America’s media march in lockstep, cheerleading. Fiction substitutes for fact. News is carefully filtered, dissent marginalized, and supporting imperial belligerence substitutes for full and accurate disclosure. As a result, patriotism means going along with rogue policies. Never mind rule of law principles and democratic values. Free and open societies are risked. So is humanity if belligerents overstep.

The IAEA Iranian nuclear program report stirred a hornet’s nest of inflammatory commentary, no matter the agency’s fabricated contents. Previous US intelligence assessments refuted them, including most recently in March 2011.

Russia to back Iran against potential western aggression ~ link Political observers believe that Israel's failure in its 2006 war on the Lebanese Hezbollah has discouraged the Zionist regime from waging an attack on Iran.
They believe that the Zionist regime of Israel has already tested its military power in its attack on Lebanon and Hezbollah, and knows that it lacks the necessary power and courage to attack Iran.

Iran has warned that it would target Israel and its worldwide interests in case it comes under attack by the Tel Aviv.

Meantime, US military leaders have warned that strikes could be catastrophic to US national security interests and could engulf the Middle-East in a "calamitous" regional war.

Wexler on the warpath: Opening volleys of major push for Iran War by liberal Zionists and hawks?  ~ link ~ I am not so sure, anymore, that there will be a war....I believe that those opposed to the war have been largely successful in stopping Netanyahu.  Time will tell but we are slipping into winter and that is not the best time to wage war over Iran due to overcast conditions.  Stirling     

Israel's War Threats: Sheer Hollow Propaganda ~ link ~ Could be.  Stirling    

Israel has awkwardly and desperately renewed its outworn war threats against Iran in the recent weeks, indicating that it’s getting prepared to launch a military strike on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities.

Last week, the Zionist regime successfully test fired a missile which is said to have the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead and reach Iran, as well as Russia and China. On November 2, the TV stations around the world screened footages of a rocket-propulsion system being launched from somewhere around Israel coastal Palmachim military base. The missile’s range is claimed to be 10,000 kilometers and therefore, Iran will be easily within the reach of it, in the case that a military attack on Iran is opted for.

However, now even the most optimistic advocates of war with Iran within the fractured cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu know that “empty vessels make the most noise” and that a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities will be practically the same as the evaporation of the Zionist entity. They are well aware of Iran’s unequaled military might and the recent advancements and progresses in Iran’s weaponry industry. Although the hawkish Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman has boasted of “keeping all the options on the table” with regards to Iran’s nuclear program, he dismissed the reports that the Israeli cabinet members have reached an agreement over launching an attack against Iran.

Penetta: Iran strike may have unintended effect ~ link ~ Like the destruction of Israel for one.  Stirling   

Washington's enemy 'doesn't exist' ~ link

War is a Racket ~ link ~ by Two-Time Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Major General Smedley D. Butler - USMC Retired

Italy's Senate blacks austerity bill ~ link ~The banksters want more of the wealth of Italy!  Stirling     
Italy's Senate approved crucial economic reforms demanded by the European Union, the first step in paving the way for Premier Silvio Berlusconi to resign as early as this weekend and a transitional government to be formed. 
The 156-12 vote took place after respected economist Mario Monti — widely expected to become the interim prime minister — was welcomed with applause in the Senate chamber, where he was officially designated senator for life. 

Italy's president bestowed the title on Monti two days earlier to signal to roiling financial markets that he intended to ask the 68-year-old former European commissioner to try to form a transitional government after Berlusconi leaves office.

Dictators by Nature: EU enters death agony - video ~ link

Italy pushes through austerity ~ link

Greece Prime Minister to name Cabinet - EuroZone shutters ~ link ~   Greece's prime minister designate will name a new crisis cabinet on Friday to roll out painful austerity measures and calm the political turmoil that has threatened to bankrupt Athens and force it out of the euro zone.

Italy at Breaking Point, Merkel calls for 'New Europe' ~ link ~ A really good New Europe would be one that arrests/tries/imprisons the Global Banking Cartel and bands their influence for all time.   Stirling   

Greece and Italy Seek a Solution from Technocrats ~ link ~ Wrong NY Times...they are seeking a solution by placing key operatives of the Rothschilds in their Prime Minister's offices.  However, this is classic Hegelican Dialetic method of operation at work...Problem, Reaction, Solution.  Stirling        

Greece named Lucas Papademos, a former vice president of the European Central Bank, interim prime minister of a unity government charged with preventing the country from default. In Italy, momentum was building behind Mario Monti, a former European commissioner, to replace the once-invincible Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi as early as Monday. 

The Black Budget and the Leveraged Buyout of the World Using Stolen Money ~ link ~ Catherine Austin Fitts said we are witnessing a Leveraged Buyout of the world that will permanently end democracy. The elite has bought all the politicians and the media. They have stolen enough money to earn 2 trillion dollars a year from their investments. She said 2 trillion dollars a year is sufficient to fund a world government.

Wall Street and the City of London have been given more money in Bailouts than the total amount of money the United States spent on all of its wars. Wall Street was also allowed to steal 4 trillion dollars from federal spending that we are not allowed to audit. When she was Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration, she once saw on one city block ten government guaranteed loans on buildings that never existed.

5 Grams daily of Spiralina reversed severe radiation poising in Chernobyl children ~ link

B.C. doctor forced to stop using Ayahuasea to stop drug addition ~ link ~ The globalists derive a massive amount of money from the illegal drug trade...they don't want some simple tea to end an addict's nightmare and their cash flow.   Stirling       


Anonymous said...

Great news! Even Stirling now dont belive there will be a war on Iran by Israel.

So time will tell, yes it will.

Let's rejoice in the fact that no one knows the future in 100% certainty not even those trying to create it.

Keep on reporting stirling - waking people up is a 24/7 job!

Alain DENIS said...

The mother who lost five sons in WWI ~
Apr 1, 2006 - Our Lady of Pontmain
Message thru Ned Dougherty,_2006_-_Our_Lady_of_Pontmain


Anonymous said...

To: Lord Stirling

Don't cry for me when I'm gone
Three score and ten are given to man,
But ours is a much briefer span.
So, though I give you all my heart,
The time will come when we must part.
But all around you, you will see,
Creatures that speak to you of me.
A tired horse, a hunted thing,
A sparrow with a broken wing
Pity - and help (I know you will)
And somehow, I will be with you still.
And I shall know, although I'm gone,
The love I gave you lingers on.

For Teddy