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Seven core demands:
1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
2) Investigate Wall Street and Hold Senior Executives Accountable for the Destruction in Wealth that has Devastated Millions of People.
3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland

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Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

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Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 

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Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

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Israeli Navy intercepts Gaza-bound aid vessels - No injuries reported ~ link ~ The blockade of Gaza is illegal under International Law but that makes no difference to the nut cases who run Israel.  Stirling    
The Israel Navy on Friday afternoon intercepted two boats that approached the coast of the Gaza Strip with the intent to violate Israel's naval blockade of the territory.

After the boats failed to heed calls to turn around or dock in Egypt or Israel, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz ordered naval forces to board the ships. Nobody was injured during the boarding of the ships, a military source said. 

Israeli Navy boards Gaza Aid boats ~ link
Israeli forces have boarded protest boats trying to break its naval blockade of Gaza, the military said.

It said the boats would be towed to the Israeli port of Ashdod.

IDF orders Aid Flotilla to Change Course ~ link ~ IDF naval forces made initial contact via radio with a pair of boats headed for Gaza – who refused to alter course.
The passengers aboard the vessels - 27 activists from five countries - refused to heed naval instructions and continued on their course.

"That madman can't have nuclear weapons": Perry reveals support for Israeli airstrike on Iran ~ link ~ Actually what I would say is "That madman...meaning Perry himself...cannot have nuclear weapons".  Perry is showing himself to be just another bought-and-paid-for political whore for Israel.  We have LOTS of those in America and NATO and the world.  In fact most politicians demonstrate their total alliance to Israel and to the Global Banking Cartel to get elected and to stay in office.  No wonder people are taking to the streets in the Occupy Movement all over the world.  It is corrupt traitorous fools like Perry that will get most of us killed in WWIII.     Stirling     

Rick Perry today became the biggest Republican name to back an Israeli air strike on Iran, as fears mount about the country's nuclear capabilities.

The Texas Governor said he would support Israel on the matter if there is proof Tehran is moving closer to having a nuclear weapon.

Greeks will have 'Bulgarian salary with London prices' - video ~ link ~ Good video interview with a normal person in Greece!  Stirling    

G-20 fails to agree on economic solution ~ link ~ If you know what the game really is then you will understand what is really going on here.  The Global Banking Cartel is creating massive economic chaos globally, as well as bringing about World War III, to establish their satanic New World Order slave state with a dramatically lower global population.  Stirling      
Leaders of the world's 20 top powerful economies have failed to agree on a practical solution to the current economic crises in the US and Europe, Press TV reports.  

G-20 leaders are facing growing pressure at home over the economic woes of their countries, where protests are being held in some nations on a daily basis.  

UK Chief of Defense Staff in secret visit to Israel ~ link ~ Eve of war consultations!   Stirling    

Richards who is Britain's Chief of the Defense Staff reportedly held several meetings with the senior commanders of the Israeli regime's army though there are no details on the subject of his talks.  He also visited the northern parts of the Israeli occupied territories at the regime's borders with Lebanon.

The secret visit comes as Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are reportedly making efforts to rally enough support in the cabinet to launch a military attack on Iran though an Israeli minister has dismissed a conflict as imminent. 
Moreover, after it emerged that Richards secretly met with Israel's military and intelligence senior staff, Barak arrived in London on Wednesday to meet with Richards and Britain's Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and National Security Adviser Sir Peter Ricketts.

The British media have also reported that Britain is developing plans for military action against Iran through deploying cruise missile-armed submarines and warships near the country's waters to help a possible US strike.

Target Iran ~ linkGood one, take the time to read it if you can.  Stirling       
On April 5, 2006, Congressman Ron Paul addressed fellow House members saying: Iran may be America’s “next neocon target….It’s been three years since the US launched its war against Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.”  “Of course, now almost everybody knows” there were none, “and Saddam Hussein posed no threat to the United States.”  “The significant question we must ask ourselves is: What have we learned from three years in Iraq? With plans now being laid for regime change in Iran, it appears we have learned absolutely nothing.”

Over five years later, Paul’s comments still apply and then some as Obama continues Bush’s imperial wars, added multiple ones of his own, and threatens more.


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