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1) End the Collusion Between Government and Large Corporations/Banks, So That Our Elected Leaders Are Actually Representing the Interests of the People (the 99%) and Not Just Their Rich Donors (the 1%).
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3) Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S. Treasury and Return to Sound Money, End the Fed
4) Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks so that None are Ever Again “Too Big to Fail” and in Need to Taxpayer Bailouts
5) Eliminate “Personhood” Legal Status for Corporations
6) Repeal the Patriot Act, End the War on Drugs and Protect Civil Liberties
7) End All Imperial Wars of Aggression, Bring the Troops Home from All Countries, Cut the Military Budget and Limit The Military Role to Protection of the Homeland

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Russia's top general: World War III Could Erupt - Russia Warns US of Israel Not To Attack Iran - RT video ~ link ~ Pay attention to this one folks.  Stirling   

UK preparing for military strike on Iran ~ link ~ Think about it, what possible national vital interest could the United Kingdom possibly have that would compel it to go to war with Iran, especially knowing that Iran has a massive Advanced Biological Warfare arsenal that could kill half or more of the people in Britain???  This is clearly the power of the Rothschild Empire and that of the Zionists working, and working against the interests...the very existence even...of every man, woman and child in the UK.   Stirling     
The U.K. is stepping up its preparations for a military strike on Iran, the Guardian newspaper reported on Wednesday. According to the report, the U.K. is increasingly concerned over Tehran's nuclear program, and is preparing to deploy Royal Navy ships in the coming months to assist a possible U.S. attack on key facilities in Iran.

The paper cited senior officials who said they believed Iran had regained its technological capabilities which were severely damaged in a cyber-attack last year. Iran said the Stuxnet worm infected personal computers of employees at the Bushehr plant, but not the plant's main systems. The New York Times reported last January that the worm was a joint Israeli-U.S. effort to undermine Iran's nuclear ambitions. 

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears ~ link ~ When the report, no doubt a globalist paid for pile of crap, comes out, they will all be demanding a war!   Stirling     

Hawks in the US are likely to seize on next week's report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is expected to provide fresh evidence of a possible nuclear weapons programme in Iran.

The Guardian has been told that the IAEA's bulletin could be "a game changer" which will provide unprecedented details of the research and experiments being undertaken by the regime.

A military war of nerves against Iran: The US leads, Israel and UK go along ~ linkSo the people of NATO, deep in a global economic depression, get to spend billions or maybe a trillion and many thousands of lives to attack Iran for the nut cases in Israel and the Global Banking Cartel Families.  Of course, the war will cause the flow of oil and natural gas from the Middle East to stop, making the current depression the worst in human history.  Oh yes, one other "minor thing", Iran has a global strategic WMD MAD Counter-Force based on its massive Advanced Biowar arsenal that could kill enormous numbers of civilians in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, etc.  All for the satanic fools in the Israeli government and those in the Global Banking Cartel Families.  People, pray and take to the streets in the Occupy Movement....force an end to this craziness while you still have life in you.   Stirling     

debkafile's military sources report that if the US, Britain and other NATO nations, such as France, Italy and Germany, participate in the attack, Israel will not. Its army, air force and navy will defend the home front, be available to engage Iran's allies to prevent them from striking the assault forces from the rear, and act as a strategic reserve. The danger would come from Syria, the Lebanese Hizballah, and the Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami in the Gaza Strip.

These contingency plans are subject to changes, especially if President Obama and other NATO allies decide after all against attacking Iran in the coming year. The hyperactivity will then subside and Israel will be thrown back on the dilemma of having to decide whether or not to conduct a lone military operation against Iran.

There is not much time for contemplation. Syria and Hizballah are reported by debkafile's military sources to be in the throes of separate preparations for attacking Israel if their respective grips on power are shaken. For now, those sources rate the chances of Israel facing a military clash with Syria and/or Hizballah much higher than a NATO-Israeli showdown being mounted against Iran.

Will Israel Really Strike Iran~ link ~ Not if it can get America and NATO to do its 'dirty work' for it.  Otherwise, yes!  

This article, like so many other pro-Israeli articles, really stands out for its total lack of strategic vision.  Iran can hit out at US forces in the region, Syria has chemical warheads, Hizbullah has lots of rockets, and Israel and the US have nukes...etc.   This is a high school level overview and a one that should get no higher grade than a D+.  What is overlooked is that the combination of all the rockets and guided missiles in Iran/Syria/Lebanon could, with Advanced Conventional warheads such as fuel air explosives, effectively destroy Israel.  Further, that the warheads used could include Advanced Biological genetically engineered viruses (not that these bioweapons require rockets or guided missiles to deliver them) which could kill most of those that survived the Advanced Conventional barrage.  Further still, that the warheads could include not only Chemical warheads and Biochemical warheads (persistent biologically produced toxins), but could include deadly long-term radiological warheads including such warheads with advanced glues to make any decontamination process almost impossible in Israeli cities.  Ignoring the real danger does not make it go away in the real world.  If a all-out war is begun against Iran, yes Iran will be wiped out, but so will Israel, and a massive part of the North American and European civilian populations from germ warfare.  Stirling   

Iran’s capability to retaliate for an Israeli strike against the U.S. is enormous.  It could encourage its Shia allies in Iraq to attack American forces, as they seek to withdraw from the country before the end of the year, or the American diplomats who will stay behind. It could encourage the Afghan Taliban, with which it has developed a closer relationship in the last couple of years, to step up its attacks on NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Italian forces in Afghanistan are particularly vulnerable, since they are deployed near the Iranian border around Herat, but American bases across the country would be even more at risk than they are today. U.S. bases in the Gulf states, including Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman, would be in range of Iranian missiles and terrorists. Hizbullah and Iran have contingency plans for attacks on American diplomatic and other targets across Europe, Africa, Asia, and here at home. They don’t need to rely on Mexican drug cartels to hit inside America.

Of course, Iran and its allies can also strike at Israel. Hizbullah proved in 2006 that it can turn northern Israel into a war zone, forcing the mass evacuation of Haifa and other cities. Now it has missiles that can reach Tel Aviv. Iranian missiles could target Tel Aviv as well. And Syria has chemical warheads for its missiles. Israel can mount a tough defense and has the capability to strike back hard.  Of course, it also has a nuclear deterrent. Ehud Barak famously warned Saddam Hussein in 1990 that if Iraq fired chemical weapons at Israel, he should look at his watch because in less than an hour Baghdad would be vaporized by a Jericho. The U.S. can strike Iran even harder. We can hope that deterrence would keep the Persians from blowing up the region.

Israel and Iran are fighting a war of nerves ~ link ~ Is it really a war of nerves or Psych Ops to prepare the public for a near-imminent war???  Stirling     

The speed of events on the Israel-Iran front is beginning to recall the eve of a war. 

Ostensibly, Israel is in a win-win situation. If its scare tactics work, the international community will impose paralyzing sanctions on Iran. If the world falls asleep at its post, there are alternatives. But this is a dangerous game. A few more weeks of tension and one party or another might make a fatal mistake that will drag the region into war. Barak, the brilliant planner, should know this. More than once in the past his complex plans have gone seriously awry.

Senior Israeli Ministers clash over military option against Iran ~ link ~ One side wants Israeli to hit Iran and then let America and NATO get involved; the other side wants to get the goy/gentiles to hit Iran right off the bat; both sides want a war that is apt to begin World War III/Armageddon THAT WILL KILL MORE HUMANS THAN ALL OTHER WARS IN HISTORY COMBINED!  What a choice; what fine people these Israeli jerks are!   Stirling      

Barak supports military strike on Iran, Ya'alon favors U.S. intervention. 



Haaretz poll: Israelis evenly split over attacking Iran  ~ link ~ Israelis are almost evenly split on whether Israel should attack Iran's nuclear facilities, with 41 percent supporting such a strike and 39 percent opposed, a new Haaretz-Dialog poll has found. The remaining 20 percent said they were undecided.

US: NO COMMENT on 'buzz' of Israeli strike on Iran ~ link ~ No comment!  How about, "If you idiots start a war we will break diplomatic relations with you and you will never get another penny in aid or so much as another bullet from us!"  Stirling     

The United States declined Wednesday to respond to "buzz" or "rumors" in Israel about reports Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was seeking cabinet support for a strike on Iran.



Israeli Army gets order to attack Gaza  ~ link ~ Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on Earth and it is populated by unarmed men, women and children.  Not that Israel cares.  During its last main war on Gaza, Israel bombed hospitals and schools and used illegal weapons under International Law.  Stirling    

The Israeli regime has given a green light to its military to prepare for a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip, a top Israeli military official says.

The unnamed official stated that Tel Aviv's decision authorizes the military to attack the occupied territory, AP reported on Wednesday.

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