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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link 

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Occupy UK: Mass strike bites Britain - video ~ link 
Nomi Prins: Banks are like "Government-Sponsored Mafias" - video ~ link ~ Good one!  Take the time to view this if you can.   Stirling   

Europe has Three Choices, including Collapse ~ link 1) "Fragmentation of the euro zone," in which the 17 member nations would go their own way, which he said would be "incredibly disruptive not just for Europe but also for the global economy."
2) "Full fiscal union," in which the nations adopt uniform financial reforms that would be more political in nature.
3) A "middle ground" in which a "smaller but stronger euro zone" emerges where as many as three countries default on their debt and exit the EU.

New Libyan Regime Sends 600 'Troops' To Fight In Syria ~ link ~ These are the same hired guns that NATO/Israel/globalists paid to help rape Libya.  There is NO popular uprising in is totally a foreign paid/led/equipped/staffed/organized/created mercenary army that is attacking Syrian troops in two small enclaves.   All the rest is bullshit propaganda to trick the public, once again, into supporting yet another war of aggression...however, this war will become the Third World War unless the "West" backs off.    Stirling    

Syria: NATO Genocide Approaches ~ link ~ This will NOT be like Libya!  A strike on Syria or Iran will trigger a General Middle East War which will involved WMD from almost Day One.  It will go global and will become World War Three...and that most certainly will be Global Genocide on the Human Race by the tiny .0000001% (the Global Banking Cartel) that is organizing it!  Stirling      

Blatant lies told by alleged "human rights activists" led to ignominious NATO-sanctioned brutality and ultimately brought BP, Shell, Total-sponsored Petroleum Institute representative, Abdurrahim el-Keib, into power in Libya. Now, these same corporate-financier interests, through their same networks of propaganda, duplicity and deception, are laying the ground work for a repeat performance in Syria.

It was just recently revealed that the UN Human Rights Council report regarding Syrian "crimes against humanity" was actually co-authored by Karen Koning AbuZayd, a director of the US Washington-based corporate think-tank, Middle East Policy Council, that includes Exxon men, CIA agents, US military and government representatives, and even the president of the US-Qatar Business Council, which includes amongst its membership, AlJazeera, Chevron, Exxon, munitions manufacturer Raytheon (who supplied the opening salvos during NATO's operations against Libya), and Boeing. The conflict of interest is so monumental it is only outdone by the corporate media's eager acceptance of the report and their complete negligence in airing the compromised backgrounds of those responsible for compiling it.

Questions to ask Zionists about a Middle East War ~ link ~ This is a very important article.  It speaks of fuel air explosives and the Middle East.  About 27 or so years ago, when I was a senior consultant to a very high tech aerospace design bureau in California, I had lunch with one of Israel's top generals and my friend (who was the CEO of the design bureau), just the three of us in Long Beach.  This was before the First Gulf War and the topic got around to Saddam's missiles (which the public called Scuds but were really resigned Scuds called the al-Hussine).  I told the general that the missiles could end up being far more dangerous then generally thought of at the time.  He said that the Israeli Air Force or the USAF could find them and take them out.  I said, no that they could not.  I told him to look around the restaurant that we were eating lunch in.  I said, "how many Scud type missiles and cruise type missiles could you hide here, and make the walls drop down or slide open, and have pre-surveyed launch positions read to go?  That you could roll them out and launch them in less than 10 minutes.  I said with some lead in the roof you could ensure that even the most advanced satellites could not find them.  He had to agree that if you were careful in placing them there, that they might be difficult to locate.  Then I explained that if Saddam was really smart (which he was not, it turned out, thank goodness) that you could use FAE (fuel air explosive) sub-munitions canisters instead of a standard 'dumb' warheads (normal high explosive warhead) and ripple-fire them using a grid system to place a large number of FAE bomblets over a city or major part of a city and lay-down a FAE 'brew' that would have the same PSI (pounds per square inch) explosive force as a standard NATO tactical nuclear warhead.  That scared the crap out of him.  Later I wondered if that had something to do with the baiting of Saddam to invade his neighbor and give the West an excuse to begin the First Gulf War.  In any case, the 50,000 to 60,000 rockets and guided missiles that Hezbollah has in Lebanon alone, not to count the large number of larger guided missiles that Syria and Iran have, could ...if fitted with FAE warheads... be far worse in their combined effect than the theoretical mass attack that I described over 25 years ago.  This topic is only part of what this highly important and excellent article covers...please do take the time to read it all at the link and pass it on to your friends.  Tim Earl of Stirling    
Do you even understand what a fuel air explosive is? All explosions and fires require oxygen. A fuel air explosive pulls its oxygen pulled from its surrounding atmosphere so a 500 pound (227 kilogram) fuel air bomb in a warhead is the same as a 2,000 pound (907 kilogram) conventional munition.

Iran has announced that if Israel attacks them or Syria, they will fire 150,000 missiles at Israel. The vast majority will act as a screen to allow thousands of fuel air explosives to hit targets in Israel. What will 2 or 3 thousand fuel air explosives do to a small country like Israel? What would happen to Israeli defenses after 200 of their largest bases ceased to exist?

What would be left of metropolitan Tel Aviv (Gush Dan) and its 3.2 million people if it were hit by 500 fuel air explosives? Hint: There are only 585 square miles (1,516 square kilometers) in Gush Dan which contains more than 42% of Israel’s population. Fuel air explosives cause massive damage to human organs to people on the fringes of the blast area. A follow up question would be: What would happen to Haifa metropolitan area and its million people if it were hit by 250 fuel air explosives?

The European Central Bank Fiddles While Rome Burns ~ link 

More violence in Kosovo: NATO tells troops to use live ammunition ~ link ~ NATO should get the hell out of there.   I have been to Serbia and personally met a number of senior officials/MPs/etc.  Frankly, the World was scammed by the globalists, who wanted the natural resources of Kosovo, into supporting the UN action there several years ago.  In many ways, Yugoslavia/Serbia/Kosovo served as a template for the current wars/coming wars involving NATO and the UN, such as the horror of Libya.   Stirling        

Escalation Around the Trans-Caspian Pipeline ~ linkThe developments around the Trans-Caspian Pipeline project supposed to provide an undersea energy supply link between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan are about to reach a critical point. Brussels and Ashgabat are determined to go ahead with the construction regardless of the fact that as of today the Caspian states have failed to reach consensus on the status of the landlocked Caspian Sea, while Moscow and Tehran express opposition to the implementation of any energy transit projects before the existing legal disputes are resolved. 

Over the past year, the EU took a series of steps evidently meant to put Russia under greater pressure over the Trans-Caspian pipeline project. In line with the strategy, Brussels threatens to bloc Moscow's South Stream pipeline project. Last September, German diplomacy chief Guido Westerwelle visited Ashgabat to hold talks with Turkmen president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow and to attend the Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan - 2011 international exhibition. Westerwelle's visit – notably, the first one since the 2006 presidency change in the country – was prepared without publicity and announced only when the German foreign minister was already en route to Turkmenistan. The issues on the negotiating table were deeper EU-Turkmenistan cooperation, the situation in Afghanistan, and the plans for the Nabucco construction. Judging by Westerwelle's expressions of confidence that the talks over Nabucco would be successful and that Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan would both join the partnership, his mission was to defuse the current discord between the two. 


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