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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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De-Demonizing Gaddafi - video ~ link ~ The way to judge a national leader is to ask, ''what does/did he do for the average citizen".  By this measure, Gaddafi did well, as this video shows.   Stirling       
America: Now 12 Simultaneous Wars, Misery Index 36%, Third Lebanon War?  When will the Misery Index hit 60% ~ link ~   Take the time to read this entire article at the link.   Stirling      
We had 5 wars until Obama attacked Libya in order to start war number 6 and unleash an open ended war against Africa. He then announced the invasion of four African countries.
Dr Steve Pieczenik who worked for 4 American presidents said today that Obama also invaded two more African countries which makes a total of 6 nations on that continent.
Pieccenik said we are not there chasing the Lords Resistance Army. As I said previously, they have only 300 fighters spread out over half a dozen nations. Dr Pieczenik says the US military is hunting down and killing Gaddafi supporters. As I said last week, America and NATO invaded Libya because the Libyans were the only protectors of the African people on the whole continent.

The United States of Zion currently has troops killing people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Chad and Niger.
Greece: Cradle of Austerity - with RT video ~ linkMake no mistake about it, the Global Banking Cartel are deliberately making life so very hard on 99% of the Greek people that they are being pushed to armed revolution and total chaos.  This is part of the Grand Strategy of the Cartel to create massive amounts of chaos throughout the World in the lead-in to their establishing their totally satanic New World Order.   Stirling    
Greece wakes up this morning to a new age of austerity. Parliament has passed a fresh package of pay cuts and tax hikes in attempt to stave off bankruptcy. The decision has been met with violent unrest in Athens. Protests in Greece have become a common occurrence, but behind the rallies is public anger at years of austerity. For the people that has meant wage cuts many people by 30 per cent in most cases. On top of that, tax hikes, cuts to pensions and cuts to public spending.

Unemployment is cripplingly high and the country has seen the emergence of a new generation of homeless. It seems these measures have affected everyone in Greece. The young and the old, people from all walks of Greek life joined the two day protest, the largest Greece has seen since the crisis began, and one of the most violent too.

Greece's Parliament approved new austerity measures - 1 Protester dead as Government faces massive dissent ~ link ~ On the second day of a general strike that has paralyzed the country, demonstrators marched to Syntagma Square before parliament to protest the new measures that include pay and staff cuts in the civil service as well as pension cuts and tax hikes for all Greeks. The draft law calls for 30,000 public servants to be put on reduced pay and for collective bargaining rights to be suspended.

Greek MPs pass new austerity measures - with video ~ linkThe member of the ruling socialist party who voted against it, Louka Katseli, has been expelled from the party by Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Civil servants, shopkeepers, dock workers, taxi drivers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, construction workers and others were all due to take part in the strike, which began on Wednesday.

EU bank failure will crash Wall Street - again ~ link ~ Worst-case scenario’s closing fast: Occupy Wall Street growing. But no political power or allies yet. Feared yes, attacked by GOP proxy tea party. Soon the Occupation will explode into a new American Revolution.

All this was so obvious, so predictable. America is at a crossroads. Occupy Wall Street buildup has emerged as America’s last great hope to restore democracy. Last week when USA Today called the Occupiers a “ragtag assortment of college kids, labor unionists, conspiracy theorists and others” hinting they’re a flash-in-the-pan “devoid of remedies,” I smiled, reminded of that famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware on Christmas 1776, leading what historians also called a “ragtag” Continental Army, surprising the British, and winning the Battle of Trenton. 

Massachusetts Sussex County calling for HALT OF ALL FORECLOSURES ~ link ~ My question is.... if the AG of Mass can see the banks committed FRAUD how come all the other AGs in the U.S. are overlooking all the FRAUD?! How come the AGs of the U.S. are NOT STANDING BY THE LAW? How come the AG's of the U.S. who are suppose to UPHOLD the Law of the States are going to NOT STAND BY THE PEOPLE BUT STAND BY THE BANKS?!

I am asking EVERYONE to send something to your AG and ask them - How are they REWRITING LAWS FOR THE BANKS AND NOT UPHOLDING THE LAW!?
Banking - The Greatest Scam on Earth - video ~ link ~ Why should not banks be only chartered to non-profit organizations with very strict rules and no-more than 1% interest charges.  Since the money is almost all fiat created money anyway, why allow private bankers to exist?  And why do we allow the crooks on Wall Street to maintain the sale of stocks as a gambling market?  Why not have a clear government appointed system that establishes monthly or quarterly values on stocks and simple sales of the stocks.  The prices would be largely set on the basis of revenue for the corporation and take into account investments of future growth/etc.  Why allow the scummiest elements of society to rip us all off???   Stirling          

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