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Assad's army remains defiant as it buries its dead ~ link ~ The Syrian Army, as well as the Syrian Government and the Syrian People, know that the armed attacks near the Turkish border areas are foreign based.  They know that the US/NATO and Mossad and Saudi Arabia are behind the attacks and they will not allow themselves to be defeated like Gaddafi.   If that means a General Middle East War and World War III, they are not the ones starting it.  Stirling        
Oakland policeman throws flash grenade into crowd trying to help injured protesters - video ~ link ~ People if a dozen high value lawsuits were filed against that officer it would make others think.   There is no shortage of attorneys in California.  Stirling      
US Marine veteran fights for life after suffering skull fracture and brain swelling from police gas canister during Occupy Oakland clashes ~ link ~ Please check out this story and photos and pray for this brave Marine.   Stirling      
Occupy Wall Street co-founder warns against 'totalitarian nightmare' - with video ~ link ~ Many people think that this cannot happen in America.  They are wrong.  The criminals long ago took over in Washington and New York.  In 1963 they did a coup in Dallas and killed the President in broad daylight on the street and those guilty NEVER payed a price for fact old man George Bush was one of the CIA operatives there and he later became Vice-President and President.  These people are totally satanic and will do anything for their power and money.  They have to be stopped if we are to live as free people!  Stirling      
Eurozone Crisis: Fist Fight in Italian Parliament - with video ~ linkA fist fight broke out amongst deputies in the Italian parliament during a tense debate on the country’s austerity reforms, ahead of a critical meeting of eurozone leaders.

The failure of the Berlusconi government to agree on key reforms to retirement age and other deficit reduction measures after a cabinet revolt by members of the eurosceptic Northern League on Monday spooked markets and further undermined confidence in the country's economy.

Italian Deputies in fist fight over reforms ~ link ~ At least some people in their Parliament have the balls to stand up against the global banksters.  America has a few in Congress, damn few, willing to do the same, and that is truly sad.   Stirling      

Bossi has steadfastly refused to make more than slight concessions to Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on the League's objections to changing Italy's generous pension system as part of reforms demanded by European leaders. 

Euro Zone to Quadruple Bailout Fund ~ link ~ Yep, that will fix things....till shortly after Christmas!  When the people of the World decide to throw the leaders of the Global Banking Cartel and their enablers in prison, then things will get better.  Stirling      
The USA Is Fast Becoming a Third World Police State ~ link ~ Yep, with high level criminals running the nation!   Stirling      
As a P.T. (often referred to as perpetual traveller, permanent tourist or prior taxpayer), I have travelled to nearly 100 countries.  During those travels there has always been one defining moment, upon entry into a country, which shows that the country is what is generally thought of as a "third world country".

It is the moment when, upon arrival, you are charged a fee to enter the country.  The reason generally being that the government of the country has so destroyed the economy and/or they have so little understanding of what creates wealth that they think that the way to make their country prosperous is to charge a fee upon entry rather than allowing people to enter freely and transact, trade and spend their money in the economy.  Either that or the government is so desperate for money that it uses this as a significant source of revenue.

They have this in Cambodia, Indonesia, Bolivia and numerous other similar countries.  And now, they have it in the US.

Former Obama envoy George Mitchell comes out as "Israel's lawyer"  ~ link ~ It is shameful beyond description how the world's sole superpower has allowed a tiny racist nation to control America's Government.  Stirling      

America's "Unnoticed" Military Aggression - US combat troops arrive in Uganda ~ link ~ When the Defense Department formed an African Command you know that this crap was coming.   Cities and states are going broke during this Depression, yet we manage to spend untold billions sending troops into places like Uganda.   Unbelievable!   Stirling      

Bette Midler offers to buy Occupy Wall Street protesters porta-potties ~ link ~ Way to go Bette.  Stirling     

As the Occupy Wall Street continues to grow and refuses to depart Zuccotti Park, it seems to accumulate allies from the strangest places. The newest celebrity on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon? Bette Midler, who told Joy Behar on her program today that she was “thrilled” to see young people “saying things that have to be said,” so much so that she offered to provide portable toilets for the occupiers. The toilet discussion came about because of protests from the lower Manhattan community that the protesters are sullying the place up. When Behar brought the issue up, Midler suggested the families “send some down because toilets are cheap, porta-potties are cheap.” So cheap, in fact, that she offered to send them down herself– and tried to get Behar to go halfsies on the donation

Why Governments Make War ~ link ~ Good one.  Stirling      

Argentina orders oil and mining exporters to repatriate funds ~ link ~ The lady president has the courage to act in the interests of her nation, not in the interests of the moneyed elite...something that more leaders should do.   Stirling      

Argentina ordered oil, gas and mining companies such as Xstrata Plc to repatriate all future export revenue as the government struggles to stem accelerating capital flight from South America’s second-biggest economy.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, in her first move since winning re-election Oct. 23, changed a 2002 decree requiring companies such as Repsol YPF SA, Total SA, Petroleo Brasileiro SA and Pan American Energy LLC to keep at least 30 percent of their export revenue in the country. 

Israel military violates Lebanon airspace ~ link ~ That this is done all the time does NOT make it any more acceptable.  What would happen if some nation's air force violated American or British or French/etc. airspace???  This is typical Eastern European Jewish Ghetto culture at work, a 'in your face' attitude, that has no place in modern nation-state behavior.   Stirling       

According to a statement by the Lebanese Army, the Israeli aircraft violated Lebanese airspace on Tuesday over the border town of Alma al-Shaab at 7:15 a.m. local time.

The remote-controlled drone left Lebanese airspace the village of al-Naqoura on Wednesday at 3:00 a.m. after hovering over the southern parts of the country and the capital, Beirut, for almost 20 hours, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The European Debt Crisis: The Creditors Are America's "Too Big To Fail" Wall Street Banksters ~ link ~  Yes, but I like to look at who is pulling the levers behind the 'follow the money and power'.   When you do that you find that a tiny group of families, headed by the Rothschilds, and often called the Global Banking Cartel families, are the real Wizards of Oz.   That they get by with the evil that they do is because WE ALLOW IT!  Stirling       

The Difference Between A Taxpayer And A Slave ~ link ~ Check this out, it will only take a second!  Good one Mike!   Stirling    

The One Percent: Gigantic Government + Gigantic Corporations = Massive Wealth Inequality In America ~ link ~ Today, there are protests all over America that are targeting "the one percent" and all of the wealth and power that they have accumulated.  Unfortunately, many of the solutions that these protesters are advocating simply will not work and will not lead to less wealth inequality.  To understand this, you have to understand how we got to this point.  Over the past several decades, our federal government has exploded in size and our large corporations have exploded in size.  In fact, we have seen this pattern happen pretty much all over the world.  Governments and corporations all over the globe are getting much bigger.  Whenever you have very, very large concentrations of money and power like that, it is going to lead to massive wealth inequality.  The Occupy Wall Street protesters would like to frame this debate as "socialism vs. capitalism", but the truth is that wherever you find big government you will almost always find big corporations, and wherever you find big corporations you will almost always find big government.  Sure, they spar once in a while, but the reality is that big government and big corporations work in tandem most of the time.  Sometimes big government has the upper hand and sometimes big corporations have the upper hand, but they are both collectivist institutions.  Wherever you find collectivism in the world, you will find an elite that receives most of the benefits while the rest of the population suffers.  In the United States today, our gigantic government is thriving and our gigantic corporations are thriving and the middle class is rapidly shrinking.  The solution to this is not to replace one form of collectivism with another form of collectivism.  Rather, what we need is to go back to what our founding fathers intended.  They were extremely suspicious of large concentrations of wealth and power, and they intended for us to live in a capitalist system where individuals and small businesses had the freedom to compete and thrive.

American Arrogance Accidentally Leads To Good Outcome ~ link ~ Occasionally, the crooks 'screw up in reverse'.   Stirling      

Vatican sexual abuse inquiry into Eading Abbey given short shrift ~ link ~ As long as the Pope continues to act for the evil forces of the globalists and continues to maintain the man-made rules of celibacy (which is NOT required by Catholic dogma), the Roman Catholic Church will continue to be a subject of jokes, multimillion dollar lawsuits, and a horrible blot on the name of Christianity, as 60% of its priests and bishops are gay and many continue to attack children hiding behind their religious positions.  The bishops could change this on their own authority, or the people could demand it and force the issue, but that would require getting off their butts and thinking and doing something.  Sadly that does not appear in the cards.   Stirling     

Vatican Dedicated to Luciferian World Government ~ link ~ Good one Henry!  Sad to say, this does appear to be the case.  The majority of people that I have known who have been sent to prison have been Catholic priests for sex crimes.  Benedict XVI, when he was a Cardinal and now that he is the Pope, has been a key person in allowing this evil to continue.  I remember as a small boy, being warned by my mother not to get in cars or take candy/etc. from strangers.  I asked why, she simply said that I had to listen to her on this, period.  Well the sick evil perverts that mothers have warned their children about are now, sadly, way way too often are wearing Roman collars.  This is all tied in to the World Government thing because it is all coming from those who have infiltrated the Church to do evil while pretending to be holy.    

This is what I recently wrote on the Vatican's support for a World Currency/Government: If anyone had doubts as to the level of infiltration, at the highest levels, of the globalists in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, this should end all doubts.  When Pope Pius XII died, a man who was a secret high level Masonic Freemason was elected as Pope John XXIII.  He called the disastrous Vatican II Council and made sure that it followed an agenda that would take it away from traditional Church teachings and practices.  There were some good things to come from Vatican II but most changes were highly negative and opened the door to the wave of gay priests and the flood of child molestations that continue to this day.  John XXIII specifically prohibited the Council (in spite of the fact that the Council is supreme under church dogma, not the pope) from considering abolishing mandatory celibacy for priests and bishops.  He appointed the man who would become Paul VI as a cardinal.  Paul VI had spent only about a month total in the seminary, instead of the then norm of 12+ years.  His father was considered 'high mafia' in Italy.  Paul VI was a great disaster for the Church, causing many Catholics to leave over the outrageous teaching that it was alright for Catholics to engage in sex using "natural" birth control (to have sex without it resulting in a pregnancy; which often meant using a rectal thermometer on the wife to judge her obviation period) but prohibited using a condom or birth control pills.  He was followed by John Paul I, who was almost certainly poisoned in one month's time, so the the runner up at John Paul I's Conclave, would be elected as John Paul II.  John Paul II continued the crazy policies of his immediate predecessors, and in fact was one of the bishops in Vatican II who caused the disasters from that Church Council.  John Paul II was the first non-Italian pope in over 400 years and was from a communist nation, Poland, ruled over by the communist/globalist KGB.  He was Jewish, as his Ukrainian mother was Jewish, as was her mother, and her mother/etc.  That he was Jewish, under Jewish law, was a fact that both the Church and the mainstream news media "forgot" to tell the world.  He was a high-level operative for globalist forces.  The globalists discovered in Russia and Eastern Europe that it was very difficult to totally stamp out Christianity, so their attack changed to destroying it from within using Front Men.  The current Pope Benedict XVI was the closest cardinal to John Paul II and was directly involved in allowing the horrific sex abuse scandal to continue and to expand during John Paul II's tenure and now during his own.   He has now "come out of the closet" all the more by calling for a key strategic long-time goal of the Global Banking Cartel, a one-world central bank.  As a former Roman Catholic, I am deeply ashamed of what the Church has become under these jerks, and very glad to have left it and become Eastern Orthodox.   Stirling    
Strangers in a Familiar Land  ~ link ~ Interesting.  Stirling    
Has President Obama become a Joke?  ~ link ~ Yes, and 'the joke is on us'.   Stirling     
Last Saturday in his radio address to his own people and over the internet to those around the world who still think he is worth listening to, President Obama said, “This week we had two powerful reminders of how we've renewed American leadership in the world.” That made me wonder which of the two d’s should be applied to him – duplicitous or deluded. (I won’t argue with any readers who might say that he is both because being duplicitous eventually makes you delusional. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is best proof of that).

According to Obama the two powerful reminders were the death of Muammar Gaddafi and the end of the war in Iraq. The day before his Saturday show the president declared the killing of the Libyan leader to be “momentous”; and he told his fellow Americans that the long and costly war in Iraq will be over by the end of the year and that all 40,000 U.S. servicemen and women still there “will definitely be home for the holidays.”

Women with high cholesterol live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes ~ link ~ Yes, but Big Pharma wants to make MORE MONEY and therefor you must take anti-cholesterol medicine....NOT.  Stirling     

The Prepper Movement: Why are millions of Preppers preparing feverishly for the End of the World As We Know It?  ~ link ~ Because they see the stuff being done every day, day in and day out, by the most evil people on the planet...those that control things.   Stirling    

UN tally excluded most Afghan civilian deaths in night raids ~ link ~  Americans and all those citizens of the nations that have/are fighting in Afghanistan, based on the lies of the 9/11 False Flag events, need to realize that truly massive numbers of men/women/children have been killed and are still being killed there.  And they need to realize that collectively we will answer to God for these crimes, undertake in our name.  What have you done to oppose them?  Stirling    
Pentagon: Uganda Deployment 'Won't be Open-Ended' ~ link ~  You mean like US based in Germany, or Japan, or South Korea, or Afghanistan, etc., etc.   This has won the not so coveted Four BS Flag Award.   Stirling

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