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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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Russia has confirmed that it will NOT support a Security Council resolution against Syria today.

If you do not learn real history, you will be dead really soon ~ link ~ YEP!  Take the time to read all of this at the link.  Stirling    

Edith Cavell was a British nurse in World War I who wrote in the April 15th issue of the Nursing Mirror of her plan to bring the Great War to a speedy conclusion. She was executed under orders from William Wiseman the head of MI6 for North America.

She had discovered that the British relief program to feed the Belgian widows and orphans was a fraud used by the Rothschild interests to prolong the war. They did not feed the Belgians. The food was put on rail cars and sent across the lines to feed the German soldiers. The relief efforts were headed by the exceedingly despicable Herbert Hoover who profited from this enterprise. He was a Rothschild business partner in Rio Tinto Zinc. Hoover also organized the relief program to save the Russians from starvation under a fellow Rothschild associate, Joe Stalin.
US confirms attacks by Pakistani military units ~ link ~ The globalists intend to have a real global war/WWIII and want to take out both Pakistan and India in a local war theater.  That this war theater will involved massive usage of nuclear weapons on both sides and the contamination of the Northern Hemisphere, with a billion or so murdered is so much the better for these satanist jerks.  Stirling       
Pakistani military units fired shots at American and Afghan government troops along the Afghanistan border several times over the past year, in encounters the United States has downplayed but that illustrate the fraying relations between the countries, according to officials.

On Wednesday, Afghanistan's foreign ministry issued an angry warning to Pakistan after claiming that about 300 rockets had been launched across the Pakistani border into the Nuristan and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan, killing an unspecified number of civilians.

Saudi Arabia clashes in eastern province of Qatif ~ link ~ Payback, from Iran, for supporting/funding/manning the western/Mossad/globalist war on Syria.   Stirling     
Fourteen people have been injured in clashes in eastern Saudi Arabia, state media say.

They said the unrest in the province of Qatif late on Monday had been incited by "a foreign country", without elaborating. Saudi Arabia's minority Shia population is concentrated in the east, the scene of protests earlier this year.

State media said eight of those wounded were security personnel and three were civilians.

Dylan Ratigan 'Rocks the House' at Wall Street Protests: "Banks have purchased the Government" - videos ~ link ~ Damn Good!  Please take the time to view this!  Stirling     

7 Core Demands from the Occupy Wall Street Movement ~ link ~ These are great demands!  I support this totally.   Stirling    

I am writing this article to express my full support and solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been growing rapidly across the country. In typical fashion, the media first ignored the protests and have now been trying to marginalize the efforts by constantly stating that the protestors have no goals. To the contrary, there have been a number of General Assemblies and online polls where the people have been voting on which issues are most important and which specific demands rise to the top. This is a lesson in true Democracy, something that we haven’t seen on Capitol Hill in quite some time.

After all, the degree to which the politicians have been voting against the will of the people is insulting to the idea of a Democracy or Republic. It is clear to most Americans, if not the full 99%, that the government has been corrupted, bought off and is no longer working in the interest of the people they are supposed to be representing. This is one of main underlying grievances, which manifests in a Congressional approval rate at an all-time low of just 12%. But there are also specific demands that have been well articulated, despite the insistence of the mainstream media to the contrary. I’ve pulled from the various sources and distilled the list to what I believe should be the 7 core demands from the Occupy Wall Street movement:

Chris Christie won't run for President in 2012 ~ link ~ Good!  Stirling     

Humpback whale gives show after being saved - video ~ link ~ Neat!  Not everything that I post can be about war/economic depression/etc.   Stirling     

Little boy and his dog - video ~ link ~ Really neat.  If I could, I would like to ask my readers to say a little prayer for my dog, Teddy, who is sick with congestive heart failure.  Thanks, Tim Earl of Stirling     

Beauty of Mathematics - video ~ link  

Bernanke says 'economic recovery close to faltering' ~ link ~ The man should be hung just for mouthing such bullshit.  While untold millions are suffering from the economic troubles caused by his masters, the Global Banking Cartel Families, he has the balls to say that the 'economic recovery is close to faltering'!  This man has no truth in him and no common decency in him.  This is the type of trash that 'Occupy Wall Street' is protesting over.  Stirling      


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