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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link

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Banks protests planned across USA ~ link ~ Please note that I have added the color blue that I will be using for Occupy Wall Street/World/etc. stories in the future.  Stirling      
Occupy Wall Street organisers hope to attract thousands of people to the rally in lower Manhattan, having won the backing of powerful unions. The demonstrations are now in their third week and show no sign of fading. They have been venting grievances over the 2008 corporate bailouts, high US unemployment and home repossessions.

Students at colleges across the US have been urged to walk out of class in solidarity with the activists at lunchtime on Wednesday.

People around the World predict America's 'Occupy Wall Street' protests could spur a nationwide revolution ~ link ~ From Australia and China to the Middle East and Russia, the world watches as "Occupy Wall Street" protests spread. "I think the United States, right now, is much more desperate than people realize," a former U.S. intelligence officer said on international TV.

The movement has spread from the streets of lower Manhattan to small towns in Vermont, Colorado, and even a rally in Tampa Saturday.

"Occupy Wall Street" groups across the country seem to be taking a page from other international revolutions -- using social media to mobilize, thousands, quickly.

Ratigan with Denninger: How To Get Money Out Of Politics - with video ~ link ~ Also see: Get Money Out: Making Waves ~ link ~ Ratigan is mainstream news media but he seems to be trying to do some real good.  He is pushing for a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics and is a strong supporter of 'Occupy Wall Street'.  Stirling     

Targeting the Real Enemy: Occupy the Fed - with video ~ link ~ I like Alex Jones, he goes to the meat of the issue.  The 'meat' or center of the American and global financial problems is the Global Banking Cartel and their control of the Federal Reserve and other central banks and transnational banking institutions.  If we are to have peace and prosperity we have to drive a stake through the black heart of these evil bastards.  Stirling       

Alex Jones urges supporters to take to the streets outside branches of the private Federal Reserve bank at locations across the country– not just to protest, but to “occupy” the source of real monetary tyranny in the U.S. The intent is to focus media attention not just on vague calls to ‘reform’ capitalism but to attempt to reign in the shadow banking cartel itself. The corruption of Wall Street is but a symptom of this unaccountable entity that holds a grip over finance, politics and freedom everywhere.  

The Occupy Wall Street crowd has become predictably focused on issues like taxing the middle class and moderately “rich,” ending capitalism and even re-electing Obama to ‘fight’ the very elites who pushed him into power. Focus should instead be on the real source of power for the out-of-control bankster class- the private, unaccountable Federal Reserve bank that creates money out of thin air, issues secret loans to insiders and foreign governments and systematically institutes debt on the American people through their undue powers. 



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