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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
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Syria sows mines along Lebanese, Jordanian, Turkish borders ~ link ~ DEBKA is spinning this as a defense against arms and manpower snuggling, however, it is also something that nations do on the eve of battle.  Stirling    
In the last 48 hours, the Syrian engineering corps has laid minefields along the Jordanian, Turkish borders to cut down on the influx of weapons and armed manpower supporting the anti-Assad opposition and the outflow of army deserters.  debkafile's military sources add: By this action, Syria aims to seal itself off against foreign military intervention by Arab or NATO troops.

According to our military sources, Turkey recently boosted its direct intervention in the Syrian uprising. The rebel military commands permitted to operate from its soil have now received permission to start recruiting Syrian army deserters and volunteers, bring them over for short training stints and send them back armed with rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), automatic weapons and hand grenades.

Commonwealth agrees to historic change to give sex equality in Royal Succession ~ link ~ I am STILL WAITING for the Government to authorize the same for the succession to my titles!  Stirling     

Italian pensioners protest in Rome ~ link ~ Italian opposition parties believe Rome should tax properties and residents with assets, rather than increasing the country's retirement age and cutting public expenditure.

Rome has been pressured to implement economic reforms and budget cuts to reassure investors worried about the country's huge debt ratio that is second only to Greece.

There is growing fear among EU leaders that Italy could be sucked into a crisis that has already claimed Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Suicide of a Superpower - Importing Endless Poverty ~ linkBuchanan says it all, "We are trying to create a nation that has never before existed, of all the races, tribes, cultures and creeds of Earth, where all are equal. In this utopian drive for the perfect society of our dreams we are killing the real country we inherited -- the best and greatest country on earth."

A Nuke Too Far? ~ link ~So now, with former CIA spy “Reza Kahlili” taking the byline and a convoluted story that would make Tom Clancy blush filling in the details, the Washington Times is now reporting, as though it is absolute fact, that Iran “already has nuclear weapons.”

Putting aside the nonsensical story for a minute, neither Kahlili nor the Times appears to understand that if Iran not only has nuclear weapons but, as they claim, has had them for many years, the whole narrative they’ve been pushing about such a weapon being an imminent threat in the hands of Iran is proven false by them never using these supposed Soviet surplus nukes.

US Protests should target New York Federal Reserve ~ link ~ YEP!   Stirling    

Occupy Wall Street Protests are just blocks away from the New York Federal Reserve and the following is a list of reasons why the New York FED ought to be a target of national protest. 

IMF sees bleak future for Pakistan and several other states ~ link ~ Since the IMF is a prime tool for the Global Banking Cartel and since they want Pakistan destroyed or at least denuded of their nuclear weapons, I think that this statement might just maybe somehow be a little bit "tilted".   Stirling     

China seeks military bases in Pakistan ~ link ~ More getting ready for WWIII.   Stirling      

ISI may act if Afghanistan gets too close to India: Musharraf ~ link  

Occupy Wall Street candidate could be next US President ~ link ~ An interesting perspective from this Iranian site.  Actually, I believe that man is Ron Paul.  However, we still have the problem of computer voting being a total scam.  That and the fact that the same evil powers that killed JFK, RFK, MLK Jr., and JFK Jr. would likely do everything possible to stop any candidate that offers a REAL CHOICE and has a real chance.   Stirling     

The Occupy Movement & The Hopi ~ link ~ Oh yes, you want to read this!   Stirling      

Spontaneous Evolution: A Universal Love Story - video ~ link ~ Good one!  Read it along with the Hopi story above.    Stirling     


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