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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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UK renews nuke claims, Defense Secretary threatens Iran ~ link ~ I have a few problems with British Defense Secretary Liam Fox's statement.  The number one problem is that it is a DAMN LIE and he knows it.  Just this week, the just recently  retired Director of the Israeli Mossad said that Iran is years away from developing nuclear weapons.  Other 'problems' that I have with this statement are: It is more pre-war psych ops to get the public ready for yet another globalist/neocon/Netanyahu war based on lies; it is more than that as it is part of a scheme to cause a General Middle East War with Weapons of Mass Destruction with will result in the Third World War which could kill billions of us.  There are more problems, such as the British and global economies cannot stand a war that will shut off the flow of Persian Gulf oil ... it would make the already bad Global Depression horrific and make it the Greatest Depression ... but these are sufficient reasons for this jerk to resign from the Cabinet and Parliament.  Stirling   

Fukushima: Plants are dying ~ link 

Cops beating people at Occupy Wall Street - video ~ link  

NATO bombs hit hospital in Sirte, Libya ~ link ~ Yep, good old NATO is acting to save the Libyan civilians....sure...really....NOT!  Beyond shameful.  Stirling      

Most incredible End the Fed Rant - Occupy Wall Street protestor Chris - video ~ link ~ This guy sounds like me!   Stirling      

Top 5 reasons why the Occupy Wall Street protests embody values of the real Boston Tea Party ~ link
In recent years, the Boston Tea Party has been associated with a right-wing movement that supports policies favoring powerful corporations and the wealthy. As ThinkProgress has reported, lobbyists and Republican front groupshave driven the current manifestation of the Tea Party to push for giveaways to oil companies and big businesses.
However, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations picking up momentum across the country better embody the values of the original Boston Tea Party. In the late 18th century, the British government became deeply entwined with the interests of the East India Trading Company, a massive conglomerate that counted British aristocracy as shareholders. Americans, upset with a government that used the colonies to enrich the East India Trading Company, donned Native American costumes and boarded the ships belonging to the company and destroyed the company’s tea. In the last two weeks, as protesters have gathered from New York to Los Angeles to protest corporate domination over American politics, a true Tea Party movement may be brewing:

Saudi Arabian reinforcements rushed to oil regions to quell 'machine-gun toting' Shiites ~ link ~ This is a case of tit-for-tat payback from the Iranians and Syrians for the trouble that the Saudis are helping the West and Israel to cause in Syria.  Stirling     
11-month Arab revolt reached Saudi Arabia? Or been imported? This week saw weeks of simmering unrest in the Shiite-populated eastern oil regions boiling over. Wednesday, Oct. 5, the Saudi Ministry of Interior warned it would "strike with an iron fist" against any breaches of the country's stability and security after security officers came under automatic fire and Molotov bombs fired from motorbikes in Saudi Arabia's richest oil center in the eastern region of Qatif.

Saudi officials blamed "a foreign country" and "mercenaries" after demonstrators fought the police with classical Iranian Revolutionary Guards tactics in the Shiite town of al Awamiya near the kingdom's largest oil terminal at Ras Tanura:  In one incident, the security police were allowed to break up demonstrations. But when they chased the ringleaders into the alleys, they were ambushed with machine gun and automatic fire. Eleven officers were injured but as they retired with their wounded, they were hit a second time by Molotov-wielding motorcyclists with two riders – one driving and the other shooting.

Greece police and rioters clash as nation goes on strike - with video ~ link ~ I suspect that America is headed towards a real national strike, the first one in its history.  Of course, a "little diversion" like WWIII could derail this.  Stirling      

Global economy at moment of danger ~ linkBritish Prime Minister David Cameron has warned of global economic “moment of danger” after the country's companies lost £34 billion in stocks value over a day.

The index of the UK's 100 most highly capitalized companies listed on the London Stock Exchange dived by 2.6 percent on Tuesday, dipping the FTSE 100 Index to below 5,000 units level for the first time since July 2010. The fall and the ensuing loss of value for the giant firms on London Stock Exchange was caused by a worrying report from Germany's Deutsche Bank, the mounting fears of a Greek default and concerns over the stability of European banks in general. The situation has forced Chancellor George Osborne to leave the Conservative Party conference to join EU finance ministers emergency talks to find a way out of the current economic mess. 

Occupy Wall Street - video (aerial of street scenes) ~ link  

CNN's new star is a little too sympathetic to Wall Street ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  I use to like Erin Burnett but after the way she trashed the Occupy Wall Street protestors  I have no respect for her.  She is just one more petty air-headed hired mouthpiece for the globalists.     Stirling      

CNN's newest primetime anchor Erin Burnett isn't making any friends among the Occupy Wall Street protesters. In a visit to the front lines of the movement earlier this week Burnett grilled protesters on the specifics of their outrage, many say, from a point-of-view that's not befitting of a network that's often boasted of it's objective journalism. However, Burnett's combative tone in her "Seriously" segment on Tuesday night--on top of a deleted tweet by business reporter Alison Kosik in which she makes fun of the protesters--is dismaying press critics and CNN viewers alike. On top of that, journalism watchdog group FAIR says that, Burnett misreported the facts in an attempt to make the protesters look uninformed. Burnett, whose fiancée is a Citigroup executive, is now being framed as the next generation of CNN personalities that stray from the network's commitment to being the "only credible, nonpartisan voice left."

Livni faces protestors in London visit ~ link ~ They had to change the law in the UK to allow her visit.  Otherwise they would have had to arrest her as a war criminal.   Stirling     

The former Israeli foreign minister is to hold meetings with senior British officials including Foreign Secretary William Hague in London.

Pro Palestinian campaign groups, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Friends of Al-Aqsa have called rallies outside the Downing Street on Thursday to “tell the government that they must arrest war criminals, not invite them to London.”

The British media consider Livni's visit a test to the recent amendments to the Universal Jurisdiction law that require the judiciary to issue arrest warrants based on individual lawsuits for the prosecution of war criminals only after the approval of the Director of Public Prosecutions. Westminster Crown Court issued an arrest warrant for Livni on a request from human rights lawyers two years ago which forced her to cancel his British visit over fears of facing detention.

Critics of the Universal Jurisdiction law amendment say the British government has changed the regulations under pressure from the Israeli officials. The Geneva Conventions allow the citizens of the countries, which have signed the documents, to prosecute foreign officials accused of war crimes but the British government's amendment seems to have effectively stripped Britons of that right. 

Chicago Board of Trade: Traders respond to protestors with signs reading, "We are the 1%"  ~ link ~ How nice.  We should invite them to a good old fashioned neck tie party, as guests of honor.   Stirling        
The Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Chicago this week, where protesters have gathered outside the Chicago Board of Trade, the world’s oldest options and futures trading center. Like the protesters in New York and other cities around the country, the group gathered to protest our nation’s growing income inequality, as the top 1 percent of Americans continue to see their incomes rise rapidly and their tax rates fall. The Chicago traders, confronted by the protesters’ “We are the 99 percent” message, crafted their own not-so-subtle reply, hanging signs in eighth-floor windows that said, “We are the 1%“:

Occupy Wall Street protestors sue New York City ~ link ~ YES!!!  They should also sue for Human Rights violations, and name the senior police commanders and the mayor and go after their personal assets!  If necessary in foreign courts having Universal Jurisdiction in matters of Human Rights.  Stirling     

After the New York Police Dept. arrested over 700 protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge last Saturday, six of those arrested filed a class action lawsuit on Oct. 4, alleging constitutional violations for intentional entrapment and false arrest.

“The NYPD engaged in a premeditated, planned, scripted and calculated effort to sweep the streets of protesters and disrupt a growing protest movement in New York,” plaintiffs charged in the complaint.
After escorting and leading a group of demonstrators and others well out, the NYPD suddenly and without warning curtailed further forward movement, blocked the ability of persons to leave the Bridge from the rear, and arrested hundreds of protestors in the absence of probable cause.
This contradicts police statements to the media: “They were warned not to walk on the roadway — the people that walked on the pedestrian walkway, there was no issue — the ones on vehicular roadway, they chose to anyway, and they were arrested.” However, in this video, police can be seen leading protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge roadway. “This was a form of entrapment, both illegal and physical,” plaintiffs asserted.
NYC Mayor Bloomberg, 4th richest man in America due to Wall Street, is about to snap the Mouse Trap Shut on those who threaten his fortune ~ link ~ His deep pockets should bring out LOTS of sharks (attorneys) in human rights lawsuits.   Stirling     
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is threatening to shut down democracy on Wall Street. You might expect that from a man who is the fourth-wealthiest person in America, with $19.5 billion dollars in his pocket. Moreover, Bloomberg made a lot of money as a Wall Street financier, but he catapulted into the multibillionaire category by revolutionizing financial market information and selling a specialized terminal and access services to the financial industry (followed by Bloomberg media services). In short, his fortune is directly integrated into the Wall Street status quo.

That may be why he told a New York City radio show host last week that "New Yorkers need 'to help the banks.'" The Village Voice headlined its story on the plutocratic pronouncements of Bloomberg, "Mayor Bloomberg: 'We'll See' If The City Will Let Occupy Wall Street Continue."

US Government is watching you on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter - video ~ link ~ Fascist jerks!   Stirling     

Kiss My Ass and Call me Cupid - Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Check this out, especially the links in the body of the article.  Stirling     

Here is a riveting example of what happens when political correctness goes wild and a small segment of society gains the upper hand over public good. Here’s another example and several for what is going on with this movement at the political level.

Occupy the World Livestreams list ~ link

Sarah Palin says she will not run for President in 2012 ~ link ~ Good.  She was always confused anyway, mostly about if Israel was her country or if it was America.   Stirling       

Stunning pictures of Al Gore's new $9 million mansion mainstream news media totally ignored ~ link ~ It pays to be a bought-and-paid-for political whore to the globalists. Sad.  Stirling     

5 Sci-Fi Ad Techniques that are about to make life creepier ~ link ~ We are in the middle of a great cultural arms race between advertisers with tons of money and state of the art technology and the common man's ability to ignore the ads those advertisers create. You've seen hundreds of ads today -- how many did you actually remember?

Don't think for one second that ad executives are giving up. It's all about using futuristic technology to make their ads more and more invasive. That's how we've wound up with ...

Second Wave of Protests Unleashed: Targets the Federal Reserve - with video ~ link ~ We need to drive a stake into the evil black heart of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and throw the owners in prison...that or just hang the bastards!  Stirling     

Deepak Chopra: Obama is Surrounded by Mafia - video ~ link  

Occupy Wall Street is a peaceful stand against the big American rip-off Support it and regain your dignity ~ link 

Chomsky on Occupy Wall Street and Israel Imminent Collapse - video ~ link  

Is Hang a Banker Day coming to a Theater near You? - Dog Poet Transmitting ~ linkWatch it happen in front of your eyes. The Occupy Wall Street phenom is going viral, diversifying like a stock portfolio and popping up all over the US and in other countries as well. Look at the media not covering it. Look at the media giving out false information concerning the motivation, even to the extent of saying the protestors are protesting against people making 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year, as well as global warming. Understand that the media is owned and operated by the same people who operate at and influence Wall Street. Look at the important names that are appearing in the mix and the American Marines showing up on behalf of the protest as well. In its genesis and presentations, it is about as authentic and threatening to go nova as it can get. This is the real deal.

The traders and bankers are celebrating their imagined invulnerability. In the delusion of their fevered hubris, they are drinking champagne and talking about pouring it on the protestors, in emulation of the bankers and traders at The City of London, who waved banknotes out of their windows as they jeered the protestors. Does this look like they may and should have their heads chopped off and put on display? Does this give you the impression that Hang a Banker Day might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon? This is not an argument in favor or against this. This is an observation of the anger of the vast majority coming up against the defiance, indifference and ridicule of the minority of those causing the conditions for the anger in the first place.

If elected will you arrest the bankers?  ~ link ~ Good one!  Stirling    

The first question we should ask any candidate for President is this: If elected, will you promise to arrest every banker for whom we have probable cause to believe they committed a crime?

If the Answer is Yes, we will listen. But, if the Answer is No, then we ought not to listen as any candidate who does not listen to us is against us and not for us.

This is a non-negotiable issue. If you will not arrest the people who stole tens of trillions of dollars, how will you put an end to Bailouts, Austerity Cuts and Mindless Tax Increases? I don’t care if you are a member of my political party, my religion, my race, my gender or my veterans group. I don’t care how photogenic your children are. I don’t care about any other issues you run off at the mouth about. If you cannot and will not listen to me, there is no reason why I should listen to you.


14 Facts (Financial News) that just might scare the living daylights out of you ~ linkWill the bad financial news ever stop?  A lot of people in the financial world were hoping for a much better fourth quarter after an absolutely disastrous third quarter.  Well, if Monday was any indication, October could end up being a really rough month for global financial markets.  So much bad financial news keeps pouring in that it really is a challenge to try to keep track of it all.  Greece seems to get closer to defaulting on their debts with each passing day, and it appears that Germany is not going to contribute any more bailout money beyond what they have already committed to.  Major banks on both sides of the Atlantic are on the verge of collapse, and investors all over the world are afraid that we may have another "Lehman Brothers moment" soon.  Shares of American Airlines dropped a staggering 33 percent on Monday as rumors that they will soon be entering bankruptcy swirled.  Yes, things certainly are getting interesting.  Back in 2008, the governments of the western world saved the financial system with gigantic bailouts that were absolutely unprecedented.  If the financial system crashes again at some point in the coming weeks or months, will the political will for more bank bailouts be there?  If not, what is going to happen to the banking system?
On both sides of the Atlantic, the big banks are highly leveraged, they have taken on a ton of risk and they are very deeply exposed to derivatives.  It is as if virtually nobody learned any lessons during the financial crisis of 2008.  Once again we are facing a situation where if a couple of financial dominoes fall it could send dozens of others tumbling to the ground.

Some very significant things happened on Monday.  But the media has gotten so used to reporting on tremendous financial instability that Monday's events mostly got brushed to the side.  Instead, Amanda Knox captured most of the headlines.

But the reality is that some really, really monumental stuff has been going down.
The following are 14 facts that just might scare the living daylights out of you...

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