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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
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Pakistan Army Chief WARNS US, FLEXES NUKE MUSCLE - video ~ link ~  This is serious.  The US has placed many troops on the border with Pakistan and continues drone attacks in Pakistan.  If a General Middle East War begins (wither or not it begins in Iran, Syria or Lebanon) the way to quickly turn that into World War III is to kick off a war on the Indian sub-continent.   Only totally evil madmen would do such a thing, the trouble is that is who is in control of events globally.   Stirling     
US issues travel alert for citizens in India ~ link ~  On the surface this appears unrelated to the 'hot talk' and deteriorating conditions between USA and Pakistan.  But is it really unrelated?   Stirling    
Flashback:  Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike  ~ link 
British Embassy in Kuwait shuts as UK citizens 'urged to exercise caution' ~ linkBritain has suspended embassy operations in Kuwait City and urged UK businesses there to review security measures due to a terror threat.

It comes less than two weeks before a planned visit to the country by Prince Charles to mark the 50th anniversary of its independence.

Next Stop Is Pakistan ~ link ~ The Pakistanis have warned (see the Army Chief's comments above) that they are a nuclear power and will not stand for an American attack on them.   While they do not have the long-range nuclear bombers and ICBMs necessary to launch thermonuclear warheads at the American homeland, they do have submarines capable of launching nuclear armed cruise missiles and other means of delivering some warheads on American cities.  Of course, this could be a good opportunity to set up a False Flag nuclear attack on America in order to institute martial law.  Things are getting rather insane throughout the World as the Third World War unfolds.   Stirling       

It does appear that for some Pentagon brass, including Defense Secretary Leon Panetta; the CIA under former U.S. Central Command and Afghanistan commander General David Petraeus; and top Republican and Democratic politicians that, indeed, Pakistanis next on the target list of nations that will soon be feeling the military muscle of the United States. Unlike other Muslim nations that have been subjected to U.S. military intervention, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya, Pakistan’s ultimate prize for the West is its nuclear weapons arsenal…

A number of observers, including former senior figures with the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, have made no secret of western contingency plans, which appear to be going active, to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in order to eliminate the nation as a nuclear weapons power. The plans have been coordinated between the CIA, India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) intelligence service, and Israel’s Mossad.

Dr. Deagle's NutriMedical Report show 13 October 2011 - Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) and Chris Harris - video (three parts) ~ link ~ link link 

Matt Taibbi with Don Imus - My advice to Occupy Wall Street: Hit bankers where it hurts - with video ~ link ~ Why? Because after a decade of unparalleled thievery and corruption, with tens of millions entering the ranks of the hungry thanks to artificially inflated commodity prices, and millions more displaced from their homes by corruption in the mortgage markets, the headline from the first week of protests against the financial-services sector was an old cop macing a quartet of college girls.

That, to me, speaks volumes about the primary challenge of opposing the 50-headed hydra of Wall Street corruption, which is that it's extremely difficult to explain the crimes of the modern financial elite in a simple visual. The essence of this particular sort of oligarchic power is its complexity and day-to-day invisibility: Its worst crimes, from bribery and insider trading and market manipulation, to backroom dominance of government and the usurping of the regulatory structure from within, simply can't be seen by the public or put on TV. There just isn't going to be an iconic "Running Girl" photo with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup or Bank of America – just 62 million Americans with zero or negative net worth, scratching their heads and wondering where the hell all their money went and why their votes seem to count less and less each and every year.

Occupy This: US History exposed the 1%'s crimes then and now (4 of 6) ~ link 

Does water have memory? - video ~ link ~ Very strange research from a top university in Germany.  This is similar to other research elsewhere.  I believe that we are seeing a Quantum  Physics effect here and related to the Super-Holographic Universe Model.   Stirling    

Murdochs face ouster vote but are poised to stay ~ link ~ In my opinion the Murdochs do great evil and are a parasite on the butt of humanity.   Stirling   

Leverage debate undercuts Euro summit ~ linkA debate between France and Germany over how to boost the euro-zone bailout fund’s firepower forced European leaders on Thursday to schedule a second summit meeting for next week as hopes faded for a comprehensive plan to emerge from a Sunday gathering of European leaders.  

Foodies, Get Thee To Occupy Wall Street ~ linkNo doubt, the financial sector is a stunning example. This MoJo chart shows how the 10 largest banks came to hold 54 percent of US financial assets, up from 20 percent in 1990. As big banks gobbled smaller banks and became megabanks, they managed to extract more and more wealth out of the economy. Even after the epochal meltdown and bailout, the financial sector now claims fully a third of US corporate profits. They've invested a chunk of that windfall in what is probably Washington's most formidable lobbying machine—which is precisely how they managed to slither away unscathed despite the economic carnage they caused.

But other economic sectors are similarly concentrated, and have a comparable grip on public policy. Consider the industry I cover. Our national food policy is both in desperate need of reform and utterly trapped under the heel of industry influence. So, as Occupy Wall Street evolves, food policy should be on the plate. Here are four reasons why:

Top 11 Ways Big Brother Loves Us ~ link ~ There were too many options for naming this story..."Current Surveillance State of the Surveillance State", "Technocracy Gone Wild!", "What New Intrusions You're About To Experience", "Mr. Scan Man Bring Me A Dream", or maybe "A Funny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To The Police State".
Yes, folks, all this is necessary...
You see, those remote control bombers-in-a-cave who baffled America's defenses and brought down 3 towers in NYC and smashed through the recently reinforced facade of the accounting division of the Pentagon that was trying to find Rumsfeld's missing trillions he announced the night before...yes, those guys, who we can't seem to find or kill off after 10 years of war in Afghanistan and later Iraq and now all of frikking NATO attacking the whole damned region can't find by the most sophisticated military in the history of mankind...
...We are being protected from THEM!...clearly they're VERY CLEVER!..and WE NEED PROTECTION!!
"Thank you, police state, for this wonderful Homeland of Security! Let's all bend over and get that exam underway, citizens. We just can't be too careful these days. Something sinister might have crawled up there...."

TSA Takeover of America - Army of TSA agents conduct random searches throughout Tennessee ~ link ~ Growing government fascism in the former Land of the Free!   Stirling     

The full scale Department of Homeland Security takeover of America shifted into high gear Tuesday with an army of TSA agents conducting illegal, 4th amendment killing, random searches throughout Tennessee.

The Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program was put into motion at 2 public bus stations as well as at 5 weigh stations throughout the state. The program is billed as a must have anti terrorism measure when in reality no terrorists have ever been arrested by TSA and all the supposed terrorists who have been arrested in America since 9/11 have literally been run by the FBI.

New Tech gives soldiers predator-style heat vision ~ link ~ Actually this technology is not new, but its adaptation to combat rifles is.   Stirling     

50% of ALL WORKERS Mad Less Than $26,000 In 2010 ~ link ~ Time for people to wake up, get off their butts, turn off the sports/reality TV shows/etc. and take to the streets.   Stirling    

A last cigarette and a swag of water, Quaddafi's son Mutassim pictured before he too died of new wounds acquired in captivity ~ link 

Who shot Gaddafi? New video.  Gaddafi's last words, "Do you know right from wrong?" ~ link ~ This article has additional photos and video showing more details than before.  Of course the mainstream news media could not let the opportunity pass to compare him to Hitler or Saddam, etc.   Stirling    

Does one 'super-corporation' run the global economy?  Study claims it could be terrifying unstable ~ link ~ Actually, what they have uncovered is the web of control that the Global Banking Cartel Families use to control things on this planet.   Stirling     

Americans pay dearly to maintain Israel's nuclear secrets ~ link ~ According to newly declassified FBI files [.pdf], NUMEC’s venture capitalist David Lowenthal and founder Zalman Shapiro knowingly failed to comply with even the lax AEC standards in force in the 1960s for handling radioactive waste at NUMEC. An FBI wiretap placed on Lowenthal’s phone picked up shocking news of a major illicit radioactive spill on May 5, 1969. Lowenthal and Shapiro were both under investigation for diverting enough HEU to Israel to build more than a dozen atomic weapons. Shapiro and Lowenthal were in the midst of their “exit strategy” — selling NUMEC to Atlantic Richfield, which would (along with successor Babcock & Wilcox and then American taxpayers) be left holding the bag for massive future cleanup and health indemnity costs.

Pro-Israel "doners" are at the heart of Defense Ministry scandal in Britain ~ link ~ I am shocked NOT!  Stirling      

I keep saying that the Israel lobby is a central factor in the making of our foreign policy, and some day journalists are going to have to cover the story-- and the Liam Fox scandal in Britain ups the ante.

The scandal has had Israel lobby implications from the start. Werritty and Fox met with the Mossad in Israel. Werritty was involved with a shop called Atlantic Bridge that was started to promote the special relationship between England the U.S., but that pretty clearly was also pushing the special relationship to Israel. For instance, this Atlantic Bridge filing lists Amanda Bowman as CEO. Bowman writes for Pajamas Media, a fount of neoconservatism. Here she says that Islamists are like Nazis.

Bombshell: Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that most foreclosure sales from previous 5 Years Are VOID ~ link ~ People that tried to take advantage of distressed foreclosure sales were being greedy and un-Christian and now will pay a big price for it.  Stirling    

The only thing surprising about this ruling is that it took so long to be made. This is black letter law, folks, the logical extension of the Court's Ibanez decision.

Without a promissory note, a foreclosing plaintiff cannot show a legal injury, i.e., does not have standing to sue. Without standing, the action before the court does not qualify as a "case or controversy" under Article III of the constitution. Courts can only make rulings on "cases or controversies;" 
advisory opinions are a legal nullity. Consequently, a court that purports to enter a "judgment" where it has no subject matter jurisdiction has in fact entered a legal nullity on its docket; that "judgment" is void as a matter of law.

Old American theory is 'speared' ~ link ~ An ancient bone with a projectile point lodged within it appears to up-end - once and for all - a long-held idea of how the Americas were first populated. The rib, from a tusked beast known as a mastodon, has been dated precisely to 13,800 years ago.

New cancer study - video ~ link ~ If you or someone you know has cancer do an in-depth Internet search of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his Rife Therapy and where to purchase Rife Machines!   Stirling       

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