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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
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Bibi 666 Netanyahu Threatens Gazans With Death ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi has a relatively small window of opportunity still open to attack his many 'enemies' (Gaza/Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon) before the onset of winter, when it is said that the IDF does not want to wage war.  Either he begins a war soon, or he has to wait until Spring or later in 2012.   Stirling    

Gaza militants renews rocket fire at Israel ~ link ~ I have trouble believing that this is not an Israeli False Flag.   The rockets are doing hardly no damage on the Israeli side, but the Israeli counter-attacks are doing significient damage.  And what is the point of hitting Israeli with little more than bottle rockets/fireworks?  Who benefits from this?   Stirling      

Two rockets were fired toward Be'er Sheva, after an alarm sounded throughout the city. One rocket was intercepted by Iron Dome, and one exploded in an open area. Two rockets were fired toward Sderot, and one was intercepted while the other fell in an open area. Three more rockets exploded in an open area in the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council.

There were no casualties or damage done in any of the incidents. 

US fears unilateral Israeli strike on Iran  ~ link ~ One more time: What we should be 'fearing' is the Iranian MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force, its massive Advanced Biological Warfare capabilities, in the event of a major war against it and its allies (Syria, Lebanon, Gaza/Palestine).  A desperate MAD release of Advanced Biowar viruses by Iran could set into motion an event that could end up killing billions directly and more indirectly.  But our "leaders", and the globalists/Zionist mainstream news media, seem to always "forget" about this global strategic biowar arsenal.   Stirling     

Israel to extend range of its nuclear missiles to ICBM level   -  Could hit America and all of Europe and China ~ link ~ So tiny racist Israel, with its 8 million people, needs to be threatening all of NATO with its ICBMs and Hydrogen Bombs???  Why???  Why do the nations of NATO allow this???  Stirling       

An attack on Iran would be a disaster for Iran ~ link ~ Any rational student of strategic matters knows this, but the Netanyahu Government seems not to.  Are they being driven by something other than loyalty to Israel???  Maybe something very dark, very evil and spiritual in nature!  Starting World War III is not wise, especially if you are a tiny nation/target, not wise at all.  So why do it???   Stirling       

Living under Israel's Boot ~ link ~ If any other nation tried to get away with what Israel does, it would be attacked by UN forces.  But Israel commits war crimes with immunity.  That, by the way, is a script for real trouble for Israel, but there is way too much evil/arrogance in the minds of its leaders to see that danger.   Stirling      

Thorium - The safe Nuclear Power? - with video ~ linkIt’s estimated that Thorium is three times more abundant than uranium, the element currently used in nuclear plants.Scientists say there is so much of it, that it can produce energy than all of the world’s oil, coal, and uranium combined. Sounds like the alternative energy source the world needs.But despite its advantages, nuclear experts say politics and corporate interests may be getting in the way.

Terrorists fight terrorism: America, Israel and the "terrorist" bogeyman ~ link ~ You can thank Bibi 666 Netanyahu for that.  He is the one that came up with the idea of "terrorism" as a "threat" to America so that we will kill those that he wants eliminated for his Greater Israel plans.   Stirling     

Obama's profound disrespect for the Presidency - photos ~ link ~ Sad, very sad!  Stirling      

Nashville Judge Tells Cops: "You have NO lawful basis to arrest Occupy Protesters"  ~ link ~ Nice to see someone is standing up for the US Constitution!  Stirling     

Official refuses Tennessee Governor's orders to break up 'Occupy Nashville' ~ link Just one week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) saw his order to push an “Occupy” protest out of a public park at night rebuked by a local official, Tennessee’s governor is experiencing a similar problem.

Gov. Bill Haslam (R) has twice given the order to crackdown on protesters at “Occupy Nashville,” only to see it denied by judicial commissioner Tom Nelson. In Tennessee, a judicial commissioner has the authority to determine whether crimes have been committed.

Nationwide Occupy Movement crackdown continues with more police brutality ~ link As I covered on October 28th, the crackdown on Occupations across America have begun in full force. Some of these incidents, like the attack on protesters in Oakland, California, have been violent but some have thankfully been relatively peaceful.

It is worth noting that the crackdown in Oakland directly violates a 2004 agreement made by the Oakland Police Department to refrain from using the exact types of tactics they utilized which resulted in the hospitalization of Iraq veteran and former Marine Scott Olsen.

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