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J Post reports: Israel Move On Sinai ~ link ~ While the young people of the World lead the battle against the evil forces with the 'Occupy Wall Street/the World' battle, the Antichrist Bibi prepares another type of battle, the darkest and most evil in human history.  Stirling      

Israel hits back at Turkey as tensions soar ~ link ~  This is a very pro-Israeli piece, but it does show that relations are souring fast.  While this is happening, new military alliances are farming in a complex geopolitical near-war environment.  Where will Turkey be leading (or trying to lead) the Arabs and (globally) all the Muslims, when a war breaks out between Israel/US/EU vs. Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Palestine???  This is a key and vital strategic question, as is "what is the Grand Strategic and  short-term strategic goals of Turkey and is Turkey its own master"???  Stirling      

Russell Simmons: I will bring hundreds of thousands to 'Occupy Wall Street' - with MSNBC video on 'Occupy Wall Street' ~ link ~ Hip hop magnate Russell Simmons said Thursday on MSNBC that he planned on joining the ongoing “Occupy Wall Street” in lower Manhattan.
Simmons, who has an estimated net-worth of $340 million, noted that all his employees paid more taxes than he did.

“Last time I got involved in a protest I brought a hundred thousand people there, for the Rockefeller Drug Laws,” he said. “And if I get involved really heavily in this one, we find the agenda and have a common ground… we can bring hundreds of thousands of people… small seeds are planted, but it could grow into something very big.”

BBC: 'Occupy Wall Street' protests grow amid Radiohead rumor ~ link ~  The foreign mainstream news media is beginning to cover this massively important story.  Stirling  

The Guardian: 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters march against police brutality ~ link ~ They are waking up to the very recent historic events, where similar happenings in Tunisia and Egypt became Earth shaking revolutions.  Is this what is happening in America???  Note: It is already spreading to Europe, to Canada, and to Australia!  Stirling    

Japanese Ministry of Education Admits to Plutonium in Iitate-mura in Fukushima ~ link ~ Since we know that a Scalar War event triggered the Superquake that caused the tsunami, we also have to understand the "unthinkable": That globalists forces have deliberately mortally wounded the Japanese nation.  Stirling    

Japanese Prime Minister considered evacuation of Tokyo - audio ~ link  

Former Senior Clinton Advisor Dick Morris: 'Very Possible' Obama Will Bow Out of Presidential Race - For Now ~ link ~ I believe that the powers-that-be (the Global Banking Cartel and Zionists) are getting desperate to stop Ron Paul and that means changing, in a major way, the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign.  Stirling      

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Anonymous said...

"The foreign mainstream news media is beginning to cover this massively important story. "

Sadly not on swedish tv yet. A brief article in a newspapaer, that's it. Oddly thogh. a un verified video of a few military vehicles and the sound of some gun fire made the news in swedish tv - took place in syria. So unverified news and a video from the net - un verified is news but live video from wallstreet protests are not - not yet anyway.

Im just an observer but i observe something new in swedish television. Not reportiing but telling. And telling a certain story over and over.. almost like and agenda...