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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link

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I have been asked by Dr. Bill Deagle to host an hour of his NutriMedical Report international radio talk show several days next week.  Would any of my readers care to suggest a guest or guests for me to interview?  Please email me at   
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France: Iran faces high risk of military strike, Russia practices Iranian reprisal ~ link ~ The Russian bit sounds like hopeful thinking from DEBKA.   Stirling     

A New Democratic Revolution is sweeping Northern Europe - Comments by Nigel Farage, MEP in the European Parliament - video ~ link ~ Damn good one!   I would love to see more of this hard hitting/no nonsense approach in the American Congress, the British Parliament, etc.   Stirling      

Head of UniCredit Securities predicts imminent End of Eurozone and a Global Financial Apocalypse ~ link ~ Either the YesMen have infiltrated Italy's biggest, and most undercapitalied, bank, or the stress of constant, repeated lying and prevarication has finally gotten to the very people who know their livelihoods hang by a thread, and the second the great ponzi is unwound their jobs, careers, and entire way of life will be gone. Such as the head of UniCredit global securities Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, and former Chairman of the Hungarian stock exchange, who has written an unbelievable oped in the Hungarian portal which, frankly, make Alessio "BBC Trader" Rastani's provocative speech seem like a bedtime story. Only this time one can't scapegoat Szalay-Berzeviczy "naivete" on inexperience or the desire to gain public prominence. If someone knows the truth, it is the guy at the top of UniCredit, which we expect to promptly trade limit down once we hit print. Among the stunning allegations (stunning in that an actual banker dares to tell the truth) are the following: "the euro is “practically dead” and Europe faces a financial earthquake from a Greek default"... “The euro is beyond rescue”... “The only remaining question is how many days the hopeless rearguard action of European governments and the European Central Bank can keep up Greece’s spirits.”...."A Greek default will trigger an immediate “magnitude 10” earthquake across Europe."..."Holders of Greek government bonds will have to write off their entire investment, the southern European nation will stop paying salaries and pensions and automated teller machines in the country will empty “within minutes.” In other words: welcome to the Apocalypse...

But wait, there's more. From Bloomberg:

A Simple Way to Help Resurrect Hope in America ~ link ~ This is a good article about the negative effects of television, especially globalists owned television, on the human mind.  Stirling      

Greek Deputy Prime Minister says tax limits of Greek Society EXHAUSTED ~ link ~ But the global banksters WANT MORE!  They screwed up the Greek economy/nation and now they want the Greeks to pay for it....PAY MORE....give till it hurts and then give LOTS MORE!   For some reason the saying, "anyone got a rope", keeps going through my mind.   Stirling      

Greece on edge of debtonation as government tightens tax noose - video ~ link ~ Some nooses need to be tighten, but not the ones on the people...the ones on the globalists and their bought-and-paid-for political whores.   This is a powerful video, take the time to view it.   Stirling     

Greece Trick: 'You can't tax your way out of crisis' ~ video ~ link ~ Default is the only way out.  The people are not going to allow these new super-taxes to be imposed on them.   Stirling    

A Panorama of the European Debt System - The Definitive Primer of the Eurozone ~ link ~ This is a 83 page summery of the Euro debt system.   Stirling     
Morgan Stanley has released "A panorama of the European Debt system" - easily the most comprehensive summary analysis (in 83 pages) of the Eurozone. To wit from the authors: "In this primer, we have compiled the key background information and statistics relevant to the context in which the European debt markets operate, encompassing Europe’s Institutional Framework, the ECB and the banking system, as well as sovereign, corporate and household debt, both in aggregate and by country. The compilation reflects the most frequently asked questions our economics and strategy teams receive from clients globally." Anyone who has ever had questions or been generaly curious about the uber-dysfuctional European debt system, and that would be everyone, especially the ECB, must read this document, if nothing else for the plethora of pretty charts.

Protesters Plan To Occupy London Stock Exchange ~ link ~ It is spreading from New York City/Wall Street throughout America and now to Britain/London.  I predict that this will continue to spread globally.  It has the potential of making 1968 and even 1848 look like 'child's play'.  It also increases the likelihood that the globalists will force the issue of a global diversion, that is World War III, if they can.  It is this issue that will decide the history of the human race.   Stirling   

32 Pictures of Police Brutality from 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests ~ link ~ You can bet your last (increasingly worthless) dollar that this is being organized at the highest levels (Global Banking Cartel Families) because they are scared shitless of the masses turning against them and attacking their centers of economic power.  Many of the rank and file police do not support this type of crap.  We are hurting the globalist banksters....keep up the good work....we are the 99%....they are just crooks whose time is UP!   Stirling       

Report: 100 New York Police Officers Boycott in Solidarity with Wall Street Protesters ~ link ~  The officers have homes, families, futures that are being ruined by the globalist banksters trash; and they know it!    Stirling      

United Airlines union pilots in uniform join 'Occupy Wall Street' - 'Occupy Chicago' - 'Occupy LA' - 'Occupy Seattle' ~ link ~ Unions, professional unions even, are now joining the kids at Wall Street.  That will pucker up some globalists assholes!   Stirling       
A story making a quite a bit of buzz on twitter and other social networking sites is United Union Pilots reportedly joined in the Occupy Wall Street protest today by marching in full uniform to help rally support against Wall Street bankers.

Michael Moore speaks at 'Occupy Wall Street' Protests - Calls For Entire Nation To Join - videos ~ link ~ Listen up America, Listen up Europe, Listen up World....we are 99%, the rest are just a tiny bunch of evil satanic crooks.  They belong in prison or swinging from the end of a rope.  We are the 99%, they are not...they are nothing if WE say so!  Say so!  Take take the time to view the videos, great one!!! Stirling      

Wall Street wreaked financial havoc - with video ~ linkWall Street bankers and corporations have caused havoc to the global economy and there is a need for an organized campaign to put an end to their dominance over the global economy, a financial journalist tells Press TVPointing to the ongoing protests in New York by the group called “Occupy Wall Street,” Max Keiser described the protests, which are against corporate corruption and Washington's financial policies, “part of the global insurrection against banker occupation.”  “New York is the center of the manufacture of weapons of mass financial destruction,” he added.

Keiser stressed that the US public needs to have an organized campaign so that a “regime change” would occur in the country's financial system.

F*ck Wall Street - video ~ link ~ Yep!
Polls: Americans Want Our Liberties Restored, Our Troops Brought Home and the Federal Reserve Reined In ~ link  

Identified: NYPD senior officer who maced peaceful women ~ link ~ Shameful....what a man....pepper sprays young women who have already been corraled into a tiny fenced area and who are defenseless ....that takes a 'real man' NOT!  JERK!  Stirling     
A photographer has identified the cruel and cowardly NYPD supervisor who point blank maced a penned in group of young women and then slinks away Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protests:
Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna of the NYPD Patrol Borough Manhattan South.

If you think Deputy Inspector Bologna should be fired and prosecuted for his abuse of power, file an on-line complaint with:

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