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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link

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LiveStream feed from Occupy Wall Street demonstrations - video ~ link ~ I get the sense that these demonstrations are beginning to take off regardless of the effort to prevent them by the mainstream news media and the globalists.  Keep it up folks!  Turn the heat on, BIG TIME!  Do something creative, organize bus trips or car caravans to NYC for the demonstrations.  Ask your local unions to aid and participate in this.   Stirling      
Occupy Chicago ~ link ~ It is spreading!!!  People in Europe, begin doing this on a EU wide basis....march on the EU Parliament!  End the role of the Global Banking Cartel satanic monsters!  Stirling       
12 Things You Can Do To Support 'Occupy Wall Street' ~ link ~ Do SOMETHING!!!   Stirling    
These patriot occupiers are fighting for 99% percent of us.   Those who are unemployed, uninsured, under employed and totally insecure in the face of ever increasing social and financial inequities.   They are standing up for those who cannot be there right now.

Believe me when I tell you nobody, but nobody knows this is going on!

Here's the good news --  you can help, right now today -- no matter where you are. 
Sarkozy's best man investigated for kickbacks from arms dealers ~ link ~ This has the potential to take the corrupt little jerk down.  One can hope!  Corrupt political leaders, in First World nations, almost always use cut-outs as bag men for illegal bribes.  Stirling  
An explosive financial scandal threatened President Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday after two of his associates were formally accused of handling illegal kickbacks on arms contracts.

One of the President's closest friends, Nicolas Bazire – who was best man at Mr Sarkozy's wedding to Carla Bruni in February 2008 – was placed under formal investigation yesterday for "receiving embezzled funds".

Congressman Dennis Kucinich: "Congress takes money from the American People and gives it to war profiteers and Wall Street" - video ~ link ~ I like Dennis, he 'tells it like it is'.   Stirling      

Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything ~ link ~ It is going to get worse, lots worse!   Stirling       

THE INSIDERS HAVE QUIT BUYING STOCKS! - The Ratio of insider sales to purchases has jumped ~ link ~ Bad sign, really bad sign!   Stirling    

Chief executives. Board members. The head honchos. The people who know. Just a few weeks ago, they were out in force, buying up shares in their own companies with both hands. No longer. They’ve disappeared. Almost overnight.

1981 film 'Rollover' - Global financial Armageddon: "Sell everything you've got and pray" - videos ~ link ~  
Study:  Most new Texas jobs went to immigrants ~ link ~ There are really very few new jobs.  We stripped ourselves of our industrial base, shipping our main wealth creation tool to overseas Third World nations, years ago.  Just in the last few years we have lost over 50,000 factories.  While this was happening the American people remained fat and stupid more interested in sports than reality.  Now they are paying a high price, and the price is rising fast and is no where near paid-in-full.   Stirling    
True cost of Wall Street Bailout - PBS video ~ link   
Obama-style deficit reduction: A bipartisan plan to destroy America's Middle Class ~ link ~ When the long-spoiled American Middle Class finally fully wakes up and realizes that their lives and futures have been robbed and destroyed  by the Global Banking Cartel families and their political whores, there will be absolutely HELL TO PAY.  That is one, of many reasons, why we are going to have a world-class diversion .... World War III.   Stirling       
Poverty soars among young families in USA ~ link
Since the onset of the economic crisis, millions of working class families have fallen into deep financial distress. The younger generation has been particularly hard hit by unemployment, the housing crisis and debt.

Government data indicate that more than one in three young families with children were living in poverty in the US in 2010, the highest rate ever recorded. At the same time that families are financially strained, assistance programs for the poor have been cut and eligibility rules tightened.

Obama's Re-election Chances May Be Fading ~ link ~ Gee, that is too bad...NOT!  Stirling      

Unless President Obama breathes life into a massive New Deal-type jobs and reconstruction effort that is visible, that can be seen by, and that helps, millions, and unless he does it now, and not in some vague Tomorrow, his chances for re-election, will shrivel. (Not that I care: I plan to vote Green.) That’s because this presidential campaign early on is being fought out largely on domestic issues, with appeals to voter self-interest. In all the Republican debates and Democratic oratory until now, have you heard anything about USA’s role (i.e.,warmongering) in the Middle East? 

When an IED explodes: The shocking pictures of what really happens when the Taliban attacks ~ link ~ Why are we still in Afghanistan???  We are controlled by madmen who are making great profits from war, while our people are dying, and our nations are in the mist of another Great Depression!  Why?????   Stirling       

Neil Armstrong calls US Space Program 'embarrassing' ~ link ~ It is embarrassing!   We should have long-term bases on the Moon, cities in orbit, and have landed on Mars by now.  A little thing called criminals (Global Banking Cartel families, neocons, etc.) and their greed have managed to keep us from Space while we plunder and destroy the Earth.   Stirling      

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, told lawmakers Thursday that the end of the space shuttle era has left the American human spaceflight program in an "embarrassing" state.

"We will have no American access to, and return from, low Earth orbit and the International Space Station for an unpredictable length of time in the future," Armstrong told the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. "For a country that has invested so much for so long to achieve a leadership position in space exploration and exploitation, this condition is viewed by many as lamentably embarrassing and unacceptable."

High Time to repatriate offshore Trillions for Taxation ~ link ~ It is also high time to kick 90%+ of the bums in Congress out and put some people in office who will work for the people instead of the corporate/banking crooks.  Stirling      

One of the greatest detriments to job creation in the US is the overseas income deferral law. This unbelievable gift to transnational corporations is at the heart of free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing. Presently these corporations are sitting on $2.2 trillion in untaxed profits, which is costing the American taxpayer almost $800 billion in lost tax revenue if like in 2006 they are allowed to bring the funds back at 5-1/4% taxation. Those conglomerates want to bring those funds back into the US tax free, which means $1 trillion in lost taxes, taking advantage of the current financial situation in the US. Five years ago Congress passed legislation allowing $350 billion to be returned to the US at 5-1/4% taxation, not the normal 35%, because these corporations said they would use the funds to create jobs. Very few jobs were created and a large part of the funds were used to purchase company stock, which rose in value, allowing the officers of these corporations to sell stock from options and make billions of dollars in profit for themselves. These are the same corporations that have been responsible for the loss of 11.7 million jobs, the loss of good paying jobs 450,000 American companies and the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars in tax revenue. These corporations are responsible for the heart of American manufacturing being ripped out of America. It over time has spread as well into service and professional industries.

There was a secret meeting on December 24, 2010 with the president in the White House where these pressured Congress and the White House to exempt overseas corporate profits from taxation. It is our opinion that a continuation of such a policy would deprive the US of badly needed taxation. A cessation of present policy would as well help to stem the flow of jobs out of the country. This change would stop the flow of businesses leaving the US and would cause some companies to return to the US.

Inside the Trillion-Dollar Underground Economy keeping many Americans (Barely) afloat in Desperate Times ~ link ~ Europe and elsewhere have their own versions of same.  This is a Global Depression.  Stirling    

The many benefits of a Second Passport ~ link 

The Sun can provide a cooling solution ~ link ~ The solar cooling concept absorbs solar radiation to heat water above 200 degrees F, then uses the heat to drive a compressor that lowers the temperature of a refrigerant, explains Tomas Núñez, a scientist at the German Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. It's a process similar to that used for propane refrigerators, but the sun--not gas or fossil fuels--is the heat source.

"Our method is ideal for countries which have many days of sunshine and in remote areas where there are no conventional means of refrigeration owing to a lack of water and non-existent or unreliable energy sources," says Núñez . "It is environmentally friendly and reduces the use of expensive electricity for conventional refrigerators to a minimum. Refrigeration is always available when the sun shines, which means that it is produced at the times when demand is at its highest."

Al Gore and Climatists: Get ready to hibernate - Another Record Braking Winter Is Coming ~ link ~ The oil (about 50% of it is still there; beneath the surface) in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Oil Disaster (a created disaster) killed the Loop Current and this has a profound effect on the Thermohaline Circulation System in the North Atlantic and also on the Jet Stream.  This is what is causing/has caused strange weather patterns for over a year now.   Stirling     

Massachusetts Supreme Court approves charging innocent ticket holders ~ link ~ What a bunch of scummy bums.  They have trashed the US Constitution and everything that they are suppose to protect.  Hitler and Stalin would be proud of them.  Stirling    

9/11 came from above, not below ~ link ~ Good one!  Stirling    

Engineered Epidemic ~ linkPositive forensic evidence has surfaced indicating that the e. coli superstrain that recently ravaged Europe, was created by humans.   

The real scheme at work here appears to be “problem, reaction, solution,” as pointed out by Natural News editor, Mike Adams.  Initially, create a problem (infections caused by ); then wait for the expected reactionism from the public (fear-based outcries and willingness to accept totalitarianism); then bring forth a solution (complete control over the global food supply and the outlawing of healthy raw foods, herbs, and supplements).  Ironically, the outbreak occurred just after the European Union's ban on herbal medicine and supplements.  Worldwide, the trend to control global food supply, nutrients, and any semblance of self-remedy is now being realized by much of humanity. 

By riding on the fear of e. coli outbreaks in the U.S., the FDA was able to strangle farm freedom domestically.  Here it relied on this same psychological phenomenon when vying for its fairly recent "Food Safety Modernization Act", which basically outlaws small organic family farms unless they pander to FDA regulators.  America is now seeing violent tactical government raids on organic grocery stores and cooperatives; like the recent narcotic-style raid and illegal seizure of properties at Rawsome Foods in Venice, CA.

Even BPA-free plastics leach harmful chemicals ~ link ~ Don't use plastics for food storage!  Stirling        
Is the World's Deadliest Volcano ready to explode?  ~ link
The last time the deadliest volcano in the planet exploded it was 1815. It killed more than 71,000 people on the spot and it was responsible for a volcanic winter that caused the worst worldwide famine of the 19th century.
Now it may explode again.
The last time the deadliest volcano in the planet exploded it was 1815. It killed more than 71,000 people on the spot and it was responsible for a volcanic winter that caused the worst worldwide famine of the 19th century.
Now it may explode again.
The last time the deadliest volcano in the planet exploded it was 1815. It killed more than 71,000 people on the spot and it was responsible for a volcanic winter that caused the worst worldwide famine of the 19th century.
Now it may explode again.
The last time the deadliest volcano in the planet exploded it was 1815. It killed more than 71,000 people on the spot and it was responsible for a volcanic winter that caused the worst worldwide famine of the 19th century.
Now it may explode again.
The last time the deadliest volcano in the planet exploded it was 1815. It killed more than 71,000 people on the spot and it was responsible for a volcanic winter that caused the worst worldwide famine of the 19th century.
Now it may explode again.


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