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Robert Gates Says Israel Is An Ungrateful Ally ~ link ~ Israel rips America off at every turn.  It bribes and blackmails all the members of Congress and the Administration.   Its tentacles go very deep in the defense community, and I have seen this with my own eyes.  Most Americans do not want bad things to happen to Israel, but they do NOT want to be involved in unnecessary wars so that Israel can attempt to overlord all its neighbors in the Middle East or to support human rights violations by Israel with American money and arms.  Israel shows little concern for America or Americans or anyone else for that matter.  Such actions, in the end, only bring on death and destruction.  Stirling      
Asia's great naval rivalry ~ link ~ If you are going to have a new world war, you have to have enemies go at one another all over the world.  The groundwork for this is in an advanced stage of being laid down.  Stirling      
China dismisses report of confronting Indian naval ship in South China Sea ~ link 
Sarkozy, the new Napoleon wants to attack Iran ~ link ~ Just as the Rothschilds used Napoleon, who was not really of French ancestry to bring death and destruction to the French nation, so they are using Sarkozy today (he is Hungarian Jewish not French) to help bring death and destruction to the the French nation by pushing for the beginning of the Third World War.   Stirling      
It seems that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warmed to the role of Napoleon. The events in Libya have infatuated him. Gaddafi has not been toppled yet, but Sarkozy already threatens Iran.

"Its military nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs," he said. "Iran refuses to negotiate seriously," he told an annual meeting of French diplomats. "Iran is carrying out new provocations in response to the challenge from the international community for it to provide a credible response," he claimed.

Senior Israeli MK: Netanyahu and Barak are a 'danger to Israel' ~ link ~ No kidding!!!  Stirling     
Livni: Netanyahu Government at fault for crash in relations with Turkey ~ link ~ No kidding!!!  Stirling     

In surprise move, Iran offers new nuclear deal ~ link ~ The silence on this story by the mainstream news media (owned by the globalists and controlled by Zionists) is almost total!   Stirling     

The offer, coming from Fereydoun Abbasi, the head of Iran’s nuclear authority, pledged “full supervision” of Iran’s program for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in return for an end to all sanctions against Iran.
Is the End of the Euro in Sight? ~ link ~ What we are living through is a deliberate playing out of a Grand Strategy to bring about the New World Order via global economic chaos, World War III, natural disasters, etc.  The plan is pure evil and only serves Satan, who knows that his time on this planet is almost up and secretly plots to bring about an Human Life Extinction Event (Armageddon).  Stirling     
Congressman Ted Poe says Mexican military flights over Texas are 'very disturbing' ~ link ~ The flight is one of as many as 10 in the past 17 months in which South Texans – in broad daylight – have spotted Mexican helicopters hovering overhead. The aircraft was so close to the ground military personnel could be seen inside, Gonzalez said.

While an array of U.S. federal and state agencies declined to comment, a Mexican government official confirmed that Mexican military helicopters have permission to use Texas as a staging ground for missions into Mexico to fight drug traffickers.

The Future for Most Americans: Pathetic Jobs, Bad Debts And A Crappy Economy ~ link ~ Actually America could go into the greatest period of prosperity in its history if it would drive a stake in the black evil heart of the privately owned Federal Reserve System, break up the "too big to fail" big banks, end the current Wall Street system of stock trading/speculation, issue to every American over 18 a special debit card with $50,000 credit (still just a fraction of the Trillions that the banksters have cost us) with the following limits: No purchases of stock or real estate with the money and only purchases of manufactured items 100% made/manufactured/assembled in America by Americans.  We would also need to fund the large build-out of new factories needed to make all the products that people would be so interested in purchasing. We have the best real estate and natural wealth of anywhere on this Planet, our trouble is we have allowed the worst and most evil crooks in history to run things for their benefit at our great expense.  If we only had the balls and smarts to force such a change, we could be living in the best of times.   Stirling       

UN Secretary-General urges world to unite and act on Syria ~ link ~ The narrative that we "have to attack Syria" is being pushed by many different political whores for the Global Banking Cartel and the Israeli extremists.  If they succeed, everything that we know will change and change for the worst very quickly!  It will be the darkest time of the Human Race.  Stirling      

Lebanon warns UN: Israel's proposed maritime border threatens peace and security ~ link ~ Israel wants to steal Lebanon's natural resources.  Something that the Israelis are very good at.  Stirling  

Despite the ongoing efforts to cover up the Scope of the disasters, new videos prove that All Is NOT Well at Fukushima or at the BP Oil Disaster site - with videos ~ link ~  Both were the result of deliberate actions, a case of Disaster Warfare in each case.  Stirling           

Pakistan flood-hit districts declared 'calamity area' ~ link ~ I don't know about this flooding, but it is clear that the entire World has been and continues to be effected by the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico and its effect on the Thermohaline Circulation System and the Jet Stream.  Stirling     

Attack on Syrian military bus injures 15  ~ link ~ This is not a case of unarmed civilian opposition, but of military actions inside of Syria against the government.  Stirling      

Chaos on the Streets of America ~ link ~ Should we just expect mass chaos on the streets of America every time a major holiday rolls around?  At least 42 people were hit by gunfire in New York City over the Labor Day weekend.  The violence got so bad that even the mayor felt compelled to publicly address it.  In Chicago, at least 6 people (including a man in a wheelchair) were killed over the Labor Day weekend.  Sadly, this is just a continuation of a trend that we have seen build over the past few years.  At the beginning of the summer, there was terrible violence all over America during the Memorial Day weekend.  We also saw violence break out during 4th of July celebrations.  It appears that wherever large groups of young people gather in America today, there is going to be a very good chance that chaos is going to erupt.

Almost wherever you look, you can see the frustration of the American people starting to boil over.  Very few public places seem to be immune.

20 Quotes from European leaders that prove that they know that the financial system in Europe is doomed ~ link ~ The financial crisis in Europe has become so severe that it has put the future of the euro, and indeed the future of the EU itself, in doubt.  If the financial system in Europe collapses, it is going to plunge the entire globe into chaos.  The EU has a larger economy and a larger population than the United States does.  The EU also has more Fortune 500 companies that the United States does.  If the financial system in Europe breaks down, we are all doomed.  An economic collapse in Europe would unleash a financial tsunami that would sweep across the globe.  As I wrote about yesterday, the nightmarish sovereign debt crisis in Europe could potentially bring about the end of the euro.  The future of the monetary union in Europe is being questioned all over the continent.  Without massive bailouts, there are at least 5 or 6 nations in Europe that will likely soon default.  The political will for continued bailouts is rapidly failing in northern Europe, so something needs to be done quickly to avert disaster.  Unfortunately, as anyone that has ever lived in Europe knows, things tend to move very, very slowly in Europe.

If the bailouts end and Europe is not able to come up with another plan before then, mass chaos is going to unleashed.  Most major European banks are massively exposed to European sovereign debt, and most of them are also very, very highly leveraged.  If we see nations such as Greece, Portugal and Italy start to default, we could have quite a few major European banks go down in rapid succession.  That could be the "tipping point" that sets off mass financial panic around the globe.

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