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The European Bank Run Has Begun - This is what a collapsing Global (Ponsi) Banking System looks like ~ link ~ Here’s a roundup of recent news reports on the collapse of the global (Ponzi) banking system.  The European bank run has begun and it’s just a matter of time before their Federal Reserve primary dealer cartel partners in the US go down with them.  Thick as thieves!

Next time you come across someone still deluded enough to think that things will turn around economically, send them here. Stick this in your economic recovery propaganda pipe and smoke it:

AIPAC: The Voice of America - Part I - video ~ link ~ AIPAC is a treasonous organization that bribes and blackmails Senators, Congressman, Governors, Presidents and other senior leaders for the benefit of a small hyper-racist foreign nation, regardless of the cost and damage to America and Americans.  Stirling   

GOP candidates Perry and Romney assail Obama on Israel ~ link ~ This is so very shameful.  If the globalists and Zionists did not control the mainstream news media this would be a MAJOR story....how two major candidates place a tiny racist foreign nation before America.  Obama is nothing but a Front Man for the Global Banking Cartel families and for the extreme Zionists.  Yet these two clowns try to outdo each other in kissing Israel's ass.  Sad and treasonous!  Stirling       

Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry and Mitt Romney waded into a tense foreign policy dispute Tuesday by criticizing the Palestinian Authority’s effort to seek a formal recognition of statehood by the U.N. General Assembly.

The Republican rivals also used the jockeying at the U.N. to assail President Barack Obama’s policy toward Israel.

Perry: Obama Middle East Policy "naive, arrogant, misguided and dangerous" - with video ~ link ~  What a suck up jerk Perry is!  Stirling     

Romney: Palestinian Statehood Bid 'Culmination of Obama's Israel Policy ~ link ~ What a such up jerk Romney is!  Stirling      

The Zionist Elephant In The Room ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this article in full at the link.  Stirling 

They have been able to do this by equating in public perception that Zionism = Jewish people. It does not. Zionism is a political creed introduced by the House of Rothschild to advance the goals of the Illuminati families that are largely controlled by the Rothschilds.
When people think of Zionism they think of Jewish people. When they think of Israel they think of Jewish people. That's understandable given the propaganda, but it is seriously misleading and those instant connections need to be broken if we are going to understand what's going on here.
Zionism means Rothschild just as Israel means Rothschild. When we see the extraordinary number of Zionists in key positions around the world we are looking not at 'manipulating Jews', but manipulating Zionists representing the interests and demands of the Rothschilds.
The very flag of Israel tells you who owns it. There are many reasons why the Rothschilds and their allies wanted to hijack Palestine and one was to keep the Middle East in a state of disruption and turmoil from which a global war can eventually be triggered to usher in the New World Order of world government dictatorship.
The creation of Israel is a means not an end and the Rothschilds will be quite happy to leave the Jewish population to their fate if it suits them. After all, they've done it before.

Were NORAD and Shadow Government Bases the Nuke/Quake Targets? ~ link ~  The recent earthquake in Virginia has a signature that does not match other earthquakes and this has led to many questions about what really happened.  Stirling      

While just the idea that earthquakes could be attacks on underground bases by nukes and/or HAARP type earthquake-prompting technologies, questions surrounding the Virginia earthquake event keep surfacing, including a massive sinkhole that appeared in the vicinity following the quake.

Even more intriguing is the fact that the only two admitted military underground base facilities in the US, besides some "storage" locations, are the NORAD facility in Colorado, and the Mount Weather underground base housing a back-up government in Virginia, nearby the US capital. Yes, a back-up government, or so they said many years ago when it was first disclosed. Since then is hush hush, as usual.

The Carve-Up of Greece ~ link ~ Hopefully soon, the public will fully wake up from its propaganda slumber and realize just what the tiny super-elite global banking criminals are doing to us and decide not to take it anymore.   Stirling     

The European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, acting in behalf of the international banks, are demanding a new round of austerity measures against the Greek working class as the precondition for releasing the next installment of bailout funds, without which Greece will go bankrupt next month.

European finance ministers, meeting Friday and Saturday in Poland, refused to approve the disbursement of the 8 billion euro allotment because Greece, whose economy has collapsed as a result of the mass layoffs and social cuts already imposed, has failed to meet its deficit-reduction targets.  

US and Israeli Defense leaders meet ~ link ~ Either cooler and more sane heads will prevail or we will continue the drive to a General Middle East War and to another global war.  Stirling      

At the second Pentagon meeting for the two defense leaders since Panetta became Defense Secretary in July "Panetta and Barak each stressed the importance of the close security ties that bind the two nations, including America's continued commitment to ensuring Israel's qualitative military edge," Douglas Wilson, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a statement. 

IMF: US and Europe risk double-dip recession ~ link ~ Don't you just love it the way these evil jerks, and their political and mainstream news media whores, cannot even refer to what everyone can see right before their faces....that we are in a DEPRESSION ....that there has been NO RECOVERY....and we ARE NOT HEADED FOR A DOUBLE-DIP ANYTHING.  Sometimes the old propaganda motto of "simplification and repetition" works, but sometime the bullshit is simply so deep that the stench is such that is simply is no longer believable.  This is one of those times.   Stirling      

The International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday that the United States and the eurozone risk being plunged back into recession unless policymakers tackle the problems facing the world's two biggest economic forces.

In its half-yearly health check, the Washington-based fund said the global economy was "in a dangerous place" and that its forecast of a slow, bumpy recovery would be jeopardised by a deepening of Europe's sovereign debt crisis or over-hasty attempts to rein in America's budget deficit.

US Court wires defendant with TASER and threatens to use it if he says anything they don't like - video ~ link ~ The (formerly) Land of the Free.   Stirling     

Al-Jazeera boss Wadah Khanfar steps down to be replaced by Qatari royal ~ linkJust over 13 years ago, I had $175 million in funding to begin the fourth evening national broadcast television news operation in America.  [I canceled the project, at the last minute, when my wife was found to have advanced terminal ovarian cancer.]  What kept me up at night, was not all the complicated things that I had to do to make the show highly successful, but the question of just how much of the truth that I could tell and survive.  Now, I am poor and a old widower and I don't care....so I use this simple news blog to tell all of the truth that I can.   Stirling      

Qatar's government has replaced Wadah Khanfar, the director-general of the al-Jazeera satellite TV network, with a member of its own royal family – a sudden and dramatic move at a time of unprecedented turmoil across the Middle East.
Khanfar, credited with revolutionising the Arab media landscape, announced that he was resigning after eight years that consolidated both the channel's reputation and his position as one of the most powerful figures in the region.
The 13 most evil US Government experiments on humans ~ link ~ This is all a byproduct of allowing the worst criminals on Earth to control your government.   Stirling     
Australian media "inquiry" designed to protect Murdoch empire ~ linkThe Gillard government last week announced a narrowly-focussed inquiry into the print and on-line media. The six-month inquiry, to be run by a former judge with no powers to compel witnesses, is clearly designed to defend Rupert Murdoch’s interests in the face of the ongoing phone-hacking and influence-peddling scandal wracking his News International group in Britain and globally.

Communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy flatly ruled out any examination of the two most obvious issues raised by the exposure of Murdoch’s British operations: whether his News Limited outlets have conducted similar activities in Australia, and the grip that Murdoch and a handful of other proprietors have over the Australian media—which has one of the most concentrated ownership structures in the world.

Natural Cancer-Fighting Spice Reduces Tumors by 81%  ~ link ~ Don't trust Big Pharma to save you if you have cancer.  Check into this and Rife Treatments if you or someone you know have cancer.  Stirling     

Used in the ancient Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, curcumin is a naturally powerful anticancer compound that has been found to decrease brain tumor size in animals by 81 percent in more than 9 studies. A derivative of turmeric, curcumin is the pigment responsible for turmeric’s yellow-orange color. Each 100 grams of turmeric contains around 3 to 5 grams of curcumin, though turmeric is a also very powerful on its own. New studies are shedding light on curcumin, and illuminating its numerous benefits on cancer and other diseases.

Researchers experimenting with curcumin in the treatment of a fatal brain cancer known as glioblastoma (GBMs) published their groundbreaking findings in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry in July.

The Global Bankers' FDR: Cats and Mice (Part 4 of 5) ~ link ~ Please take the time to read this excellent series of articles on how the global banker criminals really work.  Stirling      
BP- 9/11/11 Evidence - video ~ link
BP or not? White glowing water - video ~ link  

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how logic and truth goes down the drain once a political system gets rotten to the core.

Recent did two nuke suitcases explode due to the fact that these were located at a certain depth that can correspond to a shifting in pressure and altitude. As these suitcases have not been replaced by the old infusion technology leaving these nukes vulnerable to inclination and moisture could one postulate that the so-called nuke explosions were a mere accidental co-exercised and mutual assured destruction of those facilities holding these suitcases.

I do not believe that these suitcases were deliberately set to explode- just an accident due to the heavy rain (moisture) and these minor quakes swarms leaving the holding cases to sway and then to explode. Nevertheless, someone had these suitcases there where they could be held at bay. In other words did God surely avoid casualties above when these were allowed to be set into an explosion mode. Just an accident but these people beneath there are surely victims as well. One should pray for their souls as no one seems to care. Corruption everywhere.


Just an assumption on my side though. I do not believe in conspiracy as told by Fuller.