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Turkey voices readiness for Israel War ~ linkAlthough Israel has many hundreds of nukes, I would not be surprised if Turkey could obtain (or already has) a small number and deliver same, if push really came to shove.  In any case, with Turkey the Israelis do not have a third or fourth string power that they can push around with immunity.  This is freaking out the jerks in the current Israeli Cabinet, as most seem to have FM Liberman's eastern European ghetto mob culture.   They cannot stand it that someone can challenge them.   President Kennedy was so very correct to say that he could not and would not allow the Israelis to develop atomic weapons, which is one reason he was assassinated by the Meyer Lansky Mob and the CIA with globalists and Mossad help.   Stirling      
Top Ten Armies in the World ~ linkThe Turks are rated higher than the Israelis and given Lebanon 2006 where the IDF had it's head handed to it by Hezbollah, I think except for nukes Israel is over rated! 
Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process ~ link ~ This is one that I strongly recommend that my readers view.   I have felt, since he was the Assistant Minister of Information, in the lead-in to the First Gulf War, that someday Bibi Netanyahu would lead Israel and the world into the Third World War.  I had a very strong feeling about this then and time has confirmed this 'feeling'.  Later I learned that the Bible Code has very strong warnings about Netanyahu and the Holocaust that he will bring on Israel in the time of Obama.  You can dismiss all of this, but I identified this joker twenty some years ago, and sorry to say I seem to have 'hit the nail on the head'.   Stirling      
Israeli warplanes breach Lebanon airspace ~ link ~ The Israelis violate Lebanese airspace on a almost daily basis, but this one seems to be of a larger and more lengthy duration.  This could be another indication of war preparations on Israel's part, or not.  Stirling      

The Titanic Moment ~ link ~ This too WILL NOT work, as the problem, for the MILLIONTH time, is NOT liquidity!  It is solvency, and ALL MAJOR WESTERN BANKS are BANKRUPT!  And I’m not talking “bailout and re-organize” bankrupt, I’m talking Lehman Brothers bankrupt, as in GONE FOREVER, including all employees and depositor funds.  Yes, the Fed and ECB will try to keep favored ones alive by merging them into each other (ala JP Morgan/WAMU/Bear Stearns and Bank of America/Countrywide Credit/Merrill Lynch), or even taking some onto their own balance sheet (ala Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac), but I don’t expect ANY of those options to work this time around, and CERTAINLY not the free-money TARP-like bailouts with government stake purchases (a la Citigroup, AIG, and General Motors).

The real problem is the FED’S MONEY WILL NO LONGER BE GOOD, not to corporations, sovereign nations, and eventually to individuals as well when hyperinflation commences in America. Moreover, if that’s the case, certainly the ECB’s EUROS won’t be either, yielding imminent collapse of the Euro currency in the very near future, and with it massive hyperinflation, social unrest, and likely WAR on the other side of the pond.

1930's Style Financial Meltdown Imminent ~ link ~ This is a re-post of a London newspaper article.  If you read between the lines, this seems to be a demand for a new single world currency "to fix the mess" that so many currencies have created.  Gee wiz, but that seems like something that maybe the Rothschilds and their rotten Ilk would want.  The real solution is to get rid of the evil central bankers, to get rid of Wall Street banks and the current stock and commodity trading exchanges (with their speculation driven excesses), and to organize things in a rational and God-centered way.  As that is not apt to happen until Jesus returns, we are apt to undergo "one hell of a time" in the weeks/months ahead as the global banksters try to kill most of us off while establishing their satanic New World Order slave state.   Stirling      
Study: 25 of highest paid CEOs earned MORE than their companies PAID IN TAXES, others spent MORE ON LOBBYING THAN TAXES ~ link ~ For some reason an old Wild West phrase comes to mind, "Get some rope, time for a neck-tie party".  Stirling     
Twenty-five of the 100 highest paid U.S. CEOs earned more last year than their companies paid in federal income tax, a pay study said on Wednesday. It also found many of the companies spent more on lobbying than they did on taxes. 
Israel not worried by Turks or Saudis ~ link ~ This article, while not the best written one I have ever read, is important because it raises the question about just what is the real roll of Turkey at present.  I have to admit that I am not totally sure myself.  Stirling      

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