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Intelligence Leak: 'Perfect Storm' conditions for first major Arab-Israeli war since 1973 are germinating - The 'quiet' is hanging by a thread ~ link ~ Like most things happening now in the World that are of great importance, this has been planned for and organized over the last several years.   If you stand way back from the trees and view the patterns in the forest you will see that this is all part of the Grand Strategy to establish a global slave state, the Global Banking Cartel Families' New World Order, with a dramatically reduced world population resulting from a General Middle East War gone WMD and totally out-of-control and spun into WWIII.   Stirling    
Although verging on the Apocalyptic, the following assessment in today’s Haaretz newspaper shows a firmer grasp of reality.  Referring to the expected Palestinian bid for UN membership next week, the Israeli commentary says:
The combination of the Arab Spring with the Palestinian September could create a perfect storm.  Since the big Arab revolution is not offering real hope, it awakens rage and hatred.  The first wave of hatred was focused on Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi, and Bashar Assad.  The second wave will be focused on Israel.  Facing the wave will be transient, weak Arab leaders who will have difficulty containing it.
If Palestinians are killed at Jerusalem’s gates – Cairo, Amman, and Istanbul will rage and storm.  If an alert squad in some [Jewish West Bank] settlement opens fire at Palestinians descending on it – the Middle East will tremble.  In the newly created historic situation there are no shock absorbers.  No stabilizing forces.  Every isolated incident could instantly turn into a strategic one.  The quiet is hanging by a thread.”

Saudis 'eye Pakistani nukes' to face Iran ~ link ~ This is a classic PsyOps piece.  It has been taken as a truism in many quarters for years that Saudi Arabia possess several Pakistani nuclear devices for its Chinese made IRBMs and its long-range fighters, as it paid for much of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program.  Further, the Pakistanis are generally close to Iran and are very concerned with developments aimed at Syria and Iran.  There has even been talk that they may supply Iran with nukes if push really comes to shove.  That we are even reading such stuff is indicative that things are moving into the End Game territory of the coming General Middle East War and that a rapid expansion of same will likely include not only Greece and Turkey but India and Pakistan/etc.   Stirling       
Egypt declares Camp David accords with Israel 'not a sacred thing' ~ link ~ Dramatically heightening tensions during an increasingly volatile time in Israel's relations with the Arab world, Essam Sharaf's suggestions that the 32-year treaty could be revised prompted disbelief in the Jewish state.

"The Camp David agreement is not a sacred thing and is always open to discussion with what would benefit the region and the case of fair peace," Mr Sharaf told Turkish television. "We could make a change if needed." 

Erdogan threatens Israel with Turkish Navy ~ link ~
TURKISH Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday Israel could not do whatever it wanted in the eastern Mediterranean and that Turkish warships could be on the spot at any moment.

His warning came as Israel withdrew its ambassador to Jordan over fears of violent demonstrations against its embassy in Amman, Israeli diplomatic sources said yesterday.

Turkey-Israel tension: High stakes for US ~ link ~ Being Turkey and Israel's big brother in the region, the US is likely to suffer from a further escalation of this conflict, perhaps even more than the actual disputing parties. The Americans are working hard to ease the tension but neither party is showing signs of backing off. The world has turned upside down for the US in the Middle East due to the Iraq war and the Arab Spring. This Turkey-Israel conflict is just the latest glitch.

Rubbing salt into the wound for the US are the seriously deteriorating relations between Tel Aviv and Cairo, further isolating Israel in the region. An isolated Israel is likely to get more hawkish and defensive rather than self-corrective. That might create a vicious circle calling for more reaction from Turkey and others in the region. Ankara has clearly concluded that the Israelis have more to lose from this confrontation. They think a tough stance against Israel opens up strategic space for Turkey in the region. Certainly, it doesn't hurt the Erdo─čan government in domestic politics, either. But the US is concerned the situation might get out of control. Ankara's declaration that it will not let the eastern Mediterranean be dominated by Israel and that it will dispatch more Turkish navy vessels there is especially worrisome. The situation is reminiscent of risky Turkish-Greek encounters in the Aegean. Who needs another hard player in the eastern Mediterranean, especially if the player is a NATO member?

Rumblings of War: Greece and Israel sign pact amid worries about Turkey ~ link ~ Mixing the Turkish-Greek mess in with the Middle East mess is a sure fire way to: (1) Make an already hair-trigger situation even worst; and (2) To make any resulting war more likely to spread into Europe and globally.  Stirling     

Last week a Greek Parliament committee approved the purchase from Israel of 400 bomb precision upgrade kits at a cost of $155 million.

Livni: Netanyahu has led Israel to 'worst possible diplomatic situation' ~ link ~ Livni said that while the Netanyahu government speaks of national pride, Israeli ambassadors are being forced to flee countries in the middle of the night wearing kaffiyehs. 
"The most right-wing government in Israel's history has led it to the worst possible diplomatic situation," Livni said. "[The government] talks tough but it has weakened Israel to the point that it cannot act when missiles are falling on its residents."

Haaretz: Netanyahu to ensure death of Oslo Accords at UN ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is the greatest disaster ever to hit Israel.  I have said this for years.  He has a very black heart and will not stop until he sets the entire World aflame!   Stirling      

This week, the chairwoman of his last party spoke about the path that leads to Masada, which may fall again after all, and mentioned the sense of disaster now felt by many people, including me. When I heard her words, which radiated despair and loss, I thought to myself: What will the public's favorite say when the disaster occurs and his vision dies before its time? What will he tell his grandchildren and great-grandchildren when they ask, "Where were you when the world ended, Grandpa?" 

Haaretz (Israel's largest newspaper): 'Captain Netanyahu's' crew is running Israel aground ~ link ~ Assiduously, stubbornly and systematically, if not with nihilistic arrogance, this entire crew navigated the country into a situation of forced paralysis, diplomatic isolation and international vulnerability that has already drawn attention, and even deep concern, from leaders and media outlets worldwide. What Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon did not do out of stupidity was done with defiant brutality by his master, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. And what Lieberman did not do was done by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who appointed him on purpose to serve as a loose cannon. 

Groucho Marx boasted in one of his films that he worked his way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty. Netanyahu's achievement is much more impressive, since he began with countless political options and diplomatic leads, yet in a mere two years, has reached extreme diplomatic poverty: with no hope, no friends in the region, no partners for dialogue, no real allies, even bereft of military options (some will take comfort in that, at least ). 

Haaretz: Netanyahu, living by the sword does not cut it ~ link ~The smartest and kindest Man who ever walked on Earth said, "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword".   Stirling    

But is it truly possible to reduce the military budget significantly for an extended period of time, given the current policy of the Netanyahu government? After all, this government has led us into unprecedented weakness and international isolation. Relations with Turkey are at a worrying nadir, with Ankara even threatening to send warships to protect the next flotilla to the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is continually stepping up his rhetoric, and yesterday he met with Egypt's top officials in order to forge a strategic, military-economic alliance that is aimed in part against Israel.

Our relations with Egypt are at a historic low. The ambassador was forced to flee to Israel, and there's no telling when he will return to Cairo. Israeli businesspeople are cutting the scope of their dealings with Egypt and are arranging to meet with their counterparts from that country in Europe only. 

Gardasil HPV vaccines found contaminated with recombinant DNA that persists in human blood ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this stuff up!   Stirling  
[ Also see: Rick Perry and the HPV Vaccine ~ link ]

This means that adolescents who are injected with these vials are being contaminated with a biohazard -- the rDNA of HPV. In conducting the tests, Dr. Sin Hang Lee found rDNA from both HPV-11 and HPV-18, which were described as "firmly attached to the aluminum adjuvant."

That aluminum is also found in vaccines should be frightening all by itself, given that aluminum should never be injected into the human body (it's toxic when ingested, and it specifically damages the nervous system). With the added discovery that the aluminum adjuvant also carries rDNA fragments of two different strains of Human Papillomavirus, this now reaches the level of a dangerous biohazard -- something more like a biological weapon rather than anything resembling medicine. The rDNA that was found to be contaminating Gardasil is not "natural" rDNA from the HPV virus itself. Rather, it is a genetically engineered form of HPV genetic code that is added to the vaccines during their manufacture.

A decade after 9/11, police departments are increasingly militarized ~ link ~ The problem with this mingling of domestic policing with military operations is that the two institutions have starkly different missions. The military's job is to annihilate a foreign enemy. Cops are charged with keeping the peace, and with protecting the constitutional rights of American citizens and residents. It's dangerous to conflate the two. As former Reagan administration official Lawrence Korb once put it, "Soldiers are trained to vaporize, not Mirandize." That distinction is why the U.S. passed the Posse Comitatus Act more than 130 years ago, a law that explicitly forbids the use of military troops in domestic policing.

Over the last several decades Congress and administrations from both parties have continued to carve holes in that law, or at least find ways around it, mostly in the name of the drug war. And while the policies noted above established new ways to involve the military in domestic policing, the much more widespread and problematic trend has been to make our domestic police departments more like the military.

This year's models: The ten best gadgets at the world's biggest electronics conference ~ link 

Obama agrees to sell arms to Taiwan ~ link ~ That he would not sell 66 new F-16s is a major factor here, but the mainland Chinese are still in a pucker that he agreed to sell anything at all.   Stirling      

David Icke - The Bloody Rothschilds - video ~ link  

Poverty In America: A Special Report ~ link ~ The poor and newly poor can thank the Bloody Rothschilds and their Ilk!  Stirling       

America is getting poorer.  The U.S. government has just released a bunch of new statistics about poverty in America, and once again this year the news is not good.  According to a special report from the U.S. Census Bureau, 46.2 million Americans are now living in poverty.  The number of those living in poverty in America has grown by 2.6 million in just the last 12 months, and that is the largest increase that we have ever seen since the U.S. government began calculating poverty figures back in 1959.  Not only that, median household income has also fallen once again.  In case you are keeping track, that makes three years in a row.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median household income in the United States dropped 2.3% in 2010 after accounting for inflation.  Overall, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% once you account for inflation since December 2007.  So should we be excited that our incomes are going down and that a record number of Americans slipped into poverty last year?  Should we be thrilled that the economic pie is shrinking and that our debt levels are exploding?  All of those that claimed that the U.S. economy was recovering and that everything was going to be just fine have some explaining to do.

US Congress could make Facebooking at Work a Felony ~ link ~ Sure, why not, we already have tens of thousands of beyond-stupid laws on the books that ensure that almost anyone can be charged with something that would send them to prison for many years....sure why not???   Hitler and Stalin would be proud of the US Congress!    Stirling    

Venezuelan President signs major deal with Chinese Development Bank ~ link

NYC Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobs ~ link ~ Not if everyone is lock-down due to Advanced Biowar....for a small taste of what it will be like see the Movie 'Contagion' will really be far, far worse if we are insane enough to allow the globalists to get us in a new World War with 21st Century weapons of mass destruction!  But hay, at least no rioting in the streets over no jobs!   Stirling      

 JFK vs Israel and Dimona - The Stand, Murder, and Takeover - video ~ link ~ The killing of President Kennedy by the Global Banking Cartel and Israel was one of the greatest crimes in history because it set us up for all the evil that was to follow.   Stirling     

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