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Sanctions: Cut the Globalists Off from Humanity ~ link ~ Interesting article, take the time to read it all at the link if you can.  Stirling     

The answer is staring us in the face every time we pick up the corporate-newspapers or flip on the corporate-news channels and here the word "sanctions." We the people must slap sanctions on the globalists, and it doesn't even require a UN mandate to do it. It simply involves identifying the corporations and institutions that are enabling the globalist agenda, systematically boycotting them, and eventually replacing them entirely on a local or regional level. There is nothing a multinational corporation can do that the modern nation-state can't, and in many cases, nothing multinationals can do that people can't do even on a local level. And as technology advances in both terms of information and manufacturing, this equation will only tip further in "we the people's" favor.
Let us commit to putting "sanctions" on the globalists. Cut these degenerate megalomaniacs off from the world they so desire to dominate. Leave their stadiums empty, their airlines destitute, their checkpoints desolate, their corporate troughs filled with Chinese-made slave goods virtual ghost towns, their banks as trusted and relied upon for economic activity as that game of monopoly collecting dust in the closet. Put them out of business, put them out of business forever. They have demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt that they, not some cave dwelling fundamentalist or Libyan colonel, are the greatest threat we as humanity face.

EU drops UN Syria sanctions proposal for new watered down version ~ link ~ China and Russia would not allow the old version.  They are now going to try the Libyan approach, get a limited sanctions passed by the UN and then use an "interpretation" of same to begin a war.   Stirling     

The scaled-back version is aimed at winning the support of China and Russia, which oppose sanctions. Western diplomats say they are planning for a vote by the end of the week. The draft resolution "demands an immediate end to all violence", according to copies obtained by news agencies. It says the 15-nation Security Council "expresses its determination, in the event that Syria has not complied with this resolution, to adopt targeted measures, including sanctions".

France threatens military action against Iran ~ link ~ The Global Banking Cartel and the nuts in the Netanyahu government do so want a war on Iran (which will turn into WWIII, which the globalists need to usher in their satanic New World Order).  Stirling     

The French envoy to the UN has warned Iran that it risks a military strike if it continues pursuing its nuclear program."If we don't succeed today to reach a negotiation with the Iranians, there is a strong risk of military action," Ambassador Gerard Araud said on Tuesday during a panel discussion at the UN’s New York headquarters,  AFP reported.

'Occupy Wall Street' - NYC Day 12 - LiveStream feed ~ link 

Watch Live: 'Occupy Chicago' - 'Occupy LA' - Who Will Be Next? - 'Occupy Together' - 'OCCUPY AMERICA' - videos ~ link ~ There is an awaking, especially among the young people in America and Europe.  They see there lives in the crapper, with no jobs, no hope, and massive student debts to pay off that cannot be wiped off by bankruptcy.  They see a future that has been robbed from them and they are getting really pissed about it.  It reminds me of the anti-Vietnam War era.  Only by political action can the public reclaim its future.  Stirling       

Good cop vs bad cop - You do NOT have to passively take abuse - video ~ link  

'Occupy Wall Street' protester speaks out - video ~ link ~ Protests spreading to Chicago, Denver, LA, etc.   Stirling      

Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control ~ link ~ To all those who support Ron Paul and America.  It is necessary that you fight, and fight very hard, to force the end to using computers for voting and vote counting.  It would take nothing to switch to paper ballots throughout America, ballots that are counted in each voting precinct in public as soon as the voting stops with the vote results posted in public at each precinct.  Use this system, and the dipping of your right thumb in ink that will not wash off for days, and you will end vote fraud and get these corrupt bastards out of office...otherwise you are wasting your time!  The will simply steal the next election.  Stirling     

Obama stresses strong bond with Israel in Jewish New Year clip - with video ~ link ~ Funny, I don't remember seeing a Chinese New Year clip, or clips wishing the Irish a Happy Saint Patrick's Day, etc., etc.   The point is, the Zionists and AIPAC, are a foreign occupying power in Washington.   A very tiny percentage of the population has an inordinate amount of power, or to be more specific about it, a tiny group who claim to represent that tiny percentage of the population and really represent a very small foreign nation, has massive political power in America and many nations.  Power that is used against the interests of the nations and people involved.  Stirling     

Pakistan and "The Haqqani Network": The latest orchestrated "threat" to America and the End of History ~ link ~  More war from the war whores.  Stirling   

Have you ever before heard of the Haqqanis? I didn’t think so. Like Al Qaeda, about which no one had ever heard prior to 9/11, the “Haqqani Network” has popped up in time of need to justify America’s next war--Pakistan.

President Obama’s claim that he had Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden exterminated deflated the threat from that long-serving bogyman. A terror organization that left its leader, unarmed and undefended, a sitting duck for assassination no longer seemed formidable. Time for a new, more threatening, bogyman, the pursuit of which will keep the “war on terror” going.

Now America’s “worst enemy” is the Haqqanis. Moreover, unlike Al Qaeda, which was never tied to a country, the Haqqani Network, according to Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a “veritable arm” of the Pakistani government’s intelligence service, ISI. Washington claims that the ISI ordered its Haggani Network to attack the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on September 13 along with the US military base in Wadak province.
Irish presidency elections: Nominations to close ~ link ~While the role of the Irish President is mostly ceremonial, the race is often hard fought.  Stirling   

Senator David Norris and former pop star Dana Rosemary Scallon received last minute backing from local councils to secure their places on the ballot. They joined independents Sean Gallagher and Mary Davis, Labour's Michael D Higgins, Fine Gael's Gay Mitchell and Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness. The election will takes place on 27 October. 

Putin - Medvedev: Premier musical chairs ~ link ~ Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s nomination of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as Russia’s pretender to the throne and Putin’s promise to keep his friend as premier was hardly a surprise. All along, except to a few starry-eyed liberals, it was clear, that the buck stopped not with Medvedev but Putin. The liberals were given their chance by Russia’s ex-KGB autocrat and failed spectacularly.

All his talk about domestic reforms and a new European face for Russia proved to be hot air apart from privatisation, which merely handed yet more productive forces into the hands of the elite. His boyish face concealed a schoolboy naivete. The defining moment during Medvedev’s presidency was the Georgian invasion of Ossetia, and it was Putin’s steel fist that showed through as he took control of the situation. 

Facebook tracks your every move, even after logging out ~ link ~ Facebook is, in my opinion, a arm of the Mossad and CIA/globalists.  Most people set themselves up to be tracked and spied upon willingly by using social media sites and cell phones.  Think about it folks.  Stirling     

Fear of Repression spurs scholars and activists to build Alternative Internets ~ link ~  I doubt that such systems would work for long, and most importantly that they would not be compromised.  Stirling      

For example, one weekend each month, a small group of computer programmers gathers at a residence here to build a homemade Internet—named Project Byzantium—that could go online if parts of the current global Internet becomes blocked by a repressive government.

Using an approach called a "mesh network," the system would set up an informal wireless network connecting users with other nearby computers, which in turn would pass along the signals. The mesh network could tie back into the Internet if one of the users found a way to plug into an unblocked route. The developers recently tested an early version of their software at George Washington University (though without the official involvement of campus officials).

India files biopiracy lawsuit against Monsanto, says biotech giant is stealing nature for corporate gain ~ link ~ Monsanto is one arm of the globalists efforts to own everything on the planet.  Stirling     

Representing one of the most agriculturally bio-diverse nations in the world, India has become a primary target for biotechnology companies like Monsanto and Cargill to spread their genetically-modified (GM) crops into new markets. However, a recent France 24 report explains that the Indian government has decided to take an offensive approach against this attempted agricultural takeover by suing Monsanto for "biopiracy," accusing the company of stealing India's indigenous plants in order to re-engineer them into patented varieties.

NATO's War on Libya is directed against China: AFRICON and the threat to China's national energy security ~ link ~ The globalists want war, that is the driving force.  Why, well it is profitable, but mostly because in the deepest part of the very dark hearts they are satanist and Lucifer LOVES WAR!  Stirling   
Philippines cleans up after Typhoon Nesat - with video ~ link ~ This was a bad one, for a nation used to many strong tropical storms.   Stirling       
Fukushima and the Battle for Truth ~ linkChernobyl was the harbinger of this heartbreaking scenario. It taught mankind the inescapable biological truths that emerge within populations internally contaminated by heightened levels of fission products. And yet, government and industry schemers attack these truths as unfounded scare-mongering. With cold indifference, they deny that Chernobyl was a mass casualty event. They turn a blind eye to a huge body of research and deviously proclaim that no evidence exists that more than a handful of people suffered harm from the Ukrainian disaster. They publish propaganda, draped in the guise of science, that dismisses the hazard of low levels of internal contamination. Believing their subterfuge to have been successful and intoxicated by their hubris, they are already positioning themselves to stage-manage the public’s perception of Fukushima. 

Japan’s government, its Nuclear Safety Commission, and the Tokyo Electric  Power Company have already demonstrated that they will do everything in their power to keep citizens ignorant of what is taking place. The emerging health crisis is scheduled to be erased. Following a time-tested blueprint worked out by prior radiation releases around the world, data relevant to assessing the medical impact of the accident will not be gathered. Radiation doses to the population will be woefully underestimated. The hazards associated with low levels of internal contamination will be obliterated from all discussions of risk. Academic journals that support the nuclear agenda will be flooded with bogus studies demonstrating that no health detriment was suffered by the population. The heightened incidence of childhood leukemia will be attributed to some as yet unidentified virus unleashed by population mixing following the evacuations caused by the tsunami. (This theory is currently in vogue to deny that the heightened incidence of leukemia among children under five years of age living nearby to nuclear reactors is radiation induced.)  The birth defects will be summarily dismissed as impossible because the risk models upheld by the International Commission on Radiological Protection don’t predict them. The possibility that the models are fraudulently constructed escapes consideration. (See a Betrayal of Mankind by the Radiation Protection Agencies, available as a free download at

Farmer Will Allen shows us the future of urban agriculture - with videos ~ link ~ Take the time to view this if you can.  Stirling     
The dislocation of the Middle Class - Greece ~ link ~
The pension cuts announced by PASOK’s socialist administration in the name of fiscal reform are essentially a shameless embezzlement of social security contributions.

Even those of us who have retired with an early -- and reduced -- pension have paid full contributions for 25 or 30 years of employment. So have, of course, those people who have worked for more than 35 years.
The government is not trimming some welfare benefits; it is rather slashing pensions which have been paid for with decades of social security contributions.

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