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US and Pakistan near military clash, Islamabad blames US Afghan disarray ~ link ~ I don't think that a military clash will take place, but that is only an estimate.   It is clear that the globalists intend to have multiple war theaters to their coming global war/Third World War and that India vs. Pakistan/China will be a major war theater.  It is equally clear that US-Pakistani relations are getting bad, with new lows reached almost every other day.  Stirling        
Amid spiraling Pakistani-US tensions, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Sunday, Sept. 25, ordered Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar to return home from New York at once shortly after she warned the US against "hot pursuit" of terrorists on Pakistani soil. A sense of crisis pervaded Islamabad as Pakistan's army chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani held a "special" meeting of his top commanders "to review the security situation."
debkafile's military sources report Pakistan appears to be steeling itself for a possible clash with US troops
should "hot pursuit" takes place.

Expert deems Turkish threat on Cyprus drilling serious ~ link ~ This is a complex issue with at least four sides to the issue, plus 'outside' sides as well.  This involves natural gas rights near the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the natural gas rights near Lebanon.  Israel has injected itself into both, encroaching on Lebanese territory to try to take the gas for itself and becoming involved directly and indirectly in the Northern Cyprus issue.  That tiny Israel would act this way is reflective of what I call the Eastern European Jewish Ghetto Mob mentality of the Netanyahu Government and his Foreign Ministers the hyper-racist Liberman.  The Israelis believe that they can do almost anything as they have a truly massive (up to 1,000 major thermonuclear warheads) WMD arsenal and they 'control' the American, French, and British governments.  History is full of examples where leaders of governments, with massive amounts of intelligence available to them, made really stupid decisions based on 'their power' and gave too little thought to the effects of the other sides power on them/their ability to survive a war.   The Greek/Cyprus/Israeli alliance and the Turkish/Norther Cyprus/Lebanese alliance is an insane mix to a Middle East on the verge of war between the NATO/US/Israel/Saudi Arabia alliance vs. the Syrian/Iranian/Lebanese/Gaza/Palestine alliance.  Add to this mix the Pakistan/China alliance vs. the Indian/Israeli/US alliance with the Afghan War and Iran and others thrown in for 'good measure', plus the continuing war in Libya and the destabilized Arab North Africa including Egypt,  and the Middle East and South Asian  areas begin to look like a massive complex power keg with the nutty Netanyahu Government trying to light a blowtorch within it!   Stirling           

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