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Lord Stirling will be on the NutriMedical Show today at 4:30 pm Chicago time.  Approximately 5 to 6 million people will listen, please be one of them. 
Is Financial Instablility The New Normal? ~ linkThe financial world is officially going crazy.  Can you believe what is going on out there right now?  Financial markets have been jumping up and down like crazy for months and this is creating a lot of fear.  Other than during the financial crisis of 2008, in the post-World War II era have we ever experienced as much financial instability as we are seeing right now?  Should we just accept that massive financial instability is going to be part of "the new normal" in the financial world?  The wild swings that we are witnessing in the global financial marketplace are making a whole lot of people very nervous right at the moment.  When markets go up, they tend to do it slowly and steadily.  When markets go down, a lot of times it can happen very rapidly.  Also, as I have mentioned before, more major stock market crashes happen during the fall than during any other time of the year.  The last major financial crisis happened during the fall of 2008, and things are starting to look a little bit more like 2008 with each passing day.  The last thing the global economy needs right now is another major financial meltdown, but that may be exactly what we are about to get.

The Dow got absolutely hammered once again on Thursday.  It was down almost 400 points, and it has lost a total of 674.83 points over the last two days combined. In case you are wondering, yes, that is a very big deal. It represents the largest two day decline that we have seen since November 2008, and at this point the Dow is on pace to have its worst week since September 2008.

Abbas' Impassioned Plea for Statehood at UN ~ link ~
The Palestinian president has made an impassioned plea for full membership of United Nations, saying it is a "moment of truth" for his people.

Mahmoud Abbas drew sustained applause from members of the General Assembly as he rose to speak minutes after submitting a formal application to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Palestinians submit UN statehood bid ~ link ~ Defying U.S. and Israeli opposition, Palestinians asked the United Nations on Friday to accept them as a member state, sidestepping nearly two decades of failed negotiations in the hope this dramatic move on the world stage would reenergize their quest for an independent homeland.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was greeted by sustained applause and appreciative whistles as he approached the dais in the General Assembly hall to deliver a speech outlining his people's hopes and dreams of becoming a full member of the United Nations. Some members of the Israeli delegation, including Foreign Minister Avigdor Liebermann, left the hall as Abbas approached the podium.

Putin to give Ukraine ultimatum on gas deliveries at Moscow talks ~ link ~ Yanukovych, who will meet both Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev, will be told that Ukraine must join a customs union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan or it won’t get a chance to renegotiate its current gas contract, the Moscow-based newspaper said, citing unidentified Kremlin and Russian Foreign Ministry officials.

Ukraine has said it wants to reduce by two-thirds its imports of Russian gas in a phased three-year move from Jan. 1. Russia is prepared to go to international arbitration to enforce a 10-year contract signed in 2009 that doesn’t allow Ukraine to cut purchases of Russian gas, according to Kommersant. 

Immune System protects against Flu, not vaccines ~ link ~ Preventing the flu may not come down to hand sanitizers and risky vaccinations. A new study has found that only half of all individuals affected with the flu virus actually get sick, highlighting the necessity of a powerful immune system that is able to respond to the flu virus appropriately.

The study comes from the University of Michigan, where researchers infected 17 healthy individuals with the flu, about half of which reported actually getting sick as a result. The other half felt completely fine.

US layoffs up 14% in August ~ link ~ But, but the politicians and the mainstream news media says that we have been in a "recovery" from a "recession" that is over.   The truth is we are in a Global Depression that is getting worst week by week, and has the potential to go into a all-out crash soon.   Stirling     

Martial Law Drill commences as economy begins descent - with video ~ link ~ A massive terror drill – remarkably ignored by all but local media – is now underway in Denver, Colorado.

More than 100 government agencies are taking part in Operation Mountain Guardian, made possible due to a grant from the Department of Homeland Security through FEMA Region VIII and the State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Homeland Security, according to KDVR in Denver.

Michael Rivero punches holes in the latest Twin Towers Collapse Theory ~ link ~ Go Mike go!  Stirling   

Olbermann calls out mainstream news media for "Media Blackout" of 'Occupy Wall Street' protests - with video ~ link ~  The globalist MSM is doing all it can to ignore the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement.  They are desperate to prevent a "Arab Spring" type event on Wall Street and elsewhere in America and in Europe.   Tell them to 'go to hell' and do something to help the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement!  Stirling     

Resuming Peace Process Hypocrisy to Subvert Palestinian Statehood ~ link ~ I just listened to Netanyahu's speech at the UN.  He is such a master at bullshit.  The key is, as former President Bill Clinton says, that Netanyahu does not want a peace agreement and that is why all efforts at the "Peace Process" fail time and time again.  That is the truth, the rest is lies and bullshit!   Stirling      

Max Keiser: Expect new crashes unless 'Occupy Wall Street' demands met! - video ~ link 

Turkish PM calls for 'pressure' on Israel to make peace ~ link The Turkish prime minister, who is embroiled in a bitter diplomatic dispute with Israel over a 2010 deadly raid on an aid convoy to Gaza, called the Israel-Palestinian conflict a "bleeding wound" that the international community must heal. "Those who govern Israel must see that real security is only possible by building real peace."

Erdo─čan said Israel must understand that it cannot continue "in an environment of continuous strife and conflict." The international community must understand that "it is necessary to put pressure on Israel to achieve peace, despite what those who govern this country do, and show them that they are not above the law."
Greek workers strike, protest against brutal austerity measures ~ link ~ As these latest harsh austerity measures begin to bit, expect much more of this.  Stirling      

Tens of thousands of Greek public transport workers, teachers, civil servants and air traffic controllers walked out Thursday to protest the latest round of brutal austerity measures announced the day before by the PASOK government of George Papandreou. The massive cuts in jobs and pensions, on top of previous measures, will mean destitution for wide layers of the Greek population.

Workers responded explosively to the deeply unpopular plan. In and around Athens, bus, subway, tram, electric rail and suburban rail workers walked off the job, joined by taxi owners. A police official described the traffic situation in Athens as “dramatic, all major streets are jammed.”

New US data reflects economic hard times ~ link ~ This data is based on official government figures that are cooked, cooked and cooked and yet still paint a bad picture.   The reality is much worst and getting worse by the day.   Stirling      

Western media biased on Syria conflict says Russian delegation head ~ linkThe delegation of senators, chaired by Federation Council Deputy Chairman Ilyas Umakhanov, paid a two-day visit to Syria at the weekend. The delegation met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as with leaders of the opposition.

 “We are convinced that a host of Western TV channels have distorted what is really happening there,” Umakhanov said. “People are calmly walking along the streets, shops are open, and children are going to school.” He also suggested it was an oversimplification to suggest that Syria was split between the “repressive” authorities and the opposition.

8 Reasons why the Great Depression is the Best Case Scenario ~ link ~ We are on the verge a collapse far greater than the Great Depression and we are far less capable of taking care of ourselves. Our way of life is dangerously dependent upon the ability for us to create unlimited amount of debt and the willingness of others to buy that debt.  This way of life has a mathematically inevitable end and things that cannot go on forever, won’t.
Let us look a 8 reasons why the Great Depression is the best case scenario and also look at how difficult the Depression was for people who were far more prepared to deal with a harsh world.
Haaretz (largest newspaper in Israel): Netanyahu must be stopped from attacking Iran ~ link ~ These circumstances make any operational plan or option completely illegal - much worse than going to war in Lebanon in 2006 without any plans, supplies or reserve forces. The thought of launching an attack against Iran not merely without American and broader Western support, but from a situation of total political isolation and hostility, is so unsound that it calls into question the right to issue the order and the duty to carry it out. In these circumstances, anyone with the ability to stop it must stop it.

New World Trade Center Tower to be made with glass from China and steel from Germany ~ link ~ Did you know that the new World Trade Center tower is being constructed with glass from China and steel from Germany?  1 World Trade Center, also known as "The Freedom Tower", is not just another skyscraper.  It is essentially a national monument.  But that doesn't mean that we are above awarding construction contracts to the lowest bidder.  The new World Trade Center tower will contain 250 tons of steel from Germany and the lower floors will be surrounded with blast-resistant glass from China.  This is yet another example of how the U.S. economy is being hollowed out.  Once upon a time, the United States produced more steel and glass than anyone else in the world.  But now we are being deindustrialized at a blinding pace.  We have lost tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs over the past decade.  We are going to have a trade imbalance of about a half a trillion dollars this year.  Meanwhile, our federal, state and local governments are going into massive amounts of debt in order to keep funding government activities at a level that our hollowed out economy simply cannot support any longer.

Well, if you don't care about where our national symbols are made, you should at least care about the millions of jobs that we have been losing.

Billions spent on a cure for cancer and yet cancer rates continue to explode ~ link ~ If you or a loved one has cancer learn all you can about the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and his technology.  Stirling     


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