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Mossad bombs Ankara? ~ link ~ Could be.  Stirling   Also see: Bombing near Turkish school kills 3 ~ link ~  
Israel has fallen out with Turkey. And, on 20 September 2011, a bomb blast outside a high school in the Turkish capital of Ankara killed at least three people.
The chief suspect may be MOSSAD or the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) which reportedly has links to MOSSAD and the CIA. Sedat Laciner, the head of a Turkish think tank, says that Mossad agents and Israeli military retirees have been sighted providing training to PKK militants. 

Syria and Israel in harsh exchange at UN nuclear meeting ~ link ~ The double standards on nuclear weapons, one standard for every nation on Earth but Israel, and the other one for Israel is beyond outrageous.   If Israel insists on maintaining a massive nuclear arsenal and being the most aggressive state in the Middle East, then it should face UN sanctions.   Stirling    

Syria accused Israel on Wednesday of posing a threat to the world with its "huge military nuclear arsenal", a day after the Jewish state criticized Damascus for stonewalling a UN watchdog investigation into its atomic activities.

The exchange between the two adversaries, at an annual member state meeting of the UN nuclear agency, underlined deep divisions between Arab states and Israel ahead of rare talks later this year on efforts to rid the world of atomic bombs.

Breaking News: Greece reveals new austerity measures ~ link ~ The Greek people should not stand for this crap.  The Global Banking Cartel caused all the trouble in the first place, and now the people of Greece are being forced under Austerity Fascism so that the globalist monsters can further destroy Greece.   Stirling      

US and Ban Kl-Moon conspire to delay UN Security Council decision for months ~ link ~ The Israelis are hoping for a flare-up of frustration by the Palestinians so that they can go in and kill large numbers again and maybe get things so hot in the Middle East, that Bibi and his Cabinet nuts/ministers can get the General Middle East War that they want.  This would serve the globalists interests, as they want a massive Middle East War with WMD that they can turn into World War III.  Time will tell what happens!  Stirling      

Accounts of the big diplomatic showdown facing the United Nations when the Palestinian bid for statehood is filed Friday, Sept. 23 have been blown up and overdramatized . Neither the Security Council nor the UN General Assembly will be making any immediate decisions this week and US President Barack Obama will not be called on as yet to veto the Palestinian application. Therefore the dispute over which side can muster the magic majority of nine members is premature.

Indeed, debkafile's diplomatic sources are assured that UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon and the United States, which holds the key to the tussle, have arranged to put the Palestinian application on hold – or more diplomatically, under consideration, a process which could consume weeks if not months - before it is referred to the Security Council.

NATO extends Libya War mission by 90 days ~ link ~ Anyone who thinks that this is a humanitarian mission is beyond stupid!  Stirling      

Secret Sats, Giant Rockets: US unveils Space War Arsenal - with video ~ link ~ Actually, I suspect that the 'real goodies' are still very secret and would 'blow most peoples minds' if they knew.   Stirling        

Yahoo Accused of Censoring 'Occupy Wall Street' Emails ~ link ~  There has been a lot of effort to make only a few companies the dominate players in the Internet.  It is not an accident that the globalists and Zionists control then all.   Stirling     

Smart Meters can reveal your personal habits in the worldwide energy web ~ linkThe dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy. -- Patrick Wood 

Massive Biometric Project gives millions of Indians an ID ~ link ~ Setting up the New World Order ID program in India....a Beta test.   Stirling     

Now, for the first time, her government is taking note of her. Kiran and her children are having their personal information recorded in an official database—not just any official database, but one of the biggest the world has ever seen. They are the latest among millions of enrollees in India’s Unique Identification project, also known as Aadhaar, which means “the foundation” in several Indian languages. Its goal is to issue identification numbers linked to the fingerprints and iris scans of every single person in India.

That’s more than 1.2 billion people—everyone from Himalayan mountain villagers to Bangalorean call-center workers, from Rajasthani desert nomads to Mumbai street beggars—speaking more than 300 languages and dialects. The biometrics and the Aadhaar identification number will serve as a verifiable, portable, all but unfakable national ID. It is by far the biggest and most technologically complicated biometrics program ever attempted.

Whistleblowers reveal tight-knit relationship between US officials and drug cartels ~ link ~ The world-wide trade in illegal drugs is a super-powerful river of tax-free money that flows to the top of the power structure.  Stirling      

Ron Paul says he'd consider putting Dennis Kucinnich in his Cabinet  ~ link ~ Good!  Those two are among the very few in Congress that have any morality, or loyalty to America and the American way of life.   Stirling      

Ahmadinejad: Sending weapons to Syria opposition by sides close to Washington complicates problems ~ link ~ Syria is the backdoor to a war with Iran, that is why massive amounts of "aid" and weapons and "fighters" have been sent into Syria by the CIA/Mossad/Saudi Arabia.  Stirling     

Cancer still a Mystery to Establishment Medical Science ~ link ~  Only because the monsters that own and control Big Pharma want to 'treat' your cancer not 'cure' it....more money that way.  This is a great article, take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling 


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