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Turkey, Egypt to Drill for Natural Gas in Mediterranean, Threatening Israel's Energy Dreams ~ link ~ Israel's neighbors are fed up with the 'Eastern European ghetto mob' style bulling that Israel hands out on a daily basis.  Turkey makes an alliance with Egypt and Lebanon on the off-shore natural gas and oil fields, while Israel makes an alliance with Greece and Cyprus over their off-shore natural gas and oil fields.  From a military perspective this is a strong net loss for Israel as it is gaining two powerful enemies, and an entanglement in the Cyprus and Greek-Turkey mess.   The next week will be interesting.  Many outside forces are quietly working to defuse the dangers from a war in the Mediterranean; others are doing the opposite.  Time will tell.   Stirling    

The sites have already raised tensions with Lebanon, which contests Israel’s self-proclaimed maritime borders giving them possession. On 4 August Lebanese President Michel Sleiman said, “We will not allow anyone to lay his hand on our wealth, which our children and grandchildren deserve. We will not only pass debts to them but also a wealth that will guarantee them a better future so that they remain in Lebanon.” It should be noted that the two countries remain technically at war and will not negotiate directly with one another.

Now the wheel has taken another turn, as Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz said earlier this week during an official visit to Egypt that Turkey intends to cooperate with Egypt in searching for natural gas in the Mediterranean.

It is one thing for Israel to take on Hezbollah, based in southern Lebanon and Lebanon’s modest military forces – it would be quite another thing to mix it up with Turkey’s military, the second largest in NATO, or Egypt’s forces.

Egypt resumes natural gas flow to Jordan, but not to Israel ~ link ~ Both Cairo and Amman are keeping quiet about the resumption of supplies through the Sinai pipeline which was sabotaged five times since the Egyptian revolution in February. Jordan has agreed to top up payment for the gas by an extra $250 million, but Cairo has broken off negotiations with Jerusalem on new prices so making sure that supplies to Israel are cut off for good.

That is not the only cause for concern about the state of peace ties between Egypt and Israel. While Israeli officials optimistically forecast the early reopening of the Israeli embassy in Cairo after it was wrecked 10 days ago by a radical Islamic mob, officials in Cairo quickly put a damper on this forecast by announcing that the Israeli ambassador would not return to Cairo any time soon.

Lebanon warns against Israeli intrusion on its offshore natural gas and oil fields ~ link Lebanon has warned about officially complaining to the UN Security Council against Israel for its encroachment into the Lebanese territorial waters, Press TV reports.

The Lebanese cabinet issued the warning in a session on Tuesday during which it determined the line of demarcation for the country's exclusive economic zone in its maritime borders, a Press correspondent reported. 

Turkey's bid to lead the Arab world meets Israel head-on ~ link ~ I cannot but wonder if this is the globalists design.  I remember the comment that Lenin made, shortly after taking over in Russia, "I must busy myself by organizing the opposition".  Stirling      

The Arab nationalist dictators, many of whom seized power in the years after Israel's military victory in 1967, have fallen or are discredited. Their particular variant of nationalism has gone down with them. Military coups and popular protests in the 1950s and 1960s all had nationalist slogans, but the Arab Awakening has produced very few. In Tahrir Square there were almost no placards attacking Israel (though the few there were have been repeatedly shown on Israeli television). Liberty from domestic tyrants, not foreign influence, is at the heart of this year's revolutions. Gaddafi beat the nationalist drum in vain, claiming that the rebels were the pawns of foreign powers wanting to steal Libya's oil wealth. This propaganda sounded hypocritical and self-serving since Gaddafi and his sons had stolen so much of this wealth themselves.

An obvious winner is Turkey. For the moment it is seen as the coming power in the Middle East. Its assets are a strong, democratic, mildly Islamic government ruling 80 million increasingly prosperous people. Its escalating hostility to Israel and support for the Palestinians are highly attractive when the US is more than ever in lockstep with Israel. 

Re-posting: Top US intel official in Ankara to head off naval clash ~ link ~ National Intelligence James Clapper arrived in Ankara on an urgent surprise visit Sunday night Sept. 18 as Turkish saber-rattling threatened three major US interests:

Israel PM Netanyahu departs for UN, says he does not expect 'warm welcome' ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is always ready to negotiate with the Palestinians, he is just not ready to reach anything even remotely like a reasonable deal with them.  He wants them gone (or dead) so that he can continue to steal their land.  His negotiations are pure bullshit and everybody with half a brain knows it.   Stirling    

Netanyahu said he has turned to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas several times, and offered him to meet, but Abbas declined. "I told him the road to peace goes through direct negotiations and not unilateral decisions at the UN," he said.

Also on Tuesday, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, said in an interview that Israel “is ready to negotiate tomorrow,” with the Palestinians.

9/11 Master Criminal Appointed by Obama? ~ link ~ Please take the time to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling      

Zelikow describes himself as an expert in the “creation and maintenance of public myths.” He defines  “public myth” as a “public presumption” about history that may or may not be true, but which nevertheless exerts a powerful influence on public opinion, and through that influence affects history.

Zelikow gives the official account of Pearl Harbor – the story of the “dastardly Japanese sneak attack” – as a prime example of the kind of “public myth” he specializes in creating and maintaining. Zelikow’s close colleague and fellow neocon extremist Paul Wolfowitz has exhibited a lifelong obsession with the immense strategic value of Pearl Harbor.  Wolfowitz has repeatedly cited a remark by Albert Speer to the effect that if Germany had been blessed with a Pearl Harbor it would have won World War II. (Source: Brian Bogart, University of Oregon – Truth Jihad Radio interview, 2007)

Therefore, in the eyes of neocons such as Zelikow, FDR was wise to adopt McCollum’s Eight Point Plan designed to force the Japanese to launch a sneak attack on America. (Stinnett, Day of Deceit, 6-11). Pearl Harbor was not just a godsend – it was a US-orchestrated event, and the 2,403 Americans murdered there were murdered by the US government as well as the Japanese.



Anonymous said...

Good thing this color coding of yours.

Also the word of negotiating has been hollowed to the very edge and the palestinians and the world around what was once called the worlds greatest prison has made it clear that the word have no meaning for the israelis and as such will not be the tool going forward in dealings with israel. They have brought this on for a long time and bills never disappear the only stack up.

Anonymous said...

terror stalks America...

as one TSA official slays another TSA official with a knife.

(you can't make this stuff up).