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US Director of National Intelligence in emergency visit to Turkey to head off naval clash with Greece and Israel ~ link ~ The threat of a naval battle in one or more parts of the Mediterranean, at any time, is very real.  Southern Europe is close to war, as is the entire Middle East.   Stirling    

However, debkafile's intelligence sources report that Clapper was in Turkey for a last-ditch Obama administration bid to avert sea and air hostilities erupting between Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Israel in the eastern Mediterranean where tensions have been building up over Turkish threats inter alia against offshore gas exploration by Israel and Cyprus.
The US intelligence official's assignment in Ankara tied in with another last-ditch Washington effort, namely to break down Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas's stubborn resolve to press for UN acceptance of a Palestinian state and to sidestep peace negotiations with Israel.

Turkey boasts successful Syrian policy as Assad terminally smashes "protests"  ~ link ~ I am taking this report 'with a grain of salt' but it could be mostly true.   Stirling      

Re-posting: Israeli-Greek-Turkish air forces on guard for first Cypriot gas drilling ~ link ~ Military tension is building up among Greece, Turkey and Israel as Cyprus prepares to start exploratory drilling for gas offshore Monday, Sept. 19 in the face of threats from Ankara. All three have placed their air and sea forces in a state of preparedness along with the Cypriot army.

From Wednesday, Sept 14, Turkish warplanes and fighters kept watch on the Homer Ferrington rig belonging to Houston-based Noble Energy as it moved from Israel's offshore field Noa opposite Ashdod to Cyprus's Aphrodite (Block 12) field ready to start work.

Israeli Reservists Called Up - Instructions Unclear ~ link ~ They are saying this has to do with "terrorism" and possible riots over the Palestinian UN efforts for statehood recognition,  but governments lie, especially the Israeli one.  This is what we know, Israel is calling up large numbers of key Reserve units with an unlimited duration to the call up.  This is what they do just before going to war.  So take any pronouncements as to 'why' they are being called up with a grain of salt.  They generally try to avoid calling all reservists up at the same time as it ties up the roads and is a bit obvious.  They call up the units that they need the most, first, then the other ones.  A calling up of the IDF reserves is not a good sign!  Stirling    

Turkey demands an end to Cyprus shelf drilling ~ linkSo, do we have "one week" before this fully comes to a head or nor?   Stirling      

Turkey has demanded that Cyprus should end oil drilling on its shelf. The Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz warned earlier today that if Greek Cypriots started drilling the shelf, the ships of the Turkish Oil and Gas Company will also start prospecting for oil in the area in a matter of one week.

Turkey will get a formal right to this kind of work by signing an agreement on the continental shelf with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which has been recognized by Ankara only. Yildiz also said that ships for geological prospecting could be escorted by naval vessels. The Republic of Cyprus has said that it will not forgo its right to prospecting for oil and gas on the shelf within its exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean. 

Greece is expected to run out of cash - Is this the End Game?  ~ link ~ All of this, while a naval war looms offshore with Turkey?  Stirling    

Palestinian statehood to kill Israel's immunity - video ~ link

Wall Street Locked Down - NY Police arrest seven - with video ~ link ~ This is likely to be just the beginning of mass demonstrations to demand the end to the Federal Reserve, to Wall Street corruption, to the unnecessary wars, to corporate dominance over America, and more.  If the unions get behind this in mass, all hell will break out.  Stirling     

The Federal Debt as criminal scam - The Federal Reserve as a criminal syndicate ~ link ~ Of course this is correct, we have just been to lazy and gutless to force the issue, but as the Middle Class is now being destroyed maybe Americans will get off their asses and do something to take their nation back from the global criminals.  Stirling     

Day of Rage builds on Wall Street - with video ~ link ~
As corporate media continues to ignore the building presence in Manhattan to protest against the corrupt banking system, activists have gathered to document this Tahrir-square style gathering.  Below are videos that illustrate the growing unrest, as well as a link to the current livestream of the area.  The nature of the protests also has laid bare the absolute police state that has become entrenched in America.  In the first video we hear the reporter conclude by saying, "As of now it's still unclear if the police will allow protesters to stay here..." As if that is a normal response to peaceful assembly for a redress of grievances in a free society.

Madison Ruppert has detailed this oppression in his intro article to the Day of Rage entitled: No right to protest in America: Occupation of Wall Street thwarted thanks to ignorant police.  Additionally, we have received comments about social networks and e-mail programs blocking discussions centered on the term "Occupy Wall Street." If you are encountering this type of censorship, please drop us a note in the comments section.  

Abbas speech signals capitulation ~ link ~ I am not surprised.  Stirling     

We are going to the Security Council.” He must. It’s procedure, but a US veto is toothless as only the General Assembly admits new members. The Security Council only recommends.

“As for other options, we have not yet taken a decision on them.”

In effect, he suggested he won’t petition the General Assembly after a certain Security Council veto, or if he does it’ll be for less than full rights. As a result, he’ll capitulate when victory is within easy reach.

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