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Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

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Dangerous Crossroads: Russian Military Chief: Prepare For "Worse-Case Scenarios" In Unraveling World - High Alert after Mid-East Turmoil, War Games in Late September ~ link ~ The chances of a General Middle East War involving global use of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the next four weeks is VERY HIGH!  If such a war breaks out, it will in all likelihood become the Third World War with billions in deaths, literally the Armageddon of the Bible!  Do not dismiss this most senior general's warning.  Stirling    

Russia’s chief of general staff has said that the country’s military must be ready to the worst possible scenarios as the political situation in the world is taking complicated and unexpected turns.

Speaking at a Monday press conference in Moscow, Army General Nikolay Makarov said that Russian military organizations must be ready for the worst possible developments. “The situation in the world is complicated and it is constantly changing, especially in North Africa and the Middle East. What happened in these regions was difficult to predict and the events developed at a tremendous speed,” the general said. “No one can tell now what will happen there. However, this is a signal for all states. We, the military, must be ready for the worst scenarios.”

An Epidemiologist on 'Contagion':  This Will Almost Certainly Occur ~ link ~  As an historian I have to agree based on Black Death and other historic diseases.  However, as a military theoretical weaponry strategist and designer (now retired), I have to say that the real danger is from Advanced Biological Warfare where recombination DNA technology is used to create "designer viruses" designed to kill in vast numbers across the globe.  Stirling     

The BBC, the Science of Psychopathy and the New World Order ~ link ~ A good article with good points but I would like to point out that it is difficult to determine where the mental illness of psychopathy ends and the spiritual illness of evil and satanism begins.  Both are at work among many "leaders" in politics, finance and industry.  Stirling     

I have been following the scientific research on psychopathy by Canada’s Professor Robert Hare for some years given his seminal work on demonstrating that the common notions of psychopathy are grossly over-simplistic and one-dimensional. In their purest form Psychopaths literally are, as the title of one of Professor Hare’s books suggests, “without conscience” but are not all like some Hannibal Lecter stereotype or likely to end up in prison or secure mental institution. Psychopaths are an aberrant minority or human sub-group that can be highly intelligent and able to assess and mimic normal human emotions and empathy so as to disguise their true nature from society, colleagues and even spouses. Intelligent psychopaths can in fact teach themselves to intellectually understand normal cooperative emotional human beings in considerable detail without sharing or feeling normal human emotions and sympathy – which are viewed by psychopaths as weaknesses and not the long-term communal human survival traits/strategies that they actually are.

Professor Hare pointed out that psychopaths thrive in the fields of big-business and politics and can create mayhem therein. Intelligent psychopaths can be very charming and charismatic and find their way into various positions of leadership because of such outward characteristics that are combined with single-minded and determined ruthlessness. Unfortunately, such charisma and decisiveness has beguiling broad appeal to non-psychopaths who do not have the either the time or inclination to undertake or audit various leadership responsibilities themselves. Psychopaths seek to be in positions of power, crave malign thrills and enjoy manipulating others and derive a sense of superiority from such pursuits. Professor Hare coined the term “snakes in suits” to describe such individuals amongst the professional classes who are a major threat to wider humanity. Moreover, as Professor Hare postulated, there is increasing evidence of both a genetic predisposition and learned-behaviour component to psychopathy which is why it is often manifest within family dynasties and fostered by certain political, institutional and social regimes/environments. Researchers into criminal International Banking and Neo-Malthusian Eugenics will have little doubt that such psychopathy is a major factor within malign architects of of our rapidly assembling global ‘New World Order’. Al Gore, whose pseudo-scientific claims on anthropogenic global warming were dismissed by the UK High Court, and Tony Blair, whose misrepresentations on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction led to war, have both for example been cited as exhibiting unrepentant psychopathic white-collar traits.

700 Syrian forces killed in unrest ~ link ~ While the globalists owned and Zionist ran mainstream news media have been pushing the 'narrative' that the Syrians are engaged in a brutal oppression of unarmed civilian demonstrators, the reality is very very different.  There are relatively large numbers of well trained, well armed, and well led (and often foreign) fighters operating within Syria that are acting as a guerrilla military force.  These forces are financed by the Saudis, and the CIA.  They are controlled by the CIA/Mossad and Saudi intelligence.  Syria is the main target of the created (by top Zionists in the Internet social media field, by the CIA and by the Mossad) "Arab Spring".  Syria is the backdoor to Iran as they have a vital (to both nations) military alliance.  It is also the backdoor to a General Middle East War and to the Third World War that the Global Banking Cartel families desire to create their satanic New World Order.   Stirling        

Events in Syria linked to Zionism and Western plots to divide Arab countries ~ link ~ During a meeting with the Russian-Syrian Friendship Association on Tuesday, Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban affirmed that events taking place in Syria are linked to Zionist and Western plots to divide Arab countries and end the Arab-Israeli conflict without restoring Arab rights.

During the meeting, Dr. Shaaban reviewed the facets of the Syrian crisis and its connections to foreign agendas, stressing that facts and confessions of terrorist confirm the existence of foreign plots and sides that provide logistic support and media coverage to cause violence and undermine Syria's stability. She stressed that the priority is realizing the interests of the Syrian people, saying "we don't believe the West and other forces in the region when they talk about democracy and human rights… we have blatant examples of the violation of those rights and destruction of countries in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and more."

For his part, Chairman of the Association Alexander Dzasokhov affirmed that the majority of the Russian people support Syria in the face of the hostile plots targeting it, noting that Russian public opinion and political, parliamentary and social figures agree with the Russian leadership in rejecting foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.

Turkey's F-16s can now hit Israeli targets ~ link ~ The IFF system is one of the most sensitive and important electronics on-board any modern fighter aircraft.  It is a truism that the replacement of American made IFF systems is necessary if Turkey is considering military action against Israel.    Stirling     

The new Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) -- an identification system designed for command and control -- developed by Turkey's Military Electronics Industry (ASELSAN) will replace the US version of the system that was being run on the fighter jets so far, Turkey's Star Gazete newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The US system identified all Israeli targets as a 'friend,' thus preventing the Turkish fighter jets from firing at them automatically, even if the Turkish pilots were ordered to fire at them, the report said.

The new system, however, will allow Turkey to define its enemies itself, the report said.

'Syria cyber army reveals foreign plot' ~ link ~ It is information like this, and much more, that makes me very suspicious of what the Turks are really up to with regards to Israel and the Middle East.  Stirling    

Cyber specialists of the Syrian government have reportedly uncovered the text of an anti-Damascus agreement struck between Turkey and France.

According to a Monday report by the Syria Steps news website, the Syrian 'cyber army' has revealed the provisions of the deal in detail. The report said that Turkey would facilitate France's strategic plans in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Israel, and Lebanon.

It noted that Ankara would need to enable the toppling of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government by assisting the Syrian opposition in their activities such as hosting their meetings, facilitating the flow of Syrian refugees into Turkey, and allowing the French and other media to produce reports in the refugee camps.

France would in exchange ease Turkey's accession to the European Union before the end of 2012. Paris would also back Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey's upcoming parliamentary polls so that the premier implements the constitutional changes needed for the EU membership upon election.

UN legal experts: Gaza blockade illegal ~ link A panel of five independent UN human rights experts reporting to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) said on Tuesday in Geneva that the blockade had subjected Gazans to collective punishment in "flagrant contravention of international human rights and humanitarian law," Reuters reported. 

Nasal Insulin spray shows promise in treatment of Alzheimer's ~ link 

Elderly woman, 101, in tears as she's evicted from her home and her possessions are thrown into dumpster ~ link ~ What kind of goons would do this to a 101 year old lady, regardless of their 'orders' to do so.  Talk about scary fascism! Damn!   Stirling    

A 101-year-old woman has been evicted from her home of the last six decades after her son failed to pay property taxes on time.

Texana Hollis's possessions were thrown into dumpsters after bailiffs moved to take her house in Detroit, Michigan.

Europe's banks are staring into the abyss ~ link ~
Where now for European banks? Sir Howard Davies, former chairman of Britain's Financial Services Authority, said on BBC Radio's Today programme on Tuesday morning that he thought the French government was only days away from having to recapitalise the country's banking system for a second time. It's hard to disagree.

The panic seems to have been temporarily stemmed by a statement from BNP Paribas to the effect that it wasn't having the problems widely reported of finding dollar funding. There was also an emphatic denial of discussions over state intervention. But no-one is kidding themselves. Italy had to pay the highest spread since joining the euro to sell its bonds on Tuesday. There are growing fears over whether Europe's largest borrower can stay the course.

Jordanians protest outside US Embassy in Amman - Breaking News ~ link 


Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman warns PA of harsh consequences for statehood ~ link ~ You have to try really hard to be more of an extremist racist nut than Bibi 666 Netanyahu, but Lieberman usually manages to pull it off.   Stirling     

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has warned of what he calls harsh consequences if the Palestinian Authority goes ahead with its plan to seek UN membership as an independent state.

Lieberman, who is known for his extremist anti-Palestinian stance, however, failed to mention what the threatened consequences might be.  "The moment has not yet come to give details of what will happen," the hardline Israeli foreign minister said adding that "What I can say with the greatest confidence is that from the moment they pass a unilateral decision there will be harsh and grave consequences."

The US state department has also said that Washington will fight to what it called a bitter end to thwart the move by the Palestinian Authority. 

Only 1.75 full-time private sector workers per US Social Security recipient ~ link ~ This is what happens when the public allows the highly corrupt White House and Congress to take its orders from the mostly foreign owned Federal Reserve System.  The gutting of the American industrial base has been a act of treason that is destroying the greatest and once-richest nation on Earth.   Stirling    

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