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Turkish frigates to confront Israeli vessels and "disable" their weapons ~ link ~ If this is true, then the fears of September/October being the beginning of a General Middle East War and likely also WWIII, will come to pass.  Watch Jordan this coming Thursday, as a large demonstration is planned to force the Israeli Ambassador out of Jordan.    Stirling    

The Erdogan government sharply ratcheted up its threat of war on Israel Monday, Sept. 12 with a report that three Turkish Navy frigates are to sail for the eastern Mediterranean "to ensure freedom of navigation and confront Israeli warships if necessary."
As Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was set to start a visit to Egypt, Turkish naval sources reported: "If Turkish warships encounter an Israeli military ship outside Israel's 12-mile territorial waters, they will advance up to 100 meters from the ship and disable its weapon system." The threat bluntly applied to Israel's naval enforcement of its UN-approved blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Afghan battle: Kabul police battle insurgents - video ~ link ~ This is a major gun battle that has gone on for hours in downtown Kabul.   The natives are demonstrating that the United States and its allies, after almost 10 years of war and trillions of dollars, STILL have not conquered the will of the Afghan people to be free.  Notice how things seem to be heating up throughout the greater Middle East.  Stirling      

Afghan and international security forces are battling an ongoing multi-pronged attack by insurgents targeting the US embassy, Nato headquarters and police buildings in Kabul.

12 Killed, 15 injured in Kabul attacks ~ link ~ At least 12 people have been killed and 15 others wounded after clashes erupted between Taliban militants and Afghan security forces in the heart of the capital Kabul, Afghanistan's interior ministry says. The fighting broke out after Taliban gunmen with heavy weaponry launched coordinated attacks against NATO's headquarters next to the US embassy.

Despite the presence of nearly 150,000 US-led forces in the war-torn country, the violence has grown every passing year since the 2001 US-led invasion.  

Turkey: Israel is West's spoiled child ~ link Erdogan called on the Arab League ministers to vote for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations this month, saying the recognition of “the Palestinian state is the only correct way.” 

Erdogan also repeated his call on Israel to apologize and pay financial compensation to the relatives of the victims of a deadly Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound flotilla in 2010, which killed nine Turkish activists and injured dozens of more people.

Erdogan's “Arab Spring” tour began on Monday and includes plans to visit Libya and Tunisia in addition to Egypt.

Gadhafi forces attack oil refinery - Killing 17 ~ linkIn the first major regime counter-offensive in over a week, forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi attacked a rebel-held oil refinery in Ras Lanuf today, one of the few refineries which escaped NATO bombardment during the civil war.

How the CDC would deal with a Real-Life 'Contagion' - with video ~ link ~ You can count on the fact that it would be a real government screw-up of the highest order.  The only thing that the government will get right is how to take ALL of our remaining rights from us.  If you want to survive Advanced Biowar, you will have to totally self-quarantine yourself/family for up to several months.  That means months of food, water, daily supplies, heating supplies, ability to cook, etc. without out going outside and having NO CONTACT (at least in person) with anyone outside of your self-quarantined home.  Stirling      

The Ides of Something are Upon us...Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Good one.   Stirling     

Horror on the Home Front: The squalor of WWII from London to Leningrad told first-hand ~ link ~ The same Cartel that organized the Napoleon Wars, the First World War, and the Second World War, plus countless other smaller wars and economic crises are fomenting something truly horrible, actually beyond horrible, for the human race in the near term.   Stirling       

Elites Know Their Foreign Policy Endangers America ~ link ~  They could care less about America or Americans.  Stirling      

Greek workers strike over market "reforms" ~ link ~ This old crap from the Global Banking Cartel, that they can screw up the world's economy (with help from their bought-and-paid-for political whores) and then demand that we suffer even more by accepting their Austerity Fascism demands is not going down too well in Greece and many places.  Good!   Stirling    
Union opposition to the Greek government's austerity program intensified Monday as tax collectors went on strike, and power workers vowed to sabotage a new emergency property tax aimed at plugging a budget gap spotted by international creditors.

Tax and customs workers walked off the job for two days to protest cuts in their bonus pay while the power company union said it would "not allow the company to be used as a tax-collecting mechanism" for the property levy, which will be included on household electricity bills and is expected, together with fresh public sector cuts, to reap €2 billion this year.

USA is collapsing: Ex-Treasury Secretary ~ link 

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slim2none said...

Regarding 'Contagion' - "But government powers fall short of pulling a person from his or her home, said Kris Eide, director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management for the state of Minnesota.

"The governor can order an evacuation, but we cannot force an evacuation — I think you'll find that in almost every state," Eide said.

Pretty sure there have been Executive Orders made that would give HLS, CDC, and whomever else has been put 'above the law' in an 'Emergency' exactly these powers. See the 11000 series of EOs, particularly #11004.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by depending on your state's laws. All will fall by the wayside when the juggernaut rolls.