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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

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The Earl of Stirling has an ancient Scottish barony title for sale at UK 60,000 Pounds ~ link

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Ron Paul Wins GOP Debate - Major polls show Paul as the Landslide Republican winner ~ link ~ Congressman Ron Paul is the only 'real' candidate.  The only one that is not a puppet for the Global Banking Cartel and Israeli extremists.  The only one that really puts American values, American tradition, American laws, American Constitutional principles, American interests, American economic prosperity, and the American people first.  The rest are almost without exception, bogus lying jerks with fake smiles and fake positions, that are in reality traitors to Americans and the American way of life.  My family was "here at the beginning" (see my book) of North America, Canada, and the United States of America and I care about this great nation.  It is easy to see that the usual lies and lying political hacks are no longer 'cutting it' as America is being destroyed on all fronts by the globalist trash.  Stirling       

Ron Paul Highlights in 7 Sept 2011 Presidential Debate - video ~ link 

Who do you think won the Republican debate? ~ link ~ Check this out!  Stirling    

World's Biggest Economies 'Grinding To A Halt' ~ link ~ link ~Just wait till the General Middle East War begins and Iran cuts the flow of oil to the world off.   Stirling   

Instead, he said that countries throughout the world were being affected by factors beyond Britain's control, such as high oil prices, the sovereign debt crisis in the eurozone and concerns about growth in the US.

"The forecasts we got from the OECD today show that this is a problem for many advanced economies. There was a revision down in their forecast for growth for virtually every developed economy," said the Chancellor.

Gallup: Obama had worst month ever in August ~ linkOver the course of August, Gallup asked 15,343 American adults whether they approved of the way Barack Obama was handling his job as president. The final result, the polling company reported today, was that only 41 percent said they approved, giving Obama the lowest monthly approval rating of his presidency.

That is down 25 points from the 66 percent monthly approval Obama won in January 2009, the month he was inaugurated.

Former VP Dick Cheney to Hillary Clinton: RUN! ~ link ~ A satanic warlock advises a satanic witch to run for President!  These two evil turds give a bad name to evil, they are so rotten.  Stirling    

When the China Bubble bursts ~ link ~ link ~ But why would China want to launch a surprise attack on the U.S.?

In 2005 Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian explained that an ailing Chinese economy would produce a social explosion that could sweep away the Communist Party. “If we do not have good ideas,” warned Chi, “China will inevitably change … and we will all become criminals in history. After some deep pondering, we finally came to this conclusion: only by turning our developed national strength into the force of a fist striking outward – only by leading the people to go out – can we win forever the Chinese people’s support and love for the Communist Party.”

20,000 Shoulder-Fired surface-to-air missiles 'go missing' in Libya - video ~ link ~ Maybe, maybe not, but this sounds like one hell of a set-up for a large number of False Flag shoot-downs of civilian airliners in Europe and North America...lets hope and pray that this does not happen.  Stirling    

DEBKA: Syria readies final assault against "protesters" ~ link ~ Things heating up!  Stirling    

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