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Russia 's Foreign Minister condemns EU oil sanctions on Syria ~ link ~ Once again, Russia is taking a firm position on the side of Syria.  Contrast this with the DEBKA report of a day or two ago saying that Russia was siding with NATO against Syria.  Folks, Syria is the tripwire for a General Middle East War that will involve Weapons of Mass Destruction, and a tripwire for the Third World War/Armageddon!  Stirling    
Russia has condemned the EU's move to step up sanctions on Syria by banning imports of its oil, amid ongoing protests against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.
Russia, which has a veto on the Security Council, refuses to back a resolution imposing an arms embargo or asset freeze.  
ECB chief Jean-Claud Trichet warns Italy to stick with austerity ~ link ~ The Rothschild led Global Banking Cartel has a plan that forces Austerity Fascism upon more and more nations that are suffering from the effects of previous Rothschild/Cartel evil doings.  The people of the World need to wake up and realize that they do NOT have to put up with this crap.  We are many, they are so few, yet we allow them to use their bogus wealth to ruin our lives and futures.  We need to send these satanic bums to prison.  Stirling     
Italy has received a stern warning from the head of the European Central Bank to stick to its austerity plan after it failed to pass key measures.

Jean-Claude Trichet told a forum in northern Italy that sticking to the plan was "absolutely decisive" to Italy's credit worthiness.

Libya: Gaddafi sons and loyalist convoys 'have fled strongholds' ~ link ~ Maybe, maybe not.  The mainstream news media has proven itself to be nothing but a propaganda arm of the globalist and Israeli forces.  Stirling      

Shuttle Program discontinued for a hidden reason?  ~ link ~ Interesting article.  There are a number of 'suppressed technologies' that relate to aerospace matters.  They are generally "suppressed" because they involve free or very low cost energy sources and technology that would put the oil companies out of business.  The oil/energy industries are a key source of money and power for the Global Banking Cartel, hence the need to "suppress" certain technologies.  I do not believe that we have "alien" UFO technology or that little green or gray men have been visiting us.  Of course, the massive Universe is apt to be full of life and likely have many civilizations far more advanced than ours, but that does not mean that UFOs are real alien spaceships.  Stirling     
When the Guano Explodes at the Zombie Prom - Dog Poet Transmitting ~ link ~ Good one!  Stirling     
Now, the 9/11, exploding lights and colors, surround sound, 24 hour lie machine is going into turbo mode. It’s like an enormous disco light for The Zombie Prom. The walking dead do the Thorazine shuffle, The Prozac Pony, The Wellbutrin Waltz -or whatever the chemical stew they are on is called- to a toned down, palpable, musical looping of Lawrence Welk on Haldol; 3 enormous skyscrapers come down at the speed of free fall into their own footprint, where not even one building has ever done this before, no problem, Norad is told to stand down by Dick Cheney, while engaged in an exercise to prohibit the very thing they are not responding to, no problem, Jesus hates Muslims and torments house cats with a dinner fork, no problem, Israel is god’s chosen land, surrounded by suicide bombers, absolutely. It doesn’t matter how many people they kill in their genocidal rampages at home and around the world with their false flags, like 9/11, we’re cool with that.

ZATO-NATO kills tens of thousands in Libya, breaking every law in the book, under the orders of psychopathic bankers and oil corporations and the house band at The Zombie Prom plays on. Blood runs in rivers, as the infrastructure of Libya is bombed into rubble, so that the bankers and corporations can add on the rebuilding charges for it, as they get it all up to speed again, while shackling the people of Libya with crushing debt and making it impossible for them to continue as they were, with all that pretentious educational shit that they can’t possibly need, if they are going to serve the bankers and the corporations the way they need to be served, according to the corporations and the bankers. Here’s what one of the most evil men in the world had to say back in 1992, "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched”.
Larry Silverstein no response to WTC 7 lies - video ~ link ~ Dear old Larry is known to be very close to dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu.  It figures!  Stirling     
Baroness Williams plunges NHS reforms into fresh turmoil ~ linkThe future of the government's health reforms has been plunged into fresh doubt as the Liberal Democrat peer Shirley Williams raises new concerns, and secret emails reveal plans to hand over the running of up to 20 hospitals to overseas companies. The revelations come as MPs prepare to return to Westminster on Tuesday for what promises to be a crucial stage of the flagship health and social care bill.

Baroness Williams, one of the original leaders of a Lib Dem rebellion against health secretary Andrew Lansley's plans – who appeared to have been pacified after changes were made over the summer – said she had new doubts, having re-examined the proposals. "Despite the great efforts made by Nick Clegg and Paul Burstow [the Lib Dem health minister], I still have huge concerns about the bill. The battle is far from over," she said.

Vatican denies claims of abuse cover-up in Ireland ~ link ~ Fox, with bloody face, denies hen house raid.  Stirling    

The Vatican has issued a tough rebuttal of a report claiming it told priests in Ireland to keep quiet about sexual abuse and described criticism by the Irish prime minister, Enda Kenny, as "unfounded".

The Vatican sought to dismantle, point by point, claims made by the report, ordered by the Irish government and released in July, which prompted Kenny to condemn the Vatican as riddled with "dysfunction, disconnection and elitism".

Vatican rejects cover-up claims over Cloyne report ~ link ~ The Vatican has allowed massive numbers of children to be sexually abused by sick priests over decades.  It has allowed its priesthood to become approximately 60% gay.  It is no accident that the Eastern Orthodox do not share these problems.  Their priesthood is 90-95% married.  The Roman Catholic Church recognizes the validity of Apostolic Succession in Eastern Orthodox ordained clergy.  The Roman Catholic Church's official position is that mandatory celibacy is a man made rule and not a matter of Church Dogma (a 800 year rule in a almost 2,000 year old church).  Yet at a time of a grave shortage of priests and on-going sex abuse of children by priests, WHY does the Pope not change this man made rule???  The satanic globalists tried to kill off Christianity in the Communist nations but could not succeed.  They have attacked the Roman Church (and other churches, such as the Church of England) from within and the faithful have been too gutless to demand the necessary changes as immoral perverts and globalist front men destroy their church from within.  Stirling  

China offered Gaddafi huge stockpiles of arms ~ link ~  I expect that large amounts of necessary arms are flooding into Iran and Syria from China and Russia.  Stirling      

China offered huge stockpiles of weapons to Colonel Moammar Gadhafi during the final months of his regime, according to papers that describe secret talks about shipments via Algeria and South Africa.

Documents obtained by The Globe and Mail show that state-controlled Chinese arms manufacturers were prepared to sell weapons and ammunition worth at least $200-million to the embattled Col. Gadhafi in late July, a violation of United Nations sanctions.

Amazon Chief's Spaceship Misfires ~ link ~ An unmanned spaceship funded by Internet billionaire Jeff Bezos veered out of control and had to be destroyed during a recent test flight, highlighting the dramatic risks of private space ventures.

The spacecraft, developed by closely held Blue Origin LLC, was on a suborbital flight from the company's West Texas spaceport last week when it started to go off course and ground personnel lost normal contact with the vehicle. Investigators are looking at remnants of the craft recovered on the ground to determine the cause. 

Scottish Conservative Party set to disband ~ link ~ The Tories just don't have any significant backing in Scotland.  Stirling    

New UK Coalition splits over schools, banks and health ~ link ~  It will be interesting to see if the Coalition can last over the next few months.  The Lib-Dems have lost many supporters over their backing the Libyan War.  Stirling     

Senior figures in the two parties were at odds, with both sides trying to claim credit for government successes while blaming one another for things that have gone wrong.

There were claims from Tories that “the tail is wagging the dog” with the Lib Dems, who account for just one-sixth of the Coalition’s MPs, appearing to exert a disproportionate influence on the direction of policy. 

Venice film festival: 'Contagion' review ~ link ~ The film 'Contagion', which opens in a few days, is a case of Predictive Programming from the globalists/Zionists who run Hollywood.  We are on the verge of waging all-out war against Iran and Syria, knowing full will that Iran has a Global Strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) Counter-Force in its massive Advanced Biological Warfare program.  In the movie, the horror is caused by a natural virus mutation and its outbreak.  In real life, they may try to use the False Flag cover of a mutation/s in one or more viruses, so that people will not blame the globalists or Israel for the billions of deaths that will occur.  However, the reality will be that the satanists will have triggered World War III and it, with its Advanced Biowar and Nuclear War and Scalar War, will be an Extinction Level Event, that only Christ can save us from.   Stirling       



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