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Assad may opt for war to escape Russian, Arab, European ultimatums ~ link ~ Assad knows that if he stops fighting the foreign trained/led/supplied armed fighters within his nation (which includes many Saudi recruited Arab non-Syrian fighters) that he is lost as is an independent Syria.  So he will NOT stop fighting the enemy military forces within his border.  I am not so sure about the Russians acting the way this article says they are.  It may be correct, as they may have decided to sacrifice Syria in order to avoid World War III, however, this will not work.  I suspect that the Chinese are also being blackmailed with a war between India and Pakistan, which is why they have moved large numbers of nuclear armed IRBMs to near their border with India.  As I have feared, September is beginning to look like the 'Month from Hell'.  Thanks to a reader for sending me this story.  Take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling      
Debkafile's exclusive Iranian sources reveal that the Qatari ruler slapped down a blunt warning:  Assad was finished, he said, and advised Iran to face up to this.  For the sake of even minimal relations with the Arab world, Iran must ditch the Assad regime in Damascus or face the real danger of the Syrian crisis deteriorating into a regional conflict – whether against Syria or by Syria, he did not explain.

Ahmadinejad turned the emir down flat, according to our sources. He said Iran would never renege on its pact with Assad.  Two days later, our military sources report, Syria deployed 25 anti-air missile batteries along its Turkish border.

US economy created no job growth in August ~ link ~ The real unemployment figures are MUCH HIGHER than what the lying government reports.  They have so cooked the books on this that they no longer have any credibility left.  The bottom line is that of the working age people in America, who are not in the military or prison/jail, only about half have full time jobs.  Further, of these, many are seriously underemployed with low pay.  The stories of people with Ph.D.s and master degrees parking cars, and working at retail jobs, etc., are true.  The globalists are doing their best to destroy America, and the American people are still too "drugged" by their mainstream news and entertainment propaganda to do anything about it.  About the time they wake up, they will be facing Advanced Biowar viruses and martial law and will not be able to revolt.  Stirling   

US employers add no net jobs in August ~ link ~ About one-third of young adults have had to move back in with their parents as they have little or no money to live on.  You cannot survive working at McDonalds  or Wal-Mart.  The amount of hurt that these totally unnecessary economic conditions are causing people is enormous.  The evil bastards that are deliberately causing this Global Depression do not care, and are about to make things vastly worst.  Stirling      

Witch Hillary Clinton  is planning to run against Obama - Notice her face lift and her new hairstyle ~ link ~ This is just a photo link.  But many Democratic insiders, who of course have no interests in America other than what they can get from their Congressional/government posts, fear being outed in the next election and are urging her to run.  I suspect that this has been planned for a long time.  However, World War III will change everything!   Stirling      
EU slammed for complicity in US crimes ~ link  ~ EU human rights chief has severely lambasted European governments for collaborating with the US on committing “countless crimes” in the so-called war on terror over the past decade.

"In attempting to combat crimes attributed to terrorists, countless further crimes have been committed in the course of the US-led 'global war on terror,'" said the Council of Europe's Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg on Thursday, The Associated Press reported.

"Many of those crimes have been carefully and deliberately covered up," he added.

Hammarberg went on to say that European governments have been “deeply complicit” in Washington's counterterrorism methods, which have involved torture and other serious human rights violations.

The 47-nation Council of Europe has criticized over a dozen European states for colluding in the CIA's rendition programs, in which suspects were secretly captured and dispatched to countries where torture is allowed.

Sarkozy took illegal cash from L'Oreal heiress judge states ~ link ~ Sarkozy is a evil crook placed in office by the globalists and Zionists to serve their interests at the expense of the French people.  Stirling     
Iranian nuclear bid could provoke attack says Sarkozy ~ link ~ He is simply maintaining the false narrative in the lead-in to Armageddon.  Stirling    
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Wednesday that Iran's alleged attempts to build long-range missiles and nuclear weapons could lead unnamed countries to launch a pre-emptive attack.
"Its military nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs," he said.
Israeli protests target power monopoly - with video ~ link ~ These protests, the largest ever in Israel, have a basis in the economic hurt that most Israelis experience, while a small number of very rich people control their nation.  However, it is the timing of these protests that interest me.  I believe that, behind the scenes, strong interests opposed to the coming war with Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Gaza/Palestine are trying to force dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu from power before he can destroy Israel and the Middle East and most of the World in first a General Middle East War and then World War III.  I suspect that they will fail and Bibi will unleash 'the hounds of war from Hell itself' in the days to come.  Stirling      
“It is not only because of specific consequences in terms of the cost of housing and the run-away cost of food,” Ralph Schoenman, political commentator and the author of The Hidden History of Zionism, said on Thursday.

“But because of the growing awareness amongst Israelis that the concentration of power is so enormous that it is virtually in the hands of a few prominent families,” he added.

Anti-regime protests erupted in Israel in mid-July as activists began setting up tents in Tel Aviv to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's economic and social policies.

The protests quickly spread, with tent camps appearing in many cities across Israel.

Detailing the acquisitive approaches in Israel, Schoenman said, “The financial apparatus in Israel, like that in other capitalist countries and certainly in the US, has arrogated to itself not only power but also basic income and the riches, and the financial distribution [is] in the hands of a very tiny oligarchy in Israel.”

The demonstrators are calling for a million-man march in at least 50 cities on Saturday. 

Congressman Ron Paul: Feds Preparing For 'Breakdown Of Law And Order' - with video ~ link ~
“You can have a breakdown of law and order so the people will unfortunately be begging for stabilization, and they’ll be inviting the federal government to come in and destabilize things, so I think they’re making plans along those lines,” said the Texas Congressman.

Responding to a question about whether such preparations were about a power grab on behalf of the federal government, Paul responded, “That’s their goal, it’s all about power.”

Jackie O. - A "Conspiracy Nut"? ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling    

Tapes that were recorded within months of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and that have been sealed in a vault at the Kennedy Library in Boston are soon to be released. In the tapes, former First Lady Jackie Kennedy reveals that she believed Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson and other influential individuals orchestrated the Dallas shooting that killed her husband.

So, now I suppose we can add Jackie-Kennedy-Onassis to the list of “conspiracy nuts.” Right? Isn’t that what anyone is called who believes that the federal government hides the truth about what happens and conjures up a convenient “official” story to sell to the American people? Isn’t that what the media calls anyone who dares to question any “official” report? Isn’t that what Glenn Beck calls them? Isn’t that what Joe Scarborough calls them? Isn’t that what Bill O’Reilly calls them? Isn’t that what Rush Limbaugh calls them? They are “conspiracy nuts.” Right? I wonder if we will now hear any of these talking heads call Jackie Onassis a “conspiracy nut”?
And since we are talking about conspiracies, I want to go ahead and just say up front: I believe that anyone who thinks that there are no conspiracies that many times involve people and agencies at the highest levels of government and business is downright simple minded, willingly ignorant, incredibly naïve, or has a personal, vested reason to remain clueless.



jblovesjesus19 said...

that gulf is still super hot eh, how can they explain how that tropical storm Lee formed out of nowhere, good stuff Earl

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for showing more
restraint in the use of highlighting
for the past couple of days.

Your blog is much more attractive to
look at, now, and much, MUCH easier
to read. Actually, more like it used
to be.

Thank you for your willingness to
receive a well-intentioned,
constructive criticism from a

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

May I say, sir, that you are
spot on regarding "conspiracy

It only takes a little thought
to realize that the individuals
who have the most to gain from
scoffing at "conspiracy theories"
are those individuals who are
directly involved in the
conspiracies they want us to
disbelieve in.

Thanks for sharing some of your
own sanity on the subject.