Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UK Government Response to Riots - Too Little Too Late

Too Little Too Late 

The last three nights has seen the unholy mob of out-of-control underclass teenagers looting and burning in England at will.  Despite the valiant efforts of Tim Godwin, Acting Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, and his men and women, the Government has NOT been able to protect innocent men, women and children in their homes.  We have seen things, in parts of London that I for one know well, that I never thought we would see.  People standing in front of their homes with pots and pans to ward off the looters and arsonists, with no police available to help them protect their families.  Foreign television reporters wearing flack jackets and helmets on the streets of London.  London burning at a rate and scale unseen since the Blitz of the Second World War. 

Last night the criminal madness spread to Birmingham, to Manchester, to Bristol, to Liverpool and more.  Frankly it is far from clear that the 18,000 unarmed/lightly armed police ordered to the streets tonight will be sufficient.  The yobs have been laughing at the police, while it is they who control the streets.

The sad truth of the matter is that the British Government has not been able to provide basic protection to all of its citizens so far.  If these steps are insufficient, tonight, what is next?  Shoot to kill orders?  The Kingdom must be defended and its people protected from criminal trash.  It is time to call in large numbers of the British Army, the Territorial Army, and the Royal Marines and have them placed within minutes of British cities.  These forces should be in place and ready to assist the police on short notice tonight!
[The Earl of Stirling]

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Anonymous said...

well, if they had better fed, educated, and employed these folk, they'd have less reason to riot.. a lifetime of grubby hunger while the arrogant rich flaunt their wealth ... what do they expect? And recently, cutting back on financial help to the students condemns them to no chance to rise beyond their current circumstances. Again, what other options do you leave them?