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Plum Island NY In Danger From Hurricane Irene

As the one thousand mile wide storm, known as Hurricane Irene, makes it run up the East Coast of America one thing that the mainstream news media is not telling us is the danger from the Biological Warfare facility located at Plum Island New York.  This site could be hit by a storm surge with a 30 foot high 'wall of water'.  

The bioengineered viruses in storage at this site are among the most dangerous material not only in the entire World but in human history.  Ounce per ounce, they make even weapons grade nuclear material look like something from a Sunday School playground.  

This island is one of the most dangerous places on Earth and one of America's top Advanced Biowar Labs.  It is not apt to really be prepared for a direct hit by a Hurricane.  If viral material is released by flood waters and the force of the Hurricane, it could begin a massive Contagion!

As the storm nears this hyper-dangerous bit of real estate, far far more dangerous than any nuclear power plant, ask yourself, "Do you trust your government and the Obama Administration to protect you?"  Good luck with that.

File:Plum Island Animal Disease Center.jpg

Native name: Manittuwond

Plum Island (New York) is located in New York
Plum Island (New York) (New York)

USDA and DHS Working Together - Plum Island Animal Disease Center ~ link

Wikipedia: Plum Island Animal Disease Center ~ link

Wikipedia: Plum Island (New York) ~ link  

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