Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Post This Weekend

I hope that my readers will understand, but I am taking the weekend off.  I normally spend a lot of time, seven days per week, updating this news blog.  But this weekend I am taking some time off.  Stirling


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

Enjoy your weekend!

You deserve it !

Enjoy nature, have a glass of red wine with your friends and come back next week!

I hope, you will come back with a lot of inspirations for your blog.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Thank you for efforts in keeping us inform and have a great weekend.

slim2none said...

Stirling, Hope you have a restful, restorative weekend. We all need to conserve our strength and recognize when we need to take time for ourselves to replenish.

Thanks for all you do and best wishes always,