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Is The CIA-Mossad-MI6 Using Hollywood To Prepare US For A Plague??? ~ link ~ YES!  However, unlike the article, I think the Advanced Biowar event will be sooner than later. Do take the time to read this one. Also keep in mind that the reality of what is about to happen is far more evil than what this article covers.  This is part of a much larger 'Human Extinction Event' that Lucifer has planned for us, that includes the Third World War, and Disaster Warfare at unbelievable levels!   Stirling     
A little history lesson: In 1348 the banks of Venice collapsed. Even though they had a gold standard, a bank run ruined the banks because they practiced fractional reserve banking. A customer would deposit his gold and receive a certificate. The gold dealer-bankers loaned out the gold and kept some on hand. They got carried away by greed and issued way more certificates through loans than they could redeem. This started a bank run and a financial collapse. This plunged Europe into a Depression which was only ended by the Black Death or plague which killed tens of millions of Europeans from 1348 to 1350.

The loss of population actually improved the living standards of the survivors which is the lesson any banker would learn from reading history. A modern plague would cancel Social Security, Medicare and all private and public pension obligations as plagues kill the elderly. A plague would also kill off the chronically ill and dramatically reduce health care costs. And, if a billion or two people died, their heirs would be able to pay off their student loans, credit cards and other debts. The governments of the world would have huge windfall inheritance taxes to solve their financial problems. Plus the Black Ops scientists do have the ability to attack specific races with a virus. Think of the possibilities. If there is a race you do not like or has a valuable asset like oil or gold, you could exterminate them too.

The CIA, the Mossad and MI6 work for the Lords of Wall Street and the City of London. These Vampire bankers have perfected fractional reserve commercial banking and fractional reserve gold trading to an exponential degree beyond even the wildest dreams of their predecessors in Venice.
Contagion - Trailer 1 - video ~ link ~ Also see Trailer 2 HD ~ link ~ Predictive programming from the trash in Hollywood.  You can bet that there will be subliminal messages in this movie and that the overall message will be used to set up the sheeple for their culling!  Get ready readers, the Advanced Biological Warfare part of World War III is coming soon.  Remember only total self-quarantine, with months of food/water/supplies will keep you and your family alive.  Pray!  Stirling      
250 US officials ordered to leave Pakistan ~ link ~ As we move closer to the coming global war, we can see various steps that are being taken by the various nations/forces involved.  The Pakistan President has been trying to head off the coming nightmare by shuttling between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but has had little success.  He knows that if/when all hell breaks out, that there will be a Pakistan/China vs India War Theater and that "sideshow" will kill one to several billion people by itself!  Stirling     
Pakistan has sent a letter to the US Embassy in Islamabad, asking it to phase out over 250 US officials in 30 to 40 days, a private TV channel quoting sources reported Tuesday.
It said US Ambassador Cameron Munter is coming back to Pakistan after cutting short his holidays to deal with the emerging situation.

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