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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

AVA MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link

Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE

Iran urges West to avoid interference in Syria: "If pressures mount on Syria, Middle-East will move towards a devastating war"  ~ link ~ This is a clear War Warning from Iran!  The West will, of course, ignore the warning as the real powers in the west, the Global Banking Cartel families, are seeking a Third World War as part of their End Game Strategy to bring upon the human race their satanic high-tech global police state, the New World Order.  Their End Game is the End Times of the Christian Bible!  Get ready for it.  Stirling      

Breaking News: Gadhaffi Retakes Key Towns ~ link ~ Libya is a tribal society and Gadhaffi has most of the tribes on his side because it is a matter of honor to fight the foreign aggressors.  Stirling    

Is Gadhaffi losing? Au contraire. In total contradiction to the propaganda push on CNN, sources inside Libya say Gadhaffi soldiers have retaken a number of key towns. In a surprise announcement, sources inside Libya say that most of Misurata has been taken back by Libyan forces last night and today. In the process, Gadhaffi soldiers have liberated 1250+ Libyan prisoners of war.  According to tribal leaders, Libyan forces now control the port city.

Tribal leaders also declare that Zawia, Garyan, Sorman, and Sabratha are secure, in contrast to claims by foreign reporters in Tripoli and Djerba (Tunisia) that they have been seized by rebels.

Libya War: Tripoli celebrates the liberation of Misratch - video ~ link 

Israel calling up reserves in September ~ linkI suspect that all hell will break lose in September.  Stirling     

Turkey: NATO's Policeman in the Middle East - The Neo-Ottomans ~ link ~ I wonder just how much money has gone to bribe the right people in Turkey to do this....billions I would think.   Stirling       

Gadhafi support soars amid NATO bombing ~ link ~ The Libyans know that NATO is their enemy, ordered to attack them by globalist bankers and Israel.   Stirling     

Break the Power of Big Money ~ link ~ Amen to that!  Stirling      

Ron Paul Ad - video ~ link  

BP Oil Disaster likely cause of sick Gulf fish ~ link ~ A "little thing" like several hundred million gallons  of crude oil, plus millions of gallons of highly toxic dispersants, can do that.   Stirling    

92% of Foreclosures in New York lack proper documents ~ link  ~ Start throwing senior bank officials in jail and this crap will end.  Stirling    

16 Statistics which prove that the American People are absolutely seething with anger ~ link ~  The anger is there, but so far it has resulted in little action and without action there will be no positive change.  Stirling    

$3.7 TRILLION for current US wars -- $12,000 per person ~ link ~ Not to mention all the people killed and wounded.  The crooked global banksters and the Zionist neo-cons have cost Americans a truly massive amount and they are not done.  If they begin a war on Syria/Iran/Lebanon/Palestine/Gaza and via this the Third World War, they will likely cost most Americans their very lives!  Stirling      

The Pentagon's "Salvador Option": The Deployment of Death Squads in Iraq and Syria ~ link ~ Wake up World, the globalists and evil Netanyahu are taking us all to World War III.  Take the time to read this important article at the link.   Stirling    
The Western media has played a central role in obfuscating the nature of foreign interference in Syria including outside support to armed insurgents. In chorus they have described recent events in Syria as a "peaceful protest movement" directed against the government of Bashar Al Assad, when the evidence amply confirms that Islamic paramilitary groups have infiltrated the rallies.

Israel's Debka Intelligence news, while avoiding the issue of an armed insurgency, tacitly acknowledges that Syrian forces are being confronted by an organized paramilitary:

"[Syrian forces] are now running into heavy resistance: Awaiting them are anti-tank traps and fortified barriers manned by protesters armed with heavy machine guns." DEBKAfile,

Since when are peaceful civilian protesters armed with "heavy machine guns" and "anti-tank traps"? 

Recent developments in Syria point to a full-fledged armed insurgency, integrated by Islamist "freedom fighters" supported, trained and equipped by NATO and Turkey's High Command. According to Israeli intelligence sources:

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