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Lord Stirling's news blog EUROPE
Egypt: Israel violated peace treaty ~ link Egypt's state media say Israel violated a peace treaty signed between Cairo and Tel Aviv in 1979 after Israeli troops entered Egyptian territory and killed five security personnel.

The international force known as Multinational Force and Observer (MFO), the monitoring force stationed in the Sinai desert under the 1979 treaty, said on Saturday that it has recorded two violations of the treaty committed by Israel.

The MFO said the violations included entering Egyptian territory and firing from the Egyptian side of the border. 
Israel entered Egypt, committed treaty violations ~ link ~ A monitoring force stationed in the Sinai in keeping with the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel said Israel violated it when its troops entered Egyptian territory and fired on security personnel, state news agency MENA reported on Saturday.

"The [Multinational Force and Observer] recorded two violations committed by Israel," the agency said, citing an MFO report.

Egypt To Recall Its Ambassador To Israel ~ link ~Actually, the issue of a recall is still up in the air.  Stirling

The Egyptian government decided to recall its ambassador to Tel Aviv pending an Israeli apology for its statements regarding what was described as “hasty accusations made by Israeli leaders following the Eilat attack”.

The Egyptian Ministerial Council held a special meeting to discuss the latest events on the Egypt-Israel border, and issued a strong condemnation regarding Israel’s retaliation towards the bombing. It also voiced a strong condemnation towards the Thursday Eilat attack.

Egypt protests Israeli escalation in Gaza ~ link ~ Egypt lodged an official protest demanding an investigation of the killing of three Egyptian border guards by the Israeli military during Israeli operations that followed a Palestinian attack on an Israeli bus.

An Egyptian official told the MENA News Agency, “Egypt has demanded an urgent probe into the circumstances of the deaths and injuries of Egyptian forces’ members inside our borders.”

Netanyahu: Gaza Strikes 'Only the Beginning of Retaliation' ~ link ~ I really do believe that deal old Bibi is the Biblical Antichrist.  He is the man that the NecCons reported to; he was in New York City for the 9/11 False Flag attack; he was in London for the 7/7 False Flag attack; he more than any leader today is the one taking the entire World into the evil horrors of the Third World War.   Ultimately what we are seeing is a battle between God and Satan and Bibi is Satan's number one operative!  Stirling     

Speaking today at Soroka Hospital, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the PRC leaders slain in yesterday’s bombing attack on the Gaza city of Rafah were responsible for the Thursday attacks inside southern Israel. He also said they were “only the beginning.” 

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, however, hinted that it might be the Gaza Strip in general, commenting yesterday that “if there will be a need the strikes will intensify.” Since yesterday’s Gaza bombings a number of rockets have been fired from the strip, injuring six Israelis when one of them hit a religious school. Most of the rockets landed in empty fields. 

Get ready for more Mideast violence ~ link  

Israel senses Egypt's weakness on Sinai - with video ~ link The Israeli regime has experienced numerous explosions of its gas pipeline in Sinai amid rumors that it is plotting to reoccupy the Egyptian territory. 

Rothschild Reuters and Jerusalem Post pushing lies to justify killing of Palestinians ~ link ~ The Middle East is getting ready to explode in the greatest war ever!   Stirling    

Israeli tent protests called off after Eilat attacks ~ link ~ An early payoff for Netanyahu.  Stirling   


Phony Letterman threat tracked to Israeli site ~ link ~ you simply cannot make this stuff up.  Stirling   


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