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Earthquake rocks D.C., evacuations, nuclear plant shutdown, felt on East Coast, Midwest and Canada ~ link ~ This is a good collection of news articles and links on the quake.  Stirling      
Dominique Strauss-Kahn: 'My nightmare is over' - with video ~ link ~ The framing of this man and the investigation into the Murdock media empire are two very interesing events.  These were/are powerful insiders on the team of the Global Banking Cartel.  What caused this to change.  Did Meyer Dragen or some others in Israel, who oppose the mad march to war against Syria/Iran/Lebanon as sucidial for Israel, get to them???  Did they express opposition to the coming war????  One thing you can be sure of, something major happened and we are NOT being told the truth of it.  Stirling        
Social Security "kills" 14,000 Americans a year ~ link ~  SNAFU, your government at work.   Stirling     
Advancements in technology have failed to end a distressing pattern where people still alive are declared dead in the eyes of Social Security and have their monthly checks cut off.

Marjorie Louer is a healthy and vibrant 94-year-old, yet the Social Security Administration (SSA) thought she died five years ago.

Outrage of the Day: Do you realize tht the US Government is Still Paying Banks NOT to Lend?  ~ link ~ The way you create recessions and depressions is to cut off the money supply.  That is what has happened and that is why people in the know, understand that this is a wholly created Global Depression.  Stirling      

The Federal Reserve is deliberately sabotaging the economy by paying banks billions of dollars not to lend over $1.6 trillion in cash they have on hand.

One of the most outrageous “open secrets” of U.S. government policy these days is that the Federal Reserve is still paying big banks not to lend money.And it’s doing that while screwing average Americans who have been responsible and lived within their means.

East Coast earthquake may have distracted from larger threat of Hurricane ~ link ~ There is a chance that Washington, D.C., may get hit with a Cat. 4 or Cat. 5 hurricane!  Now if all the politicians would just start talking at the same time and aim their hot air at the direction of the storm, they could drive it out to sea.  Stirling      

Study shows powerful corporations really do control the world's finances ~ link ~ Actually the control of corporations by those with only a minority interest is a fine art that the Global Banking Cartel Families have excelled at throughout the modern era.  Stirling      
Using data obtained (circa 2007) from the Orbis database (a global database containing financial information on public and private companies) the team, in what is being heralded as the first of its kind, analyzed data from over 43,000 corporations, looking at both upstream and downstream connections between them all and found that when graphed, the data represented a bowtie of sorts, with the knot, or core representing just 147 entities who control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations (TNCs).
In this analysis the focus was on corporations that have ownership in their own assets as well as those of other institutions and who exert influence via ownership in second, third, fourth, etc. tier entities that hold influence over others in the web, as they call it; the interconnecting network of TNCs that together make up the whole of the largest corporations in the world. In analyzing the data they found, and then in building the network maps, the authors of the report sought to uncover the structure and control mechanisms that make up the murky world of corporate finance and ownership.

Zardari mediating between Saudi Arabia and Iran ~ link ~ Pakistan has good relations with both Saudi Arabia (a key player behind the scenes against Syria/Iran) and Iran.  The Saudis have several Pakistan nuclear weapons; they paid for a large part of the Pakistan nuclear weapons program.  Pakistan is a strong supporter of nearby Iran.  Moreover, Pakistan is very alarmed about the direction Middle Eastern/Southwest Asian events are taking.  They see a global war forming, one that would likely see themselves in a war against India (with China likely on their side).  A war that would be nuclear from day one most likely...A war that would kill hundreds of millions and perhaps as many as two billion human beings!  Pray for the success of this mission, prayer does have a powerful influence.   Stirling    

Officially nothing has been said about the move as yet, but some of the statements made by Mr Zardari during his visits to the region suggested that he was trying to defuse regional tensions.

Having paid back-to-back visits to Tehran and Riyadh last month, Manama was the latest stop in Mr Zardari’s regional travels for casting himself in the role of a peacemaker.

Obama has added $4.247 TRILLION in debt in just 945 days ~ link ~ Obama is a total Front Man for the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  He is a wind up puppet who does what he is told.  And he has been told to raise ever more debt, which is profit for the global banksters, and  is setting up events for the introduction of the long-sought banksters' satanic New World Order slave one-world slave state.  Stirling     

Russia warns Assad ouster may trigger collapse and Mideast 'Unrest' ~ link ~ They are not talking to hear themselves talk.  They are issuing a serious warning to the Western powers and Israel.  Trouble is, the key people are not listening!  Stirling        

Russia this week rejected demands from the U.S. and the European Union for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down because of his regime’s crackdown on five-month-old protests. Russia maintains its only military facility in the Middle East in Syria, a Soviet-era ally that is also a major buyer of Russian weapons.

The success of the rebels in Libya has implications for U.S. policy toward Syria, said Ben Rhodes, deputy U.S. national security adviser for strategic communications. “It sends a message to Assad that the trends are against those who try to crack down and stifle change,” Rhodes said.

China criticizes foreign pressure on Syria ~ linkWe have the most serious crisis developing since the Cuban Missile Crisis, which almost ended life as we know it, on Earth, in the early 60s!  In fact, this developing crisis is far, far more dangerous!  The Russians and Chinese, both nuclear powers, are drawing a 'line in the sand' that they are telling the West and Israel NOT TO CROSS.  The really scary part is no one is listening!  The Global Banking Cartel Families want, and have projected for over 100 years, a third world war to bring about their New World Order.  Bibi 666 Netanyahu is either insane or doing the work of Satan himself...I think the latter is correct, sorry to say!  Stirling     
New EU rift threatens Greece aid ~ link ~ A fresh rift over the terms of Greece's bailout would further damage Europe's credibility, just as the region's leaders have been scrambling to convince investors that they can bring the continent's debt crisis under control.

After it emerged this week that Greece had agreed to give Finland a hefty cash deposit as security for Finland's portion of the Greek bailout package, other European countries have begun to ask for a similar favour.

Ground operation in Gaza possible ~ link ~ This will not lead to good things happening.  Stirling      

Erdogan and Admadinejad discuss Syria in telephone conversation ~ link ~ Turkey should be aware that if push really comes to very hard shoving, that Iran has a global strategic weapon system of mass destruction, Advanced Biological Warfare, that can be released against Turkey's millions of people.  Erdogan should think long and hard about this as he considers allowing himself to be used as the 'trigger man' for starting a General Middle East War/WWIII/Armageddon by the Global Banking Cartel and Israel!   Stirling     

Arab League blasts Israel for Egyptian deaths ~ link ~ Bibi and his boys crossed the line on this one and just saying that "we're sorry" is not good enough.  This was the most serious treaty violation since the Camp David Peace Accords.  And the Arab governments know this was all a Mossad/IDF False Flag Operation.  Stirling       

Egypt stocks crash as anti-Israel protests continue over Sinai fallout ~ link ~  This is a couple of days old but still important.  Sorry my computer trouble stopped me from carrying many important stories.  Stirling     

CAIRO: Egypt’s Stock Market saw its sharpest drop in more than a week as protests at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo continued for a third consecutive day following a deadly shoot-out that saw five Egyptian soldiers and policemen killed by Israeli defense forces on Thursday.

According to statistics coming out of the markets on Sunday, Orascom Telecom – the largest mobile company in North Africa – saw a 2.4 percent fallout, while al-Arafa Investments & Consulting, a company which uses Israeli products, dropped 3.4 percent, the biggest intraday decline since August 9. Bloomberg news agency reported that the index had dropped 3.4 percent through the morning trading session.

US, UK, France to seek UN sanctions against Assad ~ link ~ The Global Banking Cartel and the nuts in the Netanyahu government can almost taste their coming General Middle East War/World War III!  Stirling      

The U.S., Britain and France are preparing to ask the United Nations Security Council this week to freeze the foreign financial assets of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, a Western diplomat said.

The measure would also bar foreign travel by the Syrian leader and call for an arms embargo on Syria, the diplomat said. 

Anna calls for protests at homes of MPs and Ministers ~ link ~ Anna is being called the new Gandhi of India.  His idea about protests at the homes of MPs and Cabinet Ministers is most interesting!  The days ahead may see this happen in other places around the world.   Stirling       

While accepting the offer of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for a dialogue on ending the impasse on the formulation of the Lokpal legislation, Anna Hazare on Sunday not only widened the agitation by calling on his supporters to confront individual Members of Parliament and Union Ministers at their homes but also warned the UPA government that its days would be numbered if it failed to pass the Bill by August 30.

Following up on the Prime Minister's offer on Saturday for talks, the Centre has launched a backchannel effort to work out a solution with the fasting anti-corruption crusader, but Team Anna said no formal approach had been made. 

'One Lakh March' on Mumbai streets ~ link ~ In a staggering show of support for anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal on Sunday, a multitude of people marched on the streets of Mumbai, taking the suburbs by storm.

It was called the ‘One Lakh March' on the lines of the million-man march staged at Tahrir Square in Cairo. In Mumbai, the sea of humanity that converged for the rally, scheduled for at 4.30 p.m., quickly swelled and could well have crossed the one-lakh target.

Two nuclear reactors taken offline, 9 declare unusual events, after Virginia earthquake ~ link 

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