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Libya War: Fighting in Tripoli amid reports of atrocities - with video ~ link ~ This BBC report, like so many others from that formally respectable organization, is as least as much propaganda as it is news.  They blame Qaddafi's forces for atrocities and yet claim that the rebels control the city.  If the rebel control is so strong, why is there still intense fighting and why are the government forces still able to do the atrocities that they claim are happening???  Stirling   

Heavy fighting has continued in parts of the Libyan capital Tripoli, which is now almost entirely in the hands of rebel fighters. Rebels are also trying to reach Colonel Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte but have been pushed back by loyalist fighters.

The BBC has seen evidence of alleged torture and summary killings blamed on Col Gaddafi's forces.

BBC Claims Indian Protest Footage Is Tripoli's Green Square Celebrations - video ~ link ~ Good one!  Stirling   

Qaddafi forces fight back, as reward offered for Qaddafi ~ link ~ Fighting raged Wednesday as Moamer Kadhafi's troops fought back at his Tripoli compound a day after it was captured, while rebels offered a $1.7 million reward for the elusive strongman, dead or alive.

Meanwhile diplomatic efforts were launched at the United Nations and in Qatar by backers of the insurgents to secure the unlocking of billions of dollars of Libyan assets for the rebels.

Israeli Right Prepares For Armageddon ~ link ~ Folks we are living in the early 21st Century.   The weapons systems that all sides in the Middle East and elsewhere have are simply too damn dangerous.  This is not the early 1940s.  We need to avoid wars between nations that have strategic MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force weapon systems, if we want to live.  Further, we need to brand jerks like Glenn Beck, and the hyper-racist war hawks in the Netanyahu Government as very dangerous and evil fools, whose actions could get most of us killed in WWIII.   Stirling      

“Haaretz” correspondent Natasha Mozgovaya gathered selected tidbits from Beck’s doctrine. But Bibi, who welcomed him like royalty, has not yet understood that a man is known by his friends as well, and support from Beck is a sign of loneliness and weakness.

The notorious commentator accused the victims of September 11, 2001 of “whining.” He compared Reform rabbis to radical Islamists, saying they are “less about religion than about politics.” The Norway-camp teenagers, 68 of whom were murdered, remind him of Hitler Youth. He also had something to say about the tent protest in Israel. He finds its slogans similar to communist propaganda.

Order: Kill non-mainstream reporters in Libya, what US is hiding ~ link ~ The Examiner learned in communications from human rights defenders and independent journalists throughout Monday that they were shaken with news of 1300 Libyans killed and 5000 wounded Saturday, plus, the U.S. allegedly ordered Targeted Killings of Voltaire Network reporters, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Thierry Meyssan, non-mainstream reporters in Libya covering the NATO war, while other independent reporters there are being fired upon and one, Mohammed Nabbous was killed Saturday according to ABC News.  In an interview with journalist Don DeBar on KPFA radio, he reported most mainstream "news" about Libya has been untrue, as alternative news sites heavily report but are increasingly persecuted according to their recent reports.

2,000 US Marines headed for Libya - video ~ link ~ Let's hope not, but it is very possible.  Stirling     

Globalists Want Boots On The Ground In Libya ~ link Reality isn’t quite keeping up with the public relations offensive launched by the western establishment media, with many areas of Tripoli being contested while Gaddafi’s government remains firmly in control of strategic towns like Sirte.

With Gaddafi vowing to fight on for “years,” hopes of seizing and maintaining control over the country’s vast oil and gold resources could be on shaky ground, which is why the likes of CFR luminaries Richard Haass and Max Boot are hastily demanding occupation forces be sent in to “stabilize” the country for globalist interests.

Is War with Syria, Libya and Yemen also about keeping Russia from setting up naval bases in these countries?  ~ link 

Battle for Tripoli and Greater Libya Still Going On ~ link ~  The level of bullshit from the mainstream news media is so high that it is hard to tell what really is happening there.  I am not certain what is happening, there, but I do know that the mainstream news media have reached a new low in functioning as the propaganda arm of NATO and the Global Banking Cartel.   Stirling    

America Is Rotting While China Is Rising ~ link ~ The American people better wake up while there is still time.  America is literally rotting right in front of our eyes.  Once upon a time, the greatest manufacturing cities in the world were in the United States.  One of the big reasons why the Allies won World War II was because U.S. factories simply pumped out far more stuff than anyone else did.  Our forefathers built this nation into an industrial powerhouse, but now our formerly great manufacturing cities are rusting, rotting and falling to pieces as nations such as China wipe the floor with us on the global economic stage.  It is absolutely depressing to see what is happening to many of our most famous cities.  For example, would you like to buy a house for less than $10,000?  Just move to Baltimore.  Of all the homes that have been sold in the city of Baltimore so far this year, one out of every ten has sold for less than $10,000.  In fact, one home sold for just $10.

Like many formerly great U.S. cities, there are many parts of Baltimore that closely resemble war zones.  Drugs and crime are everywhere, and there is a very real feeling of hopelessness in the air.  Like many blue collar American cities, Baltimore is down on its luck and is in an obvious state of decline.

It has gotten to the point where even most of the "quiet" areas of Baltimore are not really safe.  Just consider the following comment that a reader named James left on a recent article....

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