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Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link

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12 Signs that we are getting dangerously close to war with Syria ~ link ~ Take the time to read this article, at the link, if you can.  Stirling     
Are you ready for another war?  Now that Barack Obama and most of the other major leaders of the western world are publicly calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, we are getting dangerously close to war with Syria.  It is not going to happen next week, and it is almost certainly not going to happen next month.  But right now the U.S. government is going down the exact same road that it went down with Libya.  There is all kinds of talk about how Assad has lost "legitimacy", "human rights violations" have been declared, sanctions have been imposed and Syrian government assets have been frozen.  But just like with Gaddafi, Assad has no intention of ever stepping down.  He is not going to resign just because the U.S. and the EU ask him too.  The opposition in Syria is certainly not strong enough to remove Assad, so just about the only way that it will be accomplished is through direct military action.  Right now the U.S. and the EU are basically painting themselves into a corner with their bold declarations about Assad.  But when the time comes will they be willing to risk starting World War III in order to remove him from power?

Well, if he really feels backed into a corner he may pull out one of the only cards that he has left - a war with Israel.
There would be nothing like war with Israel to unite the Islamic world.  It would be a way that Assad could get all of his neighbors in the Middle East back on his side. But in the event of a war between Syria and Israel, there is a very good chance that the U.S. and /or the EU would intervene. And that could potentially be the spark that sets off World War III. Even before this recent crisis in Syria, tensions in the Middle East were rising to very dangerous levels.  Another major war could literally start at any time.  The Middle East is a timebomb that could go off at any moment.

Fukashima caesium leaks 'equal 168 Hiroshimas' ~ link ~ We are going to end up with a large part of Japan becoming uninhabitable for a very long time; while at the same time the radiation spreads over most of the Northern Hemisphere.  Stirling    

Libya War: Incredible media lies - BBC shows "Green Square" in INDIA - video ~ link ~ Look at the flags, they are the flag of the Republic of India.  The brown shin people are Indians NOT Libyans.  It is a damn shame to see what the globalists have done to BBC.  It is simply a trashy propaganda arm of the Global Banking Cartel families!   Stirling      

NATO special forces on the ground in Libya ~ link 

Video: 'Before NATO intrusion, Libya was Africa Switzerland' ~ link ~ I would not go that far, but they did have the best standard of living in all of Africa.  Stirling      

Is the number of earthquakes increasing?  Why the 5.8 Virginia Earthquake might just be a Preview Of Things To Come ~ link ~ The Virginia earthquake is already being called a "once a century" earthquake for the east coast. The earthquake was felt from Georgia all the way up to Ottawa, Canada.  It was felt as far west as Cleveland, Ohio.  It prompted the evacuation of congressional buildings and the Pentagon.  The earthquake actually cracked the Washington Monument and now it is closed indefinitely for repairs.

But that was not the only major seismic event in the U.S. that day.  A magnitude-5.3 earthquake rattled the area along the Colorado/New Mexico border.  That was the largest earthquake that region had seen in more than 40 years.
If these were isolated incidents, that would be one thing.  Unfortunately, major earthquakes are popping up all over the globe with alarming frequency.  In fact, a magnitude-7.0 earthquake just struck northern Peru.

BP's Gulf Oil Well Is "Leaking" Again ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkJust as the Fukushima Earthquake was not an accident (that is, it was triggered by Scalar Warfare), the BP Oil Disaster was not an accident (top BP insiders and Goldman Sachs sold massive amounts of stock shortly before the nightmare happened; they knew never to drill on that massive Salt Dome).  On top of the created new Global Depression and multiple wars (soon to be World War III) the insane satanic globalists are using Disaster Warfare to "reduce the herd" and to increase the crisis levels on Earth as they "pave the way" for their long-sought high-tech global police/slave state, the satanic New World Order.  Stirling    

Future TSA: Track All Daily Travels To Work, Grocery Stores and Social Events ~ link ~ If the people are so damn stupid and gutless to allow this, they will become simply the slaves of big government and the evil bastards that control the government behind the scenes.   Stirling      

Israeli Security Cabinet convenes for third time in three days ~ link ~ Dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu is going to get his people and his nation destroyed along with most of the world in the insane global war that he is working to start!   Stirling       

Federal Reserve admits "We have no gold" - video ~ link ~ Yes but they do have lots of shiny gold plated tungsten  bars at Fort Knox!   Stirling     

Libyan Rebels still lack Command Structure ~ link ~ That is because they are organized, funded, and controlled by foreign forces.  Stirling    

RAF jets bomb Qaddafi hometown bunker ~ link ~ At a time of Austerity Fascism in the UK, just why are they spending billions of pounds to make war in Libya???   Stirling          

Inside Qaddafi's secret tunnels ~ link ~  Some interesting photos; I suspect that he has many such places.  Also see: Up to 2,000 miles of tunnels ~ link ~ And luxury homes of Qaddafi family ~ linkStirling     

Death toll rises to 53 in attack on Mexico casino ~ link ~ There are a number of war fronts planned for the coming WWIII, these include the Mexico/America War Front.  Stirling  

The death toll climbed as workers continued to pull bodies out of a burned casino in northern Mexico, where gunmen spread gasoline and ignited a fire that trapped and killed at least 53 gamblers and employees.    

Japanese Prime Minister to resign ~ link ~ And he did such a good job handling the Fukushima disaster NOT!  Stirling      


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