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China expanding its nuclear stockpile - Pentagon discloses network of bunkers ~ link ~ I have been told that America has vast hidden bunkers, high speed underground links, even cities underground.  Is that true, I can't say for sure, but I suspect that at least part of it is true.  I have also heard that China has moved a large force of nuclear armed missiles to the Indian border.  If this is true, then steps have/are being taken to prepare for the Third World War in this likely War Theater!  Stirling      
A disclosure in the annual assessment reveals China’s deep-underground facilities in the north that is connected with more than 3,000 miles of tunnels. The facilities are used for storing and hiding missiles and nuclear warheads, and for command bunkers hardened against nuclear attacks.
The facilities were built on the Chinese belief that the weapons and headquarters are less vulnerable to attack. The Chinese military has been using the underground facilities since the early 1950s.
Wild charges and counter-charges in Libyan War ~ link ~ Forget all the hype.  Where is Gaddafi and where are his six army divisions???  Stirling   

Libya: NATO's Long-Drawn-Out Bay of Pigs ~ link ~ Is the Libyan War Theater (of WWIII) about to wind down or to heat up??Stirling    

IDF: Egyptian frontier on peak alert, no longer a border of peace ~ link ~ War temperature level nearing!  Stirling     Also see: Defense Minister Barak: Israel will not allow Egypt to deploy more troops in Sinai now ~ link

Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi to visit Syria ~ link ~ Sending in a senior water boy to give Assad a final warning/demand before all unholy Hell breaks loose.  Stirling    

Mass social protests resume across Israel ~ link ~ The reasons for the protests are valid however, I suspect that the timing has been manipulated behind the scenes, by those Israeli domestic forces that are opposed to the coming General Middle East War (they fear that regardless of what is done to their enemies, that their Israel will be destroyed in the war).  They are trying to politically destroy Netanyahu before he can blow up the Middle East, but I don't think that they can pull it off in timeStirling      Also see: Low turnout mars return of social protests to Israel's streets ~ link

Grad rocket fired from Gaza falls near Be'er Sheva ~ link ~ More False Flag attacks to spark the 'Big One' and/or to keep the demonstrations in Israel to a minimum due to 'fear of the enemy'???  Stirling     

A Grad rocket fell in an open field in Bnei Shimon Regional near Be’er Sheva Sunday morning. No one was hurt and no damage was reported.

Militants have launched four rockets at Israel since the Islamic Jihad agreed to an Egyptian mediate cease-fire with Israel early Friday

Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations: Israel has no chance of stopping recognition of Palestine state ~ link ~ I fear that some of the extremist nuts in the Netanyahu Cabinet will interpret this as war against Israel by much of the world, as crazy as that sounds.  Stirling        

Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, sent a classified cable to the Foreign Ministry last week, stating that Israel stands no chance of rallying a substantial number of states to oppose a resolution at the UN General Assembly recognizing a Palestinian state in September. 

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to contact the UN secretary general on September 20 and ask for recognition of Palestine as a full member state of the UN. At the Foreign Ministry, the assessment is that in order to avoid an American veto, the Palestinians will seek a vote at the General Assembly and not at the Security Council, even though the former is less binding. The vote at the General Assembly will probably take place in October.  


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