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The Earl of Stirling has an ancient Scottish barony title for sale at UK 60,000 Pounds ~ link

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UN warns of possible H1N1/Bird Flu resurgence ~ link ~ linkVery high death rates, including latest from Cambodia with 100% death rates.  Just in time for the 'Predictive Programming' film Contagion.  Also, just in time for the General Middle East War.  Will they try and blame the Iranian Advanced Biowar virus deaths on "Bird Flu"???   Stirling  

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday urged increased surveillance and preparation for a potential outbreak of the virus, which it says has infected 565 people since it first appeared in 2003, killing 331 of them.  

The latest human death occurred earlier this month in Cambodia, which has registered eight cases of human infection this year, all of them fatal, the agency added.  

Timebomb in Euroland ~ link ~ Despite the ECB’s best efforts, some of Europe’s banks may be inching toward insolvency. The cost of insuring the bonds of 25 European banks and insurers set a record high on Aug. 24 of 257 basis points, higher than the 149 basis-point spike when Lehman Brothers collapsed in the fall of 2008, according to the Markit iTraxx Financial Index of credit default swaps.

The banks aren’t required to mark down most of their holdings of government debt to market prices. If they did, some would be forced to default or seek a bailout." ("How Long Can the ECB Prop Up Europe’s Sick Banks?", Businessweek)

US support for Pakistan dam could help stem flow of bad blood ~ link ~ So the hard pressed American tax payer should spend US$12 BILLION, when the economy is in a new Global Depression, to bribe Pak officials???  Get Real!   Stirling      

The US is considering financial support for a $12bn dam in Pakistan in an attempt to improve its battered image in the country.

The Daimer Bhasha dam would provide enough electricity to end Pakistan's crippling shortages. It is said its reservoir would hold so much water it could have averted last year's devastating floods.

Typhoon Nanmadol kills 8 in the Philippines - with video ~ link ~ Fierce winds and rain caused floods and landslides, with 20 major roads blocked and several bridges collapsing, said civil defence office head Benito Ramos.

Among the dead were two children killed when a rubbish tip wall collapsed in the northern mountain city of Baguio.

Nanmadol is expected to make landfall in eastern Taiwan on Monday morning, its Central Weather Bureau said.

Exiled Libyan monarchy's role in Libyan War - with video  ~ link ~ ‘The Libyan monarchy of King Idris, which was based in Benghazi, was installed by the United States and Britain in the 1950’s to oversee their economic and military interests in North Africa. Libya in 1952, under the leadership of King Idris, had among the lowest standard of living in the world. The Idris monarchy was overthrown in a bloodless revolution led by Muammar al-Gaddafi in 1969. This led to the American Wheelus Air Base (The largest American base outside of  the US at that time) being dismantled and the American and British armed forces stationed in Libya evacuating. The western oil companies were then nationalised.’

‘The uprising in Libya, which has been portrayed by many in the west as a democratic movement, has been symbolised by the tri-coloured rebel flag. The flag is in fact the flag of the oppressive, undemocratic, monarchy of Idris. At the start of the conflict elements of the rebels in Benghazi held aloft pictures of King Idris. Whilst by no means are all the rebels monarchists, it is however important to highlight the overthrown Libyan monarchy’s history,  influence in Benghazi and relationship with the West. It is of no surprise then that the exiled monarchy of Idris has played a hidden hand in this conflict. Closely working with their old allies in NATO in an attempt to regain their lost status in Libya and ‘return to democracy’ as his Royal Highness Prince Idris bizarrely and unashamedly declares in his CNN interview.’

Treating Cancer integratively ~ link ~ Another important aspect that explains why oncologists focus on chemotherapy is that it is highly beneficial to them financially. Big Pharma allows oncologists to sell their cancer drugs directly to patients. This accounts on the average for 33% of oncologists' annual income. Do these conflicts of interest of between Big Pharma and oncologists cause you to raise your eyebrows? There is data showing that oncologists tend to prescribe higher priced new drugs that are still on patent than older drugs that will bring them less income. Wow!

Making matters even worse, there is a Public Health law in the State of California making it a felony for MDs to treat cancer with any modality other than chemo, radiation or surgery? Do Big Pharma's tentacles stretch farther than you thought?

Approaching the Collapse: Don't Panic, Go Organic ~ link ~ Extreme weather, crop failures, commodities speculation, land grabs, escalating prices, soil degradation, depleted aquifers, routine contamination, food-related disease, and mass hunger represent the "new norm" for food and farming. The global agricultural system, with the exception of the rapidly growing organic sector, rests upon a shaky foundation. Patented seeds, genetically engineered crops, expensive and destructive chemical and energy-intensive inputs, factory farms, monoculture production, eroding soils, unsustainable water use, taxpayer subsidies, and long-distance hauling and distribution, including massive imports that amount to 15% of the U.S. food supply amount to a recipe for disaster.

A "perfect storm" or "ultimate recession" as described by Lester Brown in his new book, World on the Edge, could develop at any time, precipitated by extreme weather and crop failures on a massive scale. A growing number of nations, including the oil giants and China, are now scrambling to secure overseas farmland to feed their domestic populations. World grocers and supermarkets, including the U.S., have, on the average, only a four-day supply of food on hand. An oil shock, global disease pandemic, prolonged drought in the American heartland, or nuclear meltdown could set off a global food panic. Supermarket shelves and grain silos would be stripped bare within a short period of time. Have you thought about this? Are you and those in your local community ready for this?

Yoshihiko Noda set to become Japanese Prime Minister ~ link ~ Yoshihiko Noda, Japan's finance minister, is almost certain to become the country's seventh prime minister in six years on Tuesday after winning the race to succeed Naoto Kan as leader of the governing party.

A nationally televised vote involving nearly 400 MPs from the Democratic party of Japan (DPJ) was held on Monday after Kan honoured a promise to step down last Friday following the passage of key bills to fund post-tsunami reconstruction and support renewable energy.

First Federal Reserve System audit reveals TRILLIONS in secret bailouts ~ link ~ The raping of the sheeple, prior to their destruction.  Stirling   

The first-ever audit of the U.S. Federal Reserve has revealed 16 trillion dollars in secret bank bailouts and has raised more questions about the quasi-private agency’s opaque operations.

"This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else," U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent from Vermont, said in a statement.

Gaddafi's family escape Libya to Algeria ~ link ~ The Algerian foreign ministry said Gaddafi's wife Safiya, daughter Aisha and sons Hannibal and Mohammed and their children had entered Algeria at 8.45am on Monday, according to the state-run APS news agency.

Their fate remains unclear. Rebels have said that if any Gaddafi relatives escape to Algeria they will seek their extradition. But the outcome of such a move would be uncertain. Algeria has refused to recognise the authority of Libya's new governing authority, the National Transitional Council (NTC), and has watched with alarm as autocratic regimes have fallen across the region over the past six months.


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