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The Earl of Stirling has an ancient Scottish barony title for sale at UK 60,000 Pounds ~ link

Past articles and links of importance:

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The Federal Reserve - THE EIGHT FAMILIES ~ link

Japan: Victim of Scalar Warfare Attack by Lord Stirling ~ link   

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos ~ link ~ This is an excellent article that I strongly recommend.  Stirling    

Latest Satellite Surface Current Forecast for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link

Latest Satellite Sea Surface Temperature for North Atlantic - Loop Current - Gulf Stream ~ link    

Current status of the Gulf Stream ~ link 

General Middle East War Nears - Syrian events more dangerous than even nuclear nightmare in Japan ~ link 

What a War against Syria and Iran will be like - A collection of articles by Lord Stirling ~ link

Revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East - Who Really Benefits?  
Will they continue to spread throughout the world in the wake of global food shortages, global depression, and Austerity Fascism?  by Lord Stirling ~ link 

Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band at Stirling Castle ~ link   ~ Official site ~ link 

AccuWeather: Forecast Eye Path ~ link ~ Since over a decade ago, the then sitting Secretary of Defense admitted that there was technology to change weather, cause/control massive hurricanes, cause earthquakes, etc.....that is that Scalar Warfare is real.....why are we not talking about using HAARP to steer Hurricane Irene out to sea???   Stirling     
One day until Irene strikes the Outer Banks ~ linkAdding to the danger to lives and property across the Outer Banks will be a storm surge of 6 to 10 feet above normal water levels, along with dangerously large and pounding waves.  

Other flooding concerns will arise throughout easternmost North Carolina as Irene unleashes a total of 4 to 8 inches with amounts up to a foot on the Outer Banks tonight into Saturday.

Hurricane Irene: Mandatory Evacuation Order for 1 Million Cape May, NJ Residents ~ link ~ Those who choose to ignore the mandatory evacuation order have been asked to place an ID card in their left shoe so they may be identified if necessary.

Hurricane Irene: Latest Forecasts, Projections - Real Time Satellite Imagery, Infrared, and Radar - video images ~ link ~ Alexander Higgins has done an excellent job of gathering together a collection of visual sites to update the many millions of people who are being effected by this massive storm, now over 1,000 miles wide.  Stirling    

Hurricane Irene: As many as 200,000 evacuate in North Carolina ~ link ~ I really hate to see the Outer Banks hit.  This is one of the most beautiful places in America.  And near where my ancestors first came to America in the 1600s.  Stirling      

Hurricane Irene threatens 65 million people, North Carolina in path ~ link ~ Hurricane Irene is barreling toward North Carolina early Friday with landfall expected Saturday between 10 a.m. and noon. Forecasters said the storm will hit eastern North Carolina as a Category 3 storm with winds estimated at 115 miles per hour. Mandatory evacuations of coastal North Carolina residents will take place throughout the day on Friday. Officials are expected to order evacuations Friday as far north as New Jersey. Forecasters said early Friday the storm is as large as the Southeast, and has the potential to affect as many as 65 million people as it moves north along the East Coast of the U.S.

How flooding caused by Irene could be made worse by the arrival of a new moon ~ link ~ The intensity of Hurricane Irene and the extent of the flooding on the East Coast could be made worse by a new moon and high temperature of water in the Atlantic, scientists warn.

During new and full moons, the sun, Earth, and the moon are arranged in a straight line, with the sun and moon intensifying each other's gravitational pull on Earth. 

Before Hurricane Irene hits, New York City planning to shut down transportation system, evacuate areas ~ link ~
The city is planning to shut down the entire transportation system on Saturday in anticipation of Hurricane Irene's arrival, officials revealed Thursday.

A mandatory evacuation of all nursing homes in flood-prone areas of the city was also ordered Thursday.

Heed the Warnings, Irene a Rare but Dangerous Hurricane - THE EXTRAORDINARY HURRICANE ~ link ~ - There is historical precedence for a hurricane impacting the major metropolitan areas of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast but these hurricanes are rare.
However, with a population explosion along coastal areas of the Northeast during the past several decades, a hurricane this strong hasn't affected the Northeast urban corridor for at least the past two decades.

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