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Breaking News: Egypt urges Israel to halt Gaza airstrikes ~ link ~ When all hell breaks out in the coming General Middle East War, will Egypt stay on the sidelines as Arabs are being slaughtered in vast numbers?  Or will the Egyptian people, and members of the military officer corps, force the issue???  Stirling     
The Egyptian government has called on Israel to immediately stop military strikes on the impoverished Gaza Strip. 

Israel 'regrets' deaths in Egypt and promises inquiry - with video ~ link ~ 'Crocodile tears', but I bet it really hurt the arrogant jerks in the Netanyahu government to even make that statement.  But they do want to keep the Egyptian frontier 'quite' during the coming General Middle East War.  Stirling   
The Israeli defence minister has said he "regrets" the deaths of Egyptian policemen on the Gaza border as Cairo considers recalling its ambassador.

In Cairo, angry crowds have been protesting outside the Israeli embassy.

Libyan War: Gaddafi forces drive rebel forces from key industrial zone of oil port Breza ~ link ~ This BBC propaganda piece reads like it was written by the rebel high command.  The real story is that Gaddafi forces have taken back the oil port, but that is smothered by reports of rebel victories in small towns of much less importance plus "reports" that the Gaddafi forces are using African mercenaries, when the reality is many rebel fighters are mercenaries paid for by NATO and Saudi money.  Stirling      

Staging of Major Terror Attack on US Evident as 9/11 Anniversary and Israeli UN vote on Palestinian statehood to coincide ~ link ~ I hope he is wrong about this, but if history is any guide, the Israelis (most especially under Bibi 666 Netanyahu) and their globalist supporters will do ANYTHING, they are totally immoral and evil.   Stirling      

The endgame will be a nuclear bomb, a fission device or, minimally, a very large “dirty bomb.”  Chatter says “Chicago.”  To be blamed?  Iran.  Who is doing it? 
Think “the ususal suspects,” think global, think Middle East, think Christian extremist, think Zionist, think big news agencies facing collapse, their leaders looking at prison,  think oil, you know the names.  

Israel is facing the strongest pressure in decades, massive demonstrations of its Jewish population demanding the ouster of the Netanyahu government that has wasted the country’s resources on “phony security issues,”along with broad international condemnation which will be presented to the United Nations next month. Turkey, long an ally of Israel, once hopeful of membership in the EU has been blocked permanently.

Americans aren’t told that Turkey stands ready to invade Syria.  Turkey claims to be angry at Israel but it is Israel that wants Turkey to invade Syria and is telling them so through Israel’s “client state,” the United States of America.

Too complicated for you?  This means you have been watching too much news.


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